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        Top 10 Assignment Editing Services of 2024

        • calenderOct 30, 2023
        • calender 4 min read

        If editing is not your strong point, an assignment editing service can be a blessing. But how to choose among so many assignment editing services? To assist you in making the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top ten assignment editing services. 

        We have also included the benefits of every assignment editing service. So let’s get started! 

        1. PaperTrue 

        From correcting grammar mistakes to ensuring proper formatting and referencing, PaperTrue does it all. They have a team of editors trained to edit assignments with precision. With this, they also give detailed feedback to ensure your assignment has a logical flow and structure. 

        PaperTrue also offers a 5% discount to first-time users along with 24/7 support. The organization has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Google which shows how it is a trusted brand. 

        2. Editage

        Editage provides assignment editing services for various domains like life sciences, medical sciences, physical engineering, social sciences, business, and economics. They edit research papers, journal articles, abstracts, theses, case reports, books, and abstracts. 

        With this, they also offer additional services like statistical review, journal recommendation, peer review, literature search, and checking plagiarism. However, they focus more on providing publication support services to users who want to publish their work. 

        3. Kibin

        Having edited more than 500,000 essays, Kibin is one of the leaders in perfecting essay writing assignments. Along with editing essays, Kibin also provides other services like editing book reports, lab reports, discussion posts, and term papers. They also give customers an option to request an editor from Kibin’s editorial team to edit their document. 

        Other than checking the document for word choice, and grammatical and punctuation errors, Kibin also gives customers personalized feedback to enhance the document. They also check the citations and references used and have a vast repository of resources to help students stuck while writing their essays. 

        4. Scribendi 

        Scribendi not only provides assignment editing services for students but also offers editorial assistance for corporates and authors. Their expertise is in the speedy delivery of assignments which can have an attractive appeal for students who want their assignments edited urgently. 

        Scribendi corrects grammar, spelling, and typo errors and ensures appropriate formatting and referencing. Along with editing assignments, Scribendi also edits papers, journal articles, research projects, brevia, conference proceedings, presentations, and posters. They also include comments about any problems with the document and solutions to solve them. 

        Want to enhance your assignment and score high?

        5. Enago 

        Enago is one of the popular global brands with expertise in publication support and language services. They provide various assignment editing services such as thesis editing services, checking plagiarism, and formatting references. Enago also offers top-impact scientific editing, substantive editing, and copy editing services. 

        Along with checking the document’s structure, Enago also ensures stylistic consistency and offers valuable inputs to perfect the document. If your assignment is rejected for any reason, Enago also helps you prepare the document for resubmission based on the feedback received. 

        6. Editor World 

        Editor World hires native English editors from Canada, the USA, and the UK to help customers perfect their documents. They edit various academic documents like research papers, journal articles, dissertations, master’s or doctoral theses, conference papers, and class assignments. 

        Along with providing academic editing services, they also offer rewriting and paraphrasing services. They help to improve the document’s readability by ensuring consistency in style and rectifying grammatical and word choice errors. 

        7. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing 

        Cambridge Proofreading & Editing provides comprehensive edits for documents in the UK,  US, and Australian English. They perform proofreading and editing services for various streams such as behavioral sciences, humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, and life sciences. They edit and proofread essays, theses, dissertations, and journals. 

        Their editors focus on improving diction, tone, and grammar, along with rectifying wordiness, awkward phrasing, and issues in sentence construction. If the document consists of more than 3000 words, they also provide an Editor’s Summary Report that includes brief feedback about the document. 

        8. EditMyEnglish 

        EditMyEnglish is one of the well-known brands with headquarters in Seattle. They perform various services such as editing papers, essays, and research projects along with reports, application essays, theses, and dissertations. 

        The brand also has a premium package using which customers can get their documents edited faster by paying more. Their premium plus package includes additional features such as an option to select the editor, re-edit the paper at no extra cost, and provide a summary report of the editor’s impressions of the document. 

        9. Wordvice 

        Wordvice is an international brand with a presence in the U.S., Turkey, Korea, Japan Taiwan, and China. Their assignment editing services include editing high school & college term papers, personal essays, homework assignments, class essays, and course research projects.

        They assign editors with expertise in your subject area. The editor fixes any spelling, grammar, and word choice errors and revises the document as per the required style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, etc.). 

         10. Proofed

        Proofed offers editing and assignment proofreading services for various streams such as law, education, psychology, accounts, marketing, and finance. They revise the text and ensure that it has clarity and consistency in style and tone. 

        Their turnaround time ranges from 3 hours up to 24 hours for a document consisting of 8000 words or less. The cost to edit a 1000-word document starts from $30. 

        Have you used any of these assignment editing services in the past? Which of these services do you trust the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section! 

        Want to read more about editing and proofreading services? Here are some useful resources that you might like: 

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