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Frequently asked questions

Our editorial teams work from our offices in the US, India, and Singapore.

We are officially registered in the US (EIN: 7050408), India (LLPIN: AAD-4637), and Singapore (UEN: 201814078M).

We started PaperTrue in 2014; since then, we have steadily expanded our global presence to serve anyone who needs assistance with creating impeccable documents in English.

We have 60+ highly trained full-time and freelance editors, who are all friendly, helpful, and invested in our clients’ success.

PaperTrue offers expert editing and proofreading for academic researchers/students, authors, businesses, and job applicants. Our services also include referencing, formatting, and plagiarism checking for academic researchers/students; essay crafting for college applicants; and typesetting, cover design, online distribution, and other publication services for authors.

We accept payments through your debit card, credit card, net banking account, or PayPal account. If you have trouble with any of these modes of payment, we have alternatives such as bank transfer, Alipay, or Stripe. Do reach out to us if you have specific payment-related queries.

If you have a large order or a document with a very high word count (above 150,000 words), you can request a custom price quote. Please contact us or email your request to [email protected].

Yes, we can offer a reduced price if you do not mind granting us a longer turnaround time. Just contact us via chat, email, or phone!

Yes, sure you can. We can process the entire word count of your business package in a single order if that’s your preference. You will receive an estimated time of delivery based on the total word count of your order. The package has no limited period of validity and can be utilized until the value of your prepaid amount is exhausted.

No, our prices do not include taxes. Any applicable taxes will be charged separately and you’ll find the details in your invoice.

Our pricing is based on the word count of the document you upload, and our prices start as low as $23 per 1000 words. Please visit our Pricing page to get the price quote for your document.

After we assess your document and its requirements, an editor with the right specialization suited to your subject matter will work on your document. This choice is made based on your editing needs and the editor’s availability. We’d be happy to send you some sample profiles with information on different editors’ interests and specializations – just contact us!

Yes! To ensure the confidentiality and security of your work, we use 256-bit SSL industry standard encryption technology for transferring and encrypting data. This makes your files accessible only to you and select team members at PaperTrue.

On account of their busy schedules, our editors are not usually available for phone calls. However, we do ensure editors provide detailed written replies to your queries, and clients are usually very satisfied with these email responses. You only need to contact our customer support team to receive a quick reply from your editor.

Yes, we do provide a certificate of editing, which you can use if the organization or individual to whom you submit your edited document requires proof that you have engaged a professional editor. Just email [email protected] to request your certificate of editing and we’ll send it to you right away.

Yes, you can submit your work in distinct chapters or segments. Each segment will be processed as a separate order. If you would like us to assign all your documents to the same editor, please mention this in your requirements and we’ll do our best to handle your order accordingly.

Yes, we work on PDFs by creating comments or annotations for you. Due to the restrictions of the PDF format, our editors’ changes cannot be directly tracked in the main text. Instead, we leave annotations for you specifying wherever changes need to be made.

We also work on the following document formats: .docx, .doc, .pptx, .odt, .ftx, .tex, .rtx, .lyx, and .txt files. If your file is in an image format such as .jpeg or .png, no problem! Just contact us and we’ll create a custom order for you.

We edit PDFs using only annotations and comments, due to format restrictions. This means that all content inserted or deleted by our editors is displayed in boxes separate from the main text. If you'd like to see our changes directly tracked in the text, we recommend uploading an MS Word file (.docx, .doc, .rtf, or .odt).

Definitely – choose our Express Delivery option on the checkout page to get a faster turnaround. Depending on your document’s word count, you can receive your edited document in as little as 12 hours! If you would like an even faster turnaround, we can make that happen as well. Just contact us by chat, phone, or email.

Yes, we provide both. Just reach out to us if you require these documents. Our customer support team will email you signed copies of the agreements, which you can cross-sign and send back to us.

We will be happy to revise your document based on the editor's comments. All you need to do is place a revision request for your order, which your editor will process with a quick turnaround time. You can contact us to place a revision request.

Please note that revision requests must be made within 30 days of order delivery. Any new content or requirements added to your order will be chargeable.

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with our service, we will promptly revise your document according to your requirements.

You can contact us to place a revision request. Kindly mention the Job Number and give us your detailed feedback about the edited document. Clearly specifying how we can further improve your document will ensure you are satisfied with your revised work.

