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        Webinar: What are Indian Publishers Looking For?

        • calenderOct 22, 2020
        • calender 5 min read

        Writers all over the world have not been deterred by Covid-19, conjuring up innovative ways to keep their writing skills sharp. Online workshops, webinars, seminars, discussions, and competitions have spurred their determination to churn out writing during the pandemic. Our team attended a LOT of webinars and workshops, and while we were left thoroughly overwhelmed by the amount of learning, we couldn’t help but notice one thing. All of these webinars were centered in the US, UK, Australia, and any other country except India. 

        India has a vibrant crowd of young and upcoming authors trying to navigate the Indian writing and publishing industry on their own. This is because unlike writers in the States, Europe, and other countries, who go through the conventional route of getting a BFA in Creative Writing (or an MFA), and pursue writing as an extension of their academic qualifications, writers in the Indian subcontinent pursue writing as a passion. As part of our aim to improve the quality of writing that our editors receive and to help writers navigate the Indian publishing industry, PaperTrue is going to organize a series of webinars, the first of which will be ‘What are Indian Publishers Looking For?’ This webinar will be held on the 5th of December, 2020 from 6PM-7:30PM. 

        The publishing industry is competitive and the information is exclusive to the agents of this industry, with no way of helping outsiders or interested authors engage with it. Apart from this, there are limited resources, and it will take a lot of time if an author is to embark on this research independently. Our webinar aims to bridge the gap in the topic and its easy availability to those passionate about pursuing a career as a published author.

        This webinar will cover a wide range of topics that are of interest to interested authors like the process of approaching publishers, the kind of manuscripts that Indian publishers are looking for, the commissioning process of a manuscript, and industry insights. And all of this will be meticulously explained by our panel of experts, Kavita Kane and Pranita Chettri. To register for the webinar on Eventbrite, click here!

        And this isn’t the only webinar, there will be more! We will be touching upon a multitude of aspects of the writing and publishing scenario in India. To get updates, subscribe to PaperTrue Resource Center!

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        Rishi Linkedin

        Rishi was a zealous student at IIT Bombay when he realized, firsthand, the power of good language in effective communication. As part of this belief, after a brief stint in a hedge fund, he co-founded PaperTrue in 2014.

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