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        Case Studies: How We Helped Our Authors Perfect Their Manuscripts

        • calenderMay 28, 2021
        • calender 5 min read

        Writing starts off as a project or a hobby for a lot of us. Some might want to take this more seriously than a hobby and plan to get published! Editing and proofreading is the next step to take after writing your book and before deciding to publish it. But there are a bunch of questions that we need answered before we leap onto the editing and proofreading platform. 

        How do we know if our readers will enjoy our work? How can we be sure there are no errors? As experts, we can help you confidently take the leap with our editing and feedback.

        Before you place an order with us, let’s find out more about what some of our valuable clients gained from consulting us.

        Book: The Chronicle of Golgotha Days (Non-Fiction)

        Author: Sujith Balakrishnan

        Book Summary: Set in the backdrop of ’90s Kerala, Sujith Balakrishnan’s book is about the brutality of a young girl forcibly sold into the sex trade. 

        Objective: To structure the story properly and to retain the author’s voice and story. 

        Solution: Once we reviewed Balakrishnan’s draft extensively, we helped him rewrite and reconstruct parts of the book to effectively convey his story. Our focus in this project was to retain his voice and story, and he found more effective ways to present his work. 

        Book: The Eyes of Channel County (Fiction)

        Author: Matt Brodie

        Book Summary: The author Matt Brodie’s book The Eyes of Channel Country is an adventure novel set in Australia about the quests of Amber and Michael Hauksby. 

        Objective:  The author needed help with strong characterization and plot consistency, considering this is the third of a series.

        Solution: We improved his book by making it more contextual. We focused on helping him expand the setting and dialogues with the goal of instilling more realism. We also helped him improve his dialogues, tone, scene transition, and overall narrative consistency. 

        Book: The Blood of a Stone (Fiction)

        Author: Richard Braine Jr.

        Book Summary: Richard Braine Jr.’s book The Blood of a Stone is a fantasy novel. 

        Objective: The author wanted us to check for over-detailing, character development, and consistency in the story. 

        Solution: The book had a superb plot and a setting with depth. But the author saw room for improvement and asked us to review his writing. In essence, we did so with faith in his talent, guiding him where we sighted over-detailing and felt the characterization could be stronger. Ultimately, we helped this writer achieve the larger objective of enriching his work and making the interplay between the antagonist and protagonist compelling. 

        Book: The Invisible Hunt (Fiction)

        Author: Harrison Baumgardner

        Book Summary: This book is about a rescue operation of a high-profile doctor enlisted for classified research involving a bioweapon and its mutilated victims.

        Objective:  To make the book compelling with inputs on the tone, vocabulary, story and plot. 

        Solution: We helped him by eliminating wordiness and keeping the sentences crisp and action-oriented. Along with this, we also emphasised on the sparing use of devices such as the dialogue tag and the increased use of military-style language. At the final stages, we were effectively able to bring out the urgency and danger of the mission. 

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