Please note that we offer free revisions only for the document content and requirements associated with your original order. Any newly added content, modified specifications, or expanded requirements will be chargeable. Revision requests must be made within 30 days of order delivery.

It's really simple! To begin, click on View Pricing and Order Now:

  1. Click "Upload Document" and select the document that you want us to edit and proofread. You will now get the price quote and turnaround time (you'll be pleasantly surprised)!
  2. Create a new PaperTrue account or Sign In with your existing account.
  3. You can now make the payment using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. After this, you will see the payment confirmation and job summary.
  4. Download your edited document from the My Jobs page in your Account.

When your error-free and perfectly edited document is available for download, we will send you an e-mail notification. Sign In at any time to view the status of your order!

After you place your order using our simple online process, you can sit back and relax! We will send you an email with the links to download the edited document.

Alternatively, you can also download your expertly edited document from the My Jobs page in your PaperTrue account.

We work with document formats of every type, including .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), .odt (Open Document Text files), and .txt files. We also accept other formats such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat documents) or image files – please Contact Us by chat, telephone or e-mail if your document is a .pdf file or image.

Our editors start working on your document very soon after we receive your order. Therefore, you can only cancel your order for a full refund within 30 minutes of placing the order. If you would like to cancel your order, please Contact Us by chat, telephone or email. Your order will be canceled immediately, and you will receive a full refund of the payment amount.

If you contact us after 30 minutes then our support team will check the progress of the processing of the document and will determine the amount (if any) of refund that can be processed. The amount of refund that will be processed is solely at the discretion of the support team.

To delete a job you have created, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to PaperTrue.
  2. Go to My Jobs.
  3. In My Jobs, click on the job which you wish to delete. This will take you to the Job Summary.
  4. Click the Delete icon ( ) in the top right corner of the Job Summary.

Please note that doing this will delete all the files under your job, including the edited documents.

Did you upload the wrong file? No problem. Just Contact Us by chat, telephone or email, and we will ensure our editors process the right document.

Please note that our editors begin working on your document very soon after we receive your order. Therefore, our policy for replacing your document is as follows:

  1. If you contact us within 30 minutes of placing your order, we will replace your document for no extra charge. (In case your new document has a different word count, our Support team will help you sort out any differences in the billing.)
  2. If you contact us more than 30 minutes then our support team will check the progress of the document and let you know if the document can be replaced.

Any document up to 10000 words can easily be delivered within 24 hours. Needless to say, if we finish processing your job before the stated delivery time, we will upload the edited document immediately.

To get the exact turnaround time for your document, please visit our Pricing section or upload your document by clicking View Pricing and Order Now.

Yes, we do work on weekends. To ensure you never miss a deadline, our services are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the week!

You can make the payment using your debit card, credit card, PayPal account or Bank Transfer. If you want to opt for the bank transfer option, then please contact our support team; they will provide you with the information.

Here's how to use your special Discount Code:

  1. Keep your Discount Code ready!
  2. Click View Pricing and Order Now to get started.
  3. Upload your document and give us your editing requirements.
  4. Create a new PaperTrue account or Sign In with your existing account.
  5. On the Review Job page, click on Have a Discount Code?
  6. Enter your Discount Code in the box, and click Apply. You will now see your special discounted price!
  7. Make the payment to finish placing your order. After this, you will see the payment confirmation and job summary.
  8. Download your finely edited document from the My Jobs page in your Account!

All your payments are processed via the globally respected payment gateway PayPal. To ensure the security of your transactions, PayPal uses industry standard data encryption to protect all your information. Payments made using their system are guaranteed to be safe.

Your document will be professionally edited and proofread by language specialists who are native speakers of English. They will take special care to maintain a professional tone in the language while removing all errors (in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typography) and improving the style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence.

Yes, we can certainly limit our services to basic proofreading and error correction. Our editors understand that certain types of text (such as legal documents) are extremely sensitive to semantic changes. We make absolutely sure that our changes never modify your intended meaning in any way. If any changes required for grammar or language correction could possibly affect the interpretation of your text, these edits are suggested in or highlighted through comments; they are not directly implemented without your confirmation. This gives you complete control over the meaning of your document.

We certainly improve the concision of all your documents. However, substantially reducing the word count risks either diluting or entirely changing your arguments and intended meaning. Therefore, as a policy, we reduce the word count of any document by up to 10% of the original word count; we do not go beyond this limit.

