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        Why Content Marketers Need a Professional Editor

        • calenderJun 03, 2020
        • calender 5 min read

        The saying that goes around these days is that “content is king.” Nowadays, it is so common that we say it in passing: but it holds a tremendous amount of importance. People from all walks of life have immersed themselves in creating content, whether it is for personal branding or as part of a larger organization. 

        There is a lot of creative liberty involved in content creation. Still, it calls for technique and precision. You may understand the know-hows of your market and target audience, but are you as knowledgable in the art of persuasive writing? We have written about how this works on an individual level, but it is time to look at the same considerations from an organizational perspective.  

        Content is the face of your company. 

        Regardless of what field your company is in, there are two certain things. One, you’re neck-deep in competition. Two, an online presence is crucial in making yourself heard. Your internet presence is the first thing that a prospective customer encounters: either through your website, social media presence, or reviews. In a sense, the content you generate and publish should represent what you stand for. Moreover, it should be visually vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. 

        The truth is, though, language is not everybody’s cup of tea. Writing for a specific audience and a specific purpose takes a bit of precision.


        An editor makes your writing more persuasive.

        The best kind of content is one that is well-thought-out. It is compelling, succinct, yet persuasive. The heart of content marketing is in writing. It is in the language. An editor can help you achieve precisely that. This is when an editor becomes more than just your spell-checker app. One of the most successful ways your writing can become powerful by the word choice you use. An editor will help you write better based on your goals.

        Bad grammar is the #1 reason you’ll lose credibility.

        Ever found yourself snickering at a badly written billboard while driving? Or spotted an error in a menu while at a restaurant? It’s a little difficult to trust the quality of a brand after that, right?

        Having blatant errors in ad copy or a social media post brings down credibility considerably. It may give the impression that you haven’t bothered to go through your copy.

        An editor can help you improve your writing. 

        If language is the heart of content marketing, then the how of crafting copy is just as important as actually doing it. As a language expert, an editor can help you craft your copy to make it more effective. They can enable you to use language as the tool it is. In addition to commenting on things like word choice and sentence structure, they can also

        The advantage of having an editor – a non-marketer, for this purpose – comment on your marketing copy is twofold. Not only can they tell you exactly how someone might react to your copy, but they can also help you write towards the reaction you seek out of an audience.


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        Chetna Linkedin

        Chetna is a child of the internet. A writer and aspiring educator, she loves exploring digital media to create resources that are informative and engaging. Away from the writing desk, she enjoys cinema, coffee, and old books.

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