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        News Update: We Had a Contest, and Here Are the Results

        • calenderAug 06, 2022
        • calender 5 min read

        The PaperTrue office is usually always a celebration of your work. But we decided to take it up a notch by holding a contest for you – our people. 

        After working on editing your novels and books, it is very exciting for us to actually see your book on its way to becoming the next bestseller.  But alas, what if marketing is not your forte? Lucky for you, PaperTrue is still at your side – so that you’re not so swept up in the romance of writing that you actually forget to spread your words!

        In that spirit, some nice folks here suggested that we – as your editors – should also be part of the post-editing marketing process. So, a few weeks ago, we sent out an email requesting entries of those who to be a part pf this initiative. And to make it a bit more fun, we added a bit of competition: we would choose our top five picks and give them a shout-out on our social media platforms. 

        And thus, the Great Shout-Out Contest of 2019 was born. 

        Needless to say, the office was bustling with excitement as we set off to scour our archives of the last one and a half years. After some mundane data search (well, we are human after all), we went to your editors and senior editors to find out the reason they are happy to come to work every day. 

        Of course, literature is subjective, but our dedicated editors spent their blood, sweat, and tears defending your work – just as they always do. And now we’re very excited to announce our top picks!

        (Now, we know we said top 5, but you’ll notice there are 6 entries here. You see, we just couldn’t resist your good work!)


        1. “Some Blueberries, A Rockette, and A Boy Named Jerome” by Nim Esperon

        Love. Pain. Redemption. Identity. These are human complexities that take a lifetime to understand. But 23-year-old Nim Esperon decided to take these heavy ideas when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a published author. Meet Franklin Amzi – detective, husband, future father – as he pursues what turns out to be perhaps the most important case of his life. This is a mysterious cold case from 25 years ago, and it’s sure to cause a storm in his life. At this point also enters Ms. Lana, who makes him question everything he has ever known in his life. This is a story of dual explorations of history: of the case, and of his own. 

        Here’s what Nim’s editor had to say about working on “Some Blueberries”: “Nim Esperon’s novel stood out to me right from the first page because of its distinct voice and vivid detail. It was a pleasure to read!”

        Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Go get your copies now! 

        You can also follow the author on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


        2. “Adventures of Lucky and the Lost Key” by Maureen Gordon 

        How often have you stopped to think about how important keys are in your life? In this adorable children’s book, we meet Lucky, one of the millions of keys that get lost far too often. But in the midst of all the “losing”, he also realizes how truly special he is. No matter how many times he gets lost, he will always be missed. And more importantly, he will always be found. Delve into Lucky’s adventures as he discovers his true purpose.

        A person with an eternal enthusiasm to help people, Maureen Gordon has explored many forms of writing. A social worker and counsellor by profession, she primarily works in the social care and education sectors. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

        Her book is available both as a paperback and as an e-book.


        3. “Connect: How to Recognize and Connect with your Soulmate” by A.A. Jones

        Love always feels like a great mystery. It is thrilling, daunting and euphoric.

        But not for A.A. Jones, who, like a true romantic, explores the nuances of relationships in what he promises for us to be a different perspective. He is calm and elegant as he deals with the heavy task of understanding the path to recognizing one’s soulmate.

        A.A. Jones is an international speaker, relationship expert, and a relationship counsellor. The central theme of his message is focused on intrinsically repositioning people to enable them to find true fulfillment in life. You can follow his work on Facebook.

        Kindle users: get, set, ready to go get your copy now!


        4. “Shameful Times – Love, Lust, Redemption during the Spanish Inquisition” by Vera Lucia

        As we speak of the idea of exploring ourselves through history, it would be a shame not to mention this book. In a touching romance between Isa, a farmer’s daughter, and Gutler – a court nobleman, Vera Lucia explores the phenomenon of an afterlife, and the idea of how we carry ourselves through generations and lifetimes. In this book, she dares to reinterpret the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.

        Pat, her editor says, “The novel draws its strength from its intricately drawn characters and its meticulously constructed theme which lets the author explore some rich complexities and profound contradictions. A thoroughly intriguing read!”

        Vera Lucia Lima is an international psychic author, with a penchant for vividly expressing her psychic dreams and exploring spirituality. Vera can be found on Twitter as @327vera

        You can get your copy of “Shameful Times” here, and follow the book on Facebook as well. 


        5. “A Clash of Conscience” by James G. Skinner

        James Skinner’s rivet book starts off when Jenny, an English teacher, takes up a job offer in 1976 Tehran. She steps into a whirlwind of a life, as she meets Juan Miguel, a Spanish diplomat, also a fellow foreigner. For the next two decades, they are inseparable: with an epic’s worth of highs and lows in their lives. And then, tragedy strikes: Juan slowly develops Alzheimer’s disease, and the couple returns to his home town in Galicia, northwest Spain. Juan is eventually confined to home.

        Meanwhile, Jenny has met and befriends Ramon, a young social worker that is dealing with their case. The inevitable occurs. They become passionate lovers. 

        How will Jenny reconcile her past with her present? 

        What started out as a romantic thriller eventually becomes an exploration of passion and guilt: two seemingly paradoxical facets to the human condition. 

        There’s a lot to delve into here, and you really don’t want to miss this one


        6. “The Volcano” by Bichismita Shasani

        Hailing from Dhenkanal, India – the country of love and spirituality – Bichismita took to writing as a means of seeking refuge in tough times, which later on turned into her greatest passion. Her book “The Volcano” is an anthology of poems born of an uncontrollable eruption of human emotions. These poems collectively express the long-suppressed painful voice of a heart that the world never heard, the tenderness of tearful eyes that the world never saw, and the promises that the world never kept.

        If soulful poetry is your kind, then you will definitely want to look out for this one.

        Although she is most easily found via email, you can also catch her on Facebook.

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