Definitely! To begin with, we make your content more trustworthy and authoritative by removing any embarrassing errors in the grammar, punctuation, spelling, or language. Then we go beyond errors to make your document more powerful. Your edited document keeps readers engaged using a richer vocabulary and stronger sentence structure. With our feedback, you can publish relevant, well-structured, convincing content that ensures readers remember your core message.

We don’t edit and proofread text written in any language other than English. However, we do fulfil formatting-only requirements for content in other languages, provided the non-English text can be left unedited.

Fact-checking requires extensive research and may entail changing the content of your document; this lies beyond the scope of our copyediting and proofreading services. However, we can cross-check your references and verify the spelling, formatting, and mechanical correctness of all proper nouns and technical terms.

We certainly do! In addition to correcting the grammar, punctuation, and spelling, our copyeditors ensure that your document is well written and readable. To understand how the copyediting process differs for each type of document, check out our service pages.

PaperTrue's editors improve and polish the quality of language and grammar in any English document, to ensure it is error-free, polished and impactful.

Our editing and proofreading services are specially designed for students, authors, job applicants, businesspersons, and speakers of English as a second language (ESL).

Your documents are edited by native English language experts who have knowledge of a variety of academic and professional fields.

For more information about our services, please visit the Services section.

Your document is professionally edited and proofread by language experts who are native speakers of English.

Our editors specialize in refining documents from a wide range of professional and academic fields, so you can be assured that they are qualified to expertly improve your document according to your requirements.

Your document will be carefully edited to enhance its style, structure, coherence and clarity. In addition, we will thoroughly proofread your document to correct all errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography (typos).

Our editors will make sure your formatting requirements are consistently followed. Further, we will check your references for conformity with guidelines such as the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, OSCOLA and MHRA styles, or any other guidelines that you provide.

Your document will be edited using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. This easy-to-use feature records our editors' insertions, deletions, formatting changes and comments, and enables you to accept or reject each modification made to your document.

Yes, we do. Just click here to get your free sample edit now!

You will get 300 words of your document edited free of charge – and you'll be impressed with our careful corrections and in-depth feedback.

We are equipped to refine every type of document! Our experienced editors specialise in working on documents from diverse academic and professional domains.

Whether you've written an academic paper, a job application, a business document, or a novel, we will carefully assign your document to the right editor for the job. You can be confident that your document will be in good hands!

No, our editors will not write your document or create new content for you.

Because we respect the message you intend to convey and the academic integrity of your research, our policy is to refrain from creating or changing the essential content of your document.

What our editors will do is carefully refine your document and bring out the full impact of your ideas. You will see that with our help, you can create an impactful and flawless document!

No, we will not rewrite or paraphrase your document.

As professional editors, we respect the integrity of your ideas and the message you intend to convey. Therefore, our policy is to refrain from making heavy changes that might alter your document's essential content, which includes rewriting or paraphrasing your work.

What we certainly will do is ensure your existing content is error-free, impactful and perfectly edited!

Your document has been edited using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. This easy-to-use feature shows you a record of all the changes we have made to your document, so that you can accept or reject each change.

The Tracked version of your document shows all the changes we have made in the text and formatting, as well as detailed comments and feedback from our editors.

Here is how to decode the editing marks: All text that we have modified is underlined. Additions made by our editors as well as erased words are red in colour. Finally, comments are displayed in pink balloons, and are linked to the text by pink highlights. To see examples of the editing marks, please view this image.

The Clean version of your document contains exactly the same edited content as the Tracked version, but does not contain any editing marks. If you are finding the marks a little too confusing, you could ignore the Tracked version and refer to only the Clean version.

To make sure that your information is always protected, we use 256-bit SSL encryption technology to transfer data between your computer and the PaperTrue website.

You retain full copyright control and credit for your edited documents. PaperTrue never collects or shares your information, and we never store your documents without your permission. Please see our Privacy Statement for further details.

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with our service, we will promptly revise your document according to your requirements, for no extra charge.

Please e-mail us requesting a revision at [email protected]. Kindly mention the Job Number, and give us your feedback about the edited document. Please note that we do a free revision only if our editing has not met your expectations, and you clearly specify how we can further improve your document.

