An author is creating a copyright page for his book.

How to Copyright a Book in 2024 (Costs + Free Template)

  • calenderJan 29, 2024
  • calender4 min read

Your masterpiece deserves the best protection from unauthorized usage. Learn everything about how to copyright a book and understand all the costs involved in copyrighting a book in 2024.

An author is researching the cost to self-publish a book.

Learn How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book in 2024

  • calenderJan 23, 2024
  • calender6 min read

From editing to formatting and distribution, learn everything about the cost of self-publishing a book. We’ve also added five practical strategies to help you reduce self-publishing costs.

An author is thinking about the steps to self-publish a book.

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing a Book in 2024

  • calenderJan 23, 2024
  • calender5 min read

From editing to uploading your book, learn everything about self-publishing! We’ve also included the pricing of important services to help you make informed choices for self-publishing a book.

A man holding ISBN number in hand and thinking what is an ISBN?

ISBN Guide 2024: What Is an ISBN and How to Get an ISBN

  • calenderJan 11, 2024
  • calender6 min read

Have you ever seen the back of a book and wondered what the numbers on its barcode are? They are a code that forms the ISBN. In this article, we deconstruct what is an ISBN and why you should get one.

A student is researching the best self-publishing companies like Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple Books, and PaperTrue.

10 Best Self-Publishing Companies of 2024: Price & Royalties

  • calenderNov 06, 2023
  • calender4 min read

From author services that help you perfect your book to retailers that help you sell it, self-publishing companies help you solidify your career. Find out which ones you should work with and why.

How to Copyright Your Book?

If you’ve thought about copyrighting your book, you’re on the right path.

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