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        Free Proofreading Services for Broke Students

        • calenderJan 16, 2023
        • calender 5 min read

        You’ve finished writing your paper in a scramble and you know it’s not been your best attempt. The deadline is knocking at the door, and you need someone to help you fix it. Your friends are all stuck in the same rut. 

        So, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!


        Your paper is full of grammatical errors, sloppy formatting, and improper citations. It’s best you leave those kinds of spooky errors to online proofreading services. 

        But what if you’re broke and can’t pay the premium to get your paper professionally checked, who you gonna call then? Here are some friendly options that won’t cost you any money: 


        The popular app and extension for your browser that checks grammar, spelling, plagiarism and more. Once added, it seamlessly fits itself into most writing platforms including MS Word, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and more. It’s now being pitched as being your “Free Grammar Assistant.” 

        But there obviously are many limitations with the free version on the app, it only does a basic grammar and spelling checks. To avail all its features, you must buy the premium version.

        Ginger Grammar Checker

        The Ginger Grammar Checker corrects a vast range of English Language errors. It offers free grammar and spell-check as well as premium online proofreading software. Plugins are available for most browsers, if not that you can just visit the website and feed in your text there for a free check.

        Hemingway App

        The front page of the website cleverly explains what the software does and how it can help you. The grammar checker is sharp and won’t let a single error slide in your writing. Being fast and efficient makes it ideal for self-editing academic texts, fiction, and non-fiction writing.

        Just remember, the free checks have limited features and will only get the job half done. The paid versions are comprehensive but cost too much if you don’t have too much content to run through them. 


        Online proofreading services 

        Should you hire a paid online proofreading service when you’re broke? Might as well stick to one of those free apps who do the job even if only half done, it’s at no cost. That’s a valid point. But here are some reasons trusting humans (experts) on checking your paper is far better than relying on bots. 

        1. The bots will only scratch the surface

        They aren’t programmed to fix everything. You must get the paid version at some point to unlock all features. And that can be expensive, considering the subscriptions are yearly, or quarterly at the least. 

        A quick check by academic proofreading experts is much more affordable. One time processing fees and free revisions! 

        2. Discounts  

        Academic proofreading websites have great customer service. Visit any one of them and you’ll have the chat window pop out to provide you with all the help possible. Tell them you are a broke student who needs this service, but also at the cheapest cost possible and they will make cost adjustments for you. 

        3. Keeping it real 

        The bots are bots. They are still learning. And they aren’t taking lessons from an actual professor. They sure as hell aren’t submitting any papers to justify the lessons they learned. So they don’t know what it takes to fulfill the requirements of a stringent professor who wants everything in a particular order; the painstaking citations and a set of weird rules to be followed. 

        An academic expert though has been through this grind and knows what you want and ultimately what your professor wants and what’s needed to keep the highest grade. 

        4. Express delivery 

        You’d think that for anyone to go through a wall of text and then fixing it will take at least a day. Nah-ah! Most online proofreading services will return your document within 24 hours. Some will have it processed in as little as 3 hours’ time. 

        Remember kids, regardless of your financial conditions, always remember: proofreading your papers before you turn them in, is absolutely necessary!

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