Revision requests must be made within 30 days of receiving the completed order. For further details please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Yes, our experts specialize in refining documents from every academic field. We will assign your document to an editor with the experience required to work with your subject matter.

Yes, our editors are familiar with citation styles from all fields of study, such as the American Psychological Association (APA) style, Harvard style, Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), Oxford Standard for the Citation Of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), Modern Language Association (MLA) style, American Medical Association (AMA) style, and more.

We edit your references in accordance with your specified guidelines. If we find that you’ve skipped important details in the entries, we will signal those missing points to you in detailed comments. We do not, however, create the reference list for you, as only you possess all the required information about your sources.

Yes, we point out any arguments or ideas in your dissertation or essay that need more substantiation; we suggest how you can further develop these points by citing relevant literature, resolving ambiguities in your ideas, or expanding on your arguments.

Yes, our editors are trained in adhering to the latest editions of key formatting and referencing guides, which includes the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).

Yes, we can single out smaller sections of your document based on your instructions and charge you according to the selected word count. You can also customize your order to pick the type of editing you require: We offer proofreading, editing, referencing, formatting, plagiarism checking, feedback, and more. Please contact us if you’d like to place a custom order or process only a specific section of your document.

Definitely! We can make formatting changes according to the journal guidelines that you attach as part of your requirements.

After editing your assignment or essay and understanding the subject matter, we can suggest a list of suitable titles for you to choose from.

Certainly. Our editors can give you feedback that will help you effectively restructure any section of your academic document to highlight a key idea or a core objective. We will review the results section of your document to bring out the value, impact, and potential applications of your project.

Yes, we will proofread, edit, and restructure your personal statement to make it more impactful and memorable. You will get detailed feedback to help you tell a compelling personal story, use an impressive writing style, demonstrate powerful motivation, prove that you are well qualified for the desired program, and so on.

Yes. We’ll make language changes, offer structural advice, and provide suggestions to help your application or personal statement highlight your most relevant work experience. If your application or SOP does not contain sufficient information about your past experience and qualifications, we will ask you thought-provoking questions to help you arrive at the necessary ideas. We’ll even recheck your application after you’ve made changes according to our suggestions!

Yes, we do. We edit annotated bibliographies in any citation style of your choosing. We will check your annotations for language errors and make suggestions to improve the focus and flow of your notes.

Yes, we do. Our proofreaders check and fix the spelling, punctuation, and usage of technical terms. We also choose your editor in accordance with your field and order requirements, to ensure your document is carefully edited. Since you are the expert on your technical subject matter, our aim is always to preserve your intended meaning; we do not add to, reduce, or otherwise modify the content of your document.

Yes, we do. We have editors who have experience working on technical and scientific documents using LaTeX editing programs.

We have editors from diverse academic and professional backgrounds who have expertise in working on documents from every domain. Based on your field and document type, our editorial co-ordinators pair you up with the editor best suited to your needs.

Yes. You can customize your order to pick the kind of editing you want. We offer proofreading, copyediting, formatting, and feedback. Feel free to contact us by chat, email, or phone to get a custom quote.

We offer a 5% discount to first-time users of our services. Further, we have special discounts for students through the academic year. Register on our website, and keep an eye out for our emails!

Yes, our editors can help ensure that your literature review highlights one or more gaps in the existing research; we aid you in emphasizing the research gap using compelling academic language, without ambiguities, redundancies, or logical errors.

Yes, we will help perfect your in-text citations and the corresponding reference list entries for both direct and indirect quotations. Our editors will carefully follow your university’s prescribed referencing style. In case any references are incomplete or missing, we will make a comment highlighting the issue so you can add the required information.

Yes, we can enhance the language according to the comments left by the reviewer. We will do this in addition to ensuring your paper reaches the high quality standards required of any published material.

We partner with PlagScan to generate a comprehensive plagiarism report on your behalf. Our software protects your privacy and prevents your content from being indexed in any database accessible by third-party plagiarism checking programs. You can opt for the plagiarism report as an add-on while placing your academic order on our website.

We can evaluate your academic work to give you an idea of the language quality; we also point out potential areas of improvement, helping you refine the clarity, coherence, flow, structure, and more. However, our feedback is not a substitute for a formal assessment by an evaluator at an academic institution and is not necessarily indicative of the final grade you will receive.

