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        Top 10 Essay Editing Services of 2023

        • calenderDec 18, 2023
        • calender 6 min read

        If you’re unsure about your writing skills for academic work, a college essay editing service is your lifesaver. But which online essay editing service should you go for? To help you choose the best editor, we’ve made a list of the top ten essay editing services in 2023.

        If you want to score well on your essay, you need to present your ideas systematically. So, proper language and formatting are a must in any college essay. You can ensure this by hiring a college essay editing service since an essay editor is trained to spot mistakes you can’t. They also suggest improvements that further improve your essay and raise your grades.

        So, let’s consider the top ten essay editing services in 2023:

        1. PaperTrue

        Papertrue hires essay editors who are trained in the specific subject to edit students’ essays and other documents. Their editors check your college essay for grammar, word choice, spelling, and punctuation. Along with this, they also give suggestions for stylistic improvements and a coherent flow throughout the essay.

        Along with timely delivery, PaperTrue provides 24/7 customer support for students with urgent needs. In case you need any further checks on your edited essay, you can also get a free revision.

         You can check out PaperTrue’s customer ratings here.

        2. Editage

        Editage is a specialized academic service that caters to both college students and established researchers. They provide editorial assistance for dissertations, papers, and essays.

        Editage is more geared towards research publication and helping people get published. So, even if college essays aren’t a direct target for the site, it does offer the service.

        3. Kibin

        Kibin’s website calls the platform “your essay help hero.” They provide support to students from the brainstorming stage to the polished draft of the essay. Their website has four sections:

        1. Essay examples
        2. Essay editing
        3. Paper grader
        4. Thesis builder

        Besides the standard checks for grammar and punctuation, Kibin also provides a review of your idea presentation and sentence structure. If you’re someone who needs help with brainstorming, this is the site for you!

        4. EssayEdge

        EssayEdge has had a long presence in the industry. Their editors work on various academic documents, essays being one of them. When you place an order, they will pair you with one of their essay editors.

        EssayEdge helps you with brainstorming, proofreading, and editing. They help make your writing concise, persuasive, and original.

        They famously claim to hire only native editors who pass out from Ivy League colleges. If you’re someone who cares about this, the platform might just be for you!

        5. Scribendi

        Like EssayEdge, Scribendi also profiles its customers into six categories. For students, Scribendi offers a fast turnaround time. They have last-minute essays as their specialty, which can certainly be attractive to some students! They have four additional sections under the student category:

        1. Essay proofreading
        2. Essay editing
        3. Admission essay editing
        4. Admission essay proofreading

        They check your writing for spelling and grammar. Aside from this, they also leave comments on the style, clarity, and flow of your admission essay.

        6. Enago

        Enago is primarily a publication support platform that also offers editing help. They have six areas of specialization, divided into pre and post-submission stages.

        The platform offers three levels of editing: top-impact scientific editing, substantive editing, and copy editing. While these services are better suited to a researcher than a college student, they get the job done. Which, of course, is to remove errors and ensure clarity.

        Enago is one of the top ten essay editing services because they offer clear checkpoints for their editing services. The downside to this is that all of these checkpoints aren’t included in all their plans. It can be a headache for a student to go through the details of complicated plans and finally select one.

        7. Wordy

        Wordy is a UK-based editing firm that claims to save 30% of the time you spend on writing. They also feature the attractive option of having real-time contact with the editor.

        So, you can text the essay editor for any last-minute changes while they’re working on your document. They also assure you that your order will be picked up by an editor in 20 minutes.

        Wordy covers about 56 subjects in online essay editing and accepts documents in 11 major file formats.

        8. Oxbridge 

        Oxbridge is a UK-based firm that combines the prestige of Oxford and Cambridge in its name. They claim to hire only PhD-holders as their essay editors. They have three chief sections, namely academic, commercial, and personal.

        Their academic services can be categorized into 3 distinct parts:

        1. Essay editing and proofreading
        2. Dissertation proofreading and editing
        3. Ph.D. editing and proofreading

        They also edit other types of documents like websites and presentations, with a total of nine types listed on their website.

        9. EditMyEnglish

        EditMyEnglish provides editing services in four categories: academic editing, business editing, author editing, and translation services. So, this is a good service for ESL students or professionals.

        The site has a special package for college students. They also offer special turnaround time packages, but quicker delivery means a higher price!

        10. Wordvice

        Wordvice is an online editing service focused on academic editing. Out of its four categories, three pertain to education while the fourth one is business editing. Aside from business editing, it offers:

        1. Academic editing
        2. College admissions essay editing
        3. University assignments editing

        The essay editors at Wordvice check your document for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. They also ensure consistency, vocabulary, and flow in your writing. Aside from this, they improve your writing by adding margin comments that explain the revisions made to your essay.

        Working with an essay editing service

        A few things to remember while working with an online essay editing service:

        1. Essay review services do just that: they review an essay that you have written. They don’t add any content of their own to the document. Don’t expect these services to write your essay for you!
        2. State your requirements clearly while placing your order. If you state your editing needs upfront, most editing services will be more than willing to accommodate them!
        3. Don’t wait until the last minute to send your essay for editing and proofreading. If there is some miscommunication and you receive an edit you’re unhappy with, you’ll need time to get a revision! Always prepare in advance and leave enough time before the deadline.

        Have you used any of these essay review services before? Which of them seems the most reliable to you? Let us know in the comments!

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