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        • calenderMay 11, 2021
        • calender 5 min read

        After writing something, and it might be anything; from a recipe to a book, from a business document to a letter, you can’t just be done with it. You need to check and re-check, edit it, proofread it, and make sure that it reads well and does not have grammatical errors.

        In businesses, especially, editing and proofreading is important because a tiny error could cost your business an important deal. Even if that error is miniscule, it could communicate that your attitude is careless and might be a reflection of the overall work ethic of the company.

        The size of your business doesn’t matter. For all its promotional, social, legal, and other content, a business might need help in ensuring that it’s error-free, while trying to fulfil the responsibilities of running a business.

        This is why we at PaperTrue believe that editing and proofreading is absolutely essential for businesses to get their documents presentation-ready. Here are some case studies of successful long-term projects that we’ve taken on!

        Company: General Translation, USA

        Topic: Website Content

        Objective: Establishing a strong online presence, along with making their content more concise, impactful, rich with keyword placement, and enhanced SEO.

        Solution: Our editors analyzed their website content and blog articles and provided them structural feedback to make it more appealing to anyone who visits their website. We also made sure that the promotion of their services would be more impactful by focusing on making the language more user-friendly and less littered with jargon.

        Our editors also made sure that the length of their sentences was not too long, and helped keep them short, crisp, and to the point, to make them readable for their target audience. Apart from this, we made sure that the tone of the content was assuring and not too formal.

        Our editors encouraged a collaborative approach, in which they worked together with the company, taking their revisions and inputs into consideration.

        Testimonial: “We have more and more users telling us about how crisp and clear our articles look now! Our website content has improved tremendously and we especially loved the collaborative approach that PaperTrue took, and worked with us instead of dictating what they did. Definitely going to keep this collaboration intact!”

        Company: Genuine Educational Consultancy

        Topic: Academic Editing

        Objective: To help their clients improve college applications.

        Solution: We improve the grammar, syntax, style, impact, tone, and structure among other aspects of their documents.

        With this, we make up for gaps in Genuine’s suite of counselling services with our expertise in the English language and feedback giving. This significantly betters their clients’ chances at success with their college applications.

        We also offer to whitelabel our edited documents and integrate order processing on our dashboard, to make Genuine’s experience of partnering with us smooth and convenient.

        Testimonial: “A college application plays a major role in determining whether the student will get in or not, and so we really stress on the style of the essays and applications. PaperTrue’s editors help our students’ essays to be structured much better apart from the normal editing and proofreading process”.

        Company: Vance Gen Industries

        Topic: Technical Writing

        Objective: To edit their intensive user manuals and make them readable for their target audience

        Solution: Technical jargon is hard to understand, especially if it’s for an audience that is only a consumer of your products, and not an expert in them. If a user manual is hard to read, then the whole objective of titling it ‘user manual’ is redundant.

        We often help them with clarity, conciseness, coherence, cohesion, structure, and language. Also, we ensure that the language is fine tuned to users with all levels of technical expertise, from the novice to the skilled engineer.

        We have also been assisting them with customising their user manuals for an online platform, in order to increase reach and availability for their customers.

        Testimonial: “Less users call us now; because they understand our manual so perfectly! All jokes aside, PaperTrue’s editors helped us restructure our manual content in a way that it would be easily understandable and still get the gist of what was written”.

        Company: Get Slim

        Topic: Online Content

        Objective: Effective SEO and keyword placement in their online content

        Solution: Get Slim is a company that needs its content about health and wellness to be effective but not pedantic or preachy. They put out their tips in video and blog article format, which our editors proofread.

        Along with their scripts for their YouTube videos, we have also been proofreading and editing their scripts for their upcoming fitness blog.

        Each time we make sure that their blog is optimised with their specified keywords, but our editors make sure that it’s not overstuffed with keywords, and work with the company to make sure that all the keywords that they’ve specified are contextually used.

        Our editors make sure that the video script flows smoothly for the visual medium – both conducive to the platforms for which they were written.

        We also provide extensive feedback on improving their word choice, treatment of topics, and coherence by keeping their subscribers in mind.

        Testimonial: “We did not want to come across as another health and wellness brand, and actually wanted our audience to understand our content without getting entangled in the sales-y part. The editors at PaperTrue really helped us reach more people, people who we are writing our articles and making our videos for, of which keywords were a crucial bit. Loved their work!”

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