Through our editing and feedback, our experts help you improve your paper's language, clarity, structure, arguments, and overall quality, thus contributing to your securing a good grade. We aid you in submitting a beautifully written paper. Your final grade, however, depends entirely upon the evaluator at your educational institution.

No, we will not. In order to maintain the academic integrity of your work, we do not add new content to your documents. However, we can help you develop your ideas by providing detailed feedback on the treatment of the subject, logical flow of arguments, and overall structure of your completed assignment.

We can certainly point out segments of your dissertation, thesis, or essay that need to be replaced with more original work, particularly extensive passages quoted or paraphrased from external sources. We do not rephrase, rewrite, or modify the content of your document, since this can harm the academic integrity of your work.

Yes, our editors are experts in referencing, with in-depth knowledge of several referencing guidelines such as the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, OSCOLA and MHRA styles. We will make sure your references are accurately and perfectly formatted.

Yes, most universities certainly allow students to use editing and proofreading services. In fact, many professors encourage students to have their academic papers professionally edited and proofread before submitting them. It's always a good idea for a student to get help from a skilled editor.

Our editors have years of industry experience and are well-versed in standard formatting guidelines for screenplays, including the Oscar format. They understand the function, role, and effect of every screenplay element and scene transition indicator. Your edited screenplay will definitely be professional and presentable.

Yes, we offer suggestions to tailor your content to the theme of the newsletter. We help you elaborate on ideas relevant to the theme, remove information unrelated to the theme, use the right target keywords, and reorganize or restructure your material to ensure your article addresses the desired theme.

We correct all errors and provide you with in-depth feedback to improve the quality of your manuscript, making your work acceptable to a wide audience. Further, if your chosen literary journal has unique guidelines for acceptance, we can also help you meet them.

Yes, we suggest better alternatives to your existing word choice and syntax, to help perfect the metre, rhythm, and rhyme scheme of your poem. We ensure that your chosen metrical pattern is used effectively; we also highlight any modifications in the overall metre or rhyme scheme that could improve your poem.

We will analyse your story to see whether its elements fit the theme you’ve specified. You will receive in-depth feedback on how you can modify aspects of your story to make it more suitable for inclusion in the anthology.

Absolutely! We can help make your article crisp and relatable. We’ll also ensure the information is relevant and readable, keeping in mind the specific target audience of your blog or magazine.

Sure. On request, we provide our clients with detailed profiles listing our editors’ exact qualifications and genres of interest. You can choose the editor whose profile is most suitable or go with our recommendation. Please contact us for more information.

We can certainly suggest better rhyming words for your poem and comment on the rhyme scheme. Of course, since poetry is subjective and artistic, the final call will always be yours.

Yes, PaperTrue offers printing services. If you’re looking for support in publishing your book or novel, our self-publishing services (SPS) will perfectly suit your needs. SPS provides all the pre-publication services you need, including typesetting, cover design, ISBN registration, copyright documentation, and online distribution. Visit this link to know more.

Yes, we work with Final Draft documents! We also work on the following document formats: .docx, .doc, .pdf, .pptx, .odt, .ftx, .tex, .rtx, .lyx, and .txt files. If your file format isn’t listed here, just contact us by chat, phone, or email.

In addition to improving your grammar, punctuation and syntax, our editors help you strengthen your manuscript as a whole. We help you create compelling characters, gripping plot lines, and immersive settings. You get detailed feedback on the point of view, tone, style, dialogue, and more, which guides you towards publishing a brilliant story.

To make sure that your information is always protected, we use 256-bit SSL encryption technology to transfer data between your computer and the PaperTrue website. This means that nobody except you, your editor, and a few select members of our team will be able to access your screenplay. The confidentiality of your work is never compromised. Further, you will always retain all intellectual property rights and full copyright control over your edited screenplay.

Definitely! If you send us your Final Draft file (.fdx), we will ensure your edited screenplay adheres to industry expectations such as the Oscar guidelines. Our editors will format and rearrange your text to fit the template of a screenplay. You’ll get clear feedback if any standard screenplay elements are missing, need changes, need rewriting, and so on.

If that’s your requirement, sure! Our editors can come up with fitting options for you based on the characters, plot, setting, theme, or special quirks of your book, novel, or story.

Our editors are highly trained in editing fiction and non-fiction manuscripts of every genre. Using their specialized knowledge of the publishing industry and English literature, our experts will give you in-depth advice suited to your manuscript.

