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        Case Study: How We Helped This Writer Publish Her First Book

        • calenderMay 20, 2021
        • calender 5 min read


        The Power of Self-Healing in Animals

        Non-fiction book by Catherine Inlander

        Catherine Inlander approached us with a draft of a wonderful compilation of anecdotes and techniques by which animals apply self-medication from the fruits of nature. A seasoned practitioner in applied zoopharmacognosy, this was her first attempt at getting published outside the academic sphere. 


        Catherine approached us so we could apply an equally trained eye to proofread her work and guide her through the pre-publication process. 


        While the book was well-researched, our editors felt it could be improved to make it appealing to readers from all walks of life, so she may gain a wide readership. Our first step was to proofread her work and remove minor mistakes in punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. We also helped her bring out the best of her research by signaling inconsistencies in the content and presenting it in a manner accessible to someone unfamiliar with applied zoopharmacognosy. 

        Once her manuscript was in place, we processed it for typesetting, ensuring that her text was well-formatted. Images, appendices, footnotes, and other tables throughout the book were formatted to make the jargon accessible to the novice reader, and also helped balance the contrasting tones of technical information and personal anecdotes. The content editing and typesetting processes played a key role in defining and demarcating these two goals she had for the book. A thorough review also ensured that the anecdotes and the informative content were not disjointed. 

        We also designed the cover image of her book, which helped make it more inviting to someone who may not have thought of picking up a book about zoopharmacognosy.

        Catherine, who was not affiliated with any university at the time of publication, chose to publish with a local independent publisher. Keeping this situation in mind, we helped get an ISBN for the book and also designed its copyright page. 

        In addition to working on her manuscript, we gave her advice on how she can craft her promotional content to appeal to a wider audience. We guided her on the vocabulary she could use and the platforms she can use to have conversations about the book. 



        “Before I approached PaperTrue with my manuscript, I had no idea about the nuances of the publishing process. They opened my eyes to the various steps involved and worked on my manuscript with patience and impeccable eye for detail. I’m grateful that they’ve been an integral part of this new beginning, and I hope to work closely with them on my new manuscript!”


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