The Introduction Chapter of a Dissertation

  • calenderAug 05, 2021
  • calender5 min read

The introduction chapter acquaints a reader or evaluator with the contents, main argument(s), and scope of a dissertation.

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The Table of Contents Page of a Dissertation

  • calenderAug 03, 2021
  • calender5 min read

The table of contents is an organized listing of your dissertation’s chapters, sections, and figures which are clearly labeled by page number.

A student writing at their desk. They wonder what they should include in the abstract for their dissertation.

Abstract: An Introduction

  • calenderJul 21, 2021
  • calender5 min read

An abstract is an important part of your thesis. It’s the first chapter of your thesis and is the first impression your evaluator gets.

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The Acknowledgments Section of a Dissertation

  • calenderJun 15, 2021
  • calender5 min read

No dissertation can be completed solely by one person. Surely, you’ve had help along the way; whether it’s through moral support or people advising you on the actual thesis itself. The acknowledgments section is where you thank all these people for supporting you from day one, both in the research and writing process.

How to Prepare for Your Dissertation Defense

  • calenderDec 02, 2020
  • calender5 min read

Your dissertation defense is a testament to all the hard work you’ve done in writing your project up. Here are some tips for a solid defense.

Formatting Tips on MS Word for Dissertations

  • calenderNov 13, 2020
  • calender5 min read

How do you format your dissertation in MS Word? Read it here.

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Top 10 Best Academic Research Resources

  • calenderOct 01, 2020
  • calender5 min read

Which are the top 10 academic resources that you can rely on? Find out here.

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Writing a Dissertation Proposal

  • calenderSep 10, 2020
  • calender5 min read

Working on a dissertation can be daunting. But once you’re proposal is sorted, the rest of the dissertation journey sails smoothly! Click here to read more.

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