Our editors are highly trained in editing literary works of all kinds. They have specialised knowledge of every genre of literature, based on which they will give you expert advice suited to your novel or story. You will get detailed feedback on the characters, plot, setting, dialogue, point of view, tone, and every other key literary element.

Yes, our editors can effectively change the format of your CV to suit your requirements. For instance, we can change a chronological structure to a functional format or vice versa, to bring out a candidate’s most significant achievements and skills.

Yes, we will give you feedback on how you can highlight your accomplishments and qualifications differently in your cover letter and CV. We will ensure your cover letter offers relevant qualitative information related to your work experience, instead of simply repeating the facts presented in your CV.

Certainly. We can remove colloquialisms from your cover letter and suggest changes to make the language professional and refined enough to impress recruiters.

Yes, when we work on CVs, we highlight our clients’ best accomplishments and promote skills that will strengthen their candidature.

We can! Our editors will help you restructure the body of your cover letter to highlight the skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to your desired job profile.

While we do not write content for you, we can certainly make suggestions to help you craft a strong profile or summary section for your CV based on your most relevant accomplishments. We can list key points for you to cover, help structure your summary, and point out missing information that should be added to your profile to impress recruiters. It helps tremendously if you tell us exactly what type of job you are looking for while placing your order; just mention this in your editing requirements.

Yes, we carefully consider your job requirements while editing your CV. We make your CV more focused, concise, and tailored to your desired job, ensuring your information is written and organized to highlight your most relevant qualifications and professional goals.

We can certainly improve the concision of your cover letter. However, substantially reducing the word count risks either diluting your arguments or omitting possibly important content. Therefore, as a policy, we reduce the word count of any document by up to 10% of the original word count. In addition, our editors will provide you with comments and suggestions to help shorten your cover letter further without changing or compromising your original intent and meaning.

Sure! Send us the necessary information about your desired job and professional goals, and we will help you narrow the focus of your résumé so your content fits in a single page.

We format your CV to ensure every element is presented in a consistent visual style. We may also suggest changes in the overall structure of your CV, recommending a suitable format (functional or chronological) to suit your specific work experience and industry.

We ensure your CV is well formatted, consistent, and attractive; we also suggest an appropriate structure for your CV. However, we do not provide customised design elements or graphical templates.

We make changes to your CV format to ensure it is consistent, clear, and readable. Our editors use a range of standard professional templates that will improve the layout of your CV. At the moment, we do not offer custom designs or create graphical elements for your CV.

It can certainly increase the chances of your résumé being shortlisted! Our editors will provide feedback on how you can confidently highlight your skills and refine your work experience section to impress recruiters.

Yes. According to your work profile and desired post, our editors will help you make a wise choice about the most suitable structure for your CV.

No. But if you create your first draft, we’ll be happy to edit, proofread, and format your content, giving you detailed suggestions on how to improve your CV.

Yes, we certainly can. Our editors have an expert understanding of how to present and format manuals and technical documentation to meet your requirements. Just provide us with your specifications while placing your order, and we’ll take it from there. Your edited document will be consistently and attractively formatted.

Yes, we understand the importance of a clear, accurate, and watertight memorandum of understanding. We will ensure that your MOU is error-free; each clause is clearly stated; and there are no contradictions, inconsistencies, or other issues in the text.

Definitely! We know website copy needs to be brief and pithy. Our editors reduce wordiness, tighten the word choice, and shorten the sentence structure. We also help you remove redundant or unnecessary information. Your edited website copy will use a crisp, compelling style that suits the online reader’s attention span.

Yes, we can certainly limit our services to basic proofreading and error correction. Any changes that could possibly affect the meaning of your text will be highlighted through comments; they will not be directly implemented without your confirmation. You can get faster turnarounds and better prices for our proofreading-only service: Just contact us by chat, phone, or email!

Yes. We format annual reports in accordance with industry standards, while respecting the specifications, house style, and requirements of your organization.

To make your report more concise, our editors reduce the wordiness, make the word choice crisper, and tighten the sentence structure. We also help you highlight the key objectives, methods, analysis, and findings of the annual report while removing redundant or unnecessary information.

Yes, we can strategically add keywords to your blog article to boost your search engine rank. All you need to do is mention the keywords in your requirements and we’ll find the right places to insert them in your article.