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        Editing and
        Proofreading Services?

        ESL Publishers: Need to outsource a editing team?

        • calenderApr 30, 2022
        • calender 5 min read

        Editing and proofreading are very important parts of the writing process. They help polish your writing by focusing on and eliminating grammar, punctuation and syntax errors. They also improves the effectiveness of your writing style and the clarity regarding the content of your writing. Editing is a crucial part of your writing even if you are a native English speaker, so it becomes twice as important for ESL researchers, publications and anyone whose first language is not English.

        More than often, there is an unavailability of a professional editing team in the house. This may be because of lack of funds, more emphasis given to content or in case of translation companies, more focus on translating content rather than editing it.

        A professional proofreading and service can help you develop clear, faultless documents at every level of your organization. Any business or individual whose end product is content itself needs a talented editing team.

        1. Experienced editors will help your organization to create well-written and professional documents while your team focuses on core tasks.
        2. You will have to pay an editor only when you have a document  (or multiple documents) that need to be edited. only when you need to have a document (or multiple documents) edited.

        In this day and age of content not being barred by language barriers because of translation, editing and proofreading becomes even more necessary. Translation editing requires skill and knowledge of translation as a process itself so that editing becomes easier and accurate. Another thing that translation companies need to keep in mind is that no matter how skilled your translator is, they will lose sight of smaller mistakes because they are not trained to do that. This is where an editor’s job becomes absolutely crucial to the document, to ensure that it’s grammatically accurate.

        We know an editor who specialises in editing translated content as a translation editor. Their job is to ensure that there is clarity and consistency in the translated text. Their work is guided by these three questions:

        • Does the translated text preserve the meaning?
        • Is the text consistent?
        • Will the target language audience understand the text?

        When you don’t have an in-house team, coordination between the styles of the multiple translators working in the industry becomes impossible, because one has to maintain a consistency.

        Why is outsourcing editing and proofreading important nevertheless?

        Editing is a crucial part of any writing process, delivering a flawless end product. Apart from correcting the grammar, syntax and punctuation of a piece of text, they will give you tips on how to improve it regarding content and structure. They’re indispensable to our ESL audiences, which include:

        • Publishing Houses
        • Digital Marketing Teams
        • Journals
        • Others (website design companies, etc.)

        Since editing is a highly specialized skill that requires extensive training and experience, your work will be cut into half if you hire a team that’s already trained and ready instead of hiring someone and training them again. Outsourcing editing becomes a viable option. Except the project costs, you have to pay nothing. As opposed to full-time editors, freelance editors and the team that you outsource work to don’t incur the burden of benefits (insurance, medical expenses, etc).

        Outsourcing proofreading work gives companies access to ‘specialists’, who bring in-depth experience on a variety of projects. Although in-house teams know the structure and functions of their company, outsourcing work to a proofreader might provide with a fresh perspective, and can provide a skills or a knowledge boost. They can also provide inputs regarding the overall content plan and editorial management.

        There you have it! Outsourcing an editing and proofreading team may seem like a lot of work and it might be difficult to get the hang off. But if you look at it from a financial and skill-based aspect, you’ll see that it provides long-term results and enhances the quality of your content, further developing trust between you and your customers. Check out the PaperTrue Resource Center for more insights into writing, editing and proofreading!


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        Rishi Linkedin

        Rishi was a zealous student at IIT Bombay when he realized, firsthand, the power of good language in effective communication. As part of this belief, after a brief stint in a hedge fund, he co-founded PaperTrue in 2014.

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