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        Top 10 Essay Checkers in 2024 (Free & Paid)

        • calenderFeb 23, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to secure a perfect essay with no errors? Explore the features and costs of the best essay checkers in detail! Whether you wish to check the grammar, sentence structure, or facts, we’ve got you covered. 

        We’ve also added essay plagiarism checkers for you. Want to paraphrase parts of your essay to avoid repetition? We’ve also included checkers that help you do that! So without wasting time, let’s jump in and explore! 

        Achieve academic excellence with expert essay editing services!

        1. Grammarly 

        Grammarly’s free essay checker helps to rectify spelling and grammatical mistakes. It gives suggestions for correcting word choice errors. To prevent repetition, Grammarly also gives synonyms of the same word. 

        Grammarly identifies wordy sentences and the overuse of passive voice. With this, Grammarly also highlights complex sentences and recommends how to rephrase them. If you want a free essay plagiarism checker, Grammarly can also detect plagiarism. 

        Pricing: Free 

        2. ProWritingAid 

        ProWriting Aid’s essay checker analyzes the text for overused words and inappropriate sentence structure. It also identifies any punctuation mistakes and inconsistencies in your writing. Their AI essay checker offers suggestions to improve transitions, eliminate unnecessary words, and add power verbs

        With this, ProWriting Aid also checks passive voice usage and unnecessary repetitions. Want a plagiarism essay checker for your content? ProWritingAid also can review your content for plagiarism. 

        Pricing: Free 

        3. Scribbr 

        Scribbr is a trusted company that has edited academic writing for 10+ years. Their essay checker can eliminate all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. However, a con is that it can only check essays in US English at the moment. 

        To use their free online essay checker, you need to upload your Word document. After this, their essay corrector processes your document within 10 minutes. You then have the option to download the document and accept/reject changes. 

        Pricing: Free 

        4. PaperRater 

        PaperRater has an easy-to-use essay checker with a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is upload/paste your text. 

        PaperRater’s free essay checker and corrector reviews your content for sentence construction issues. With this, it also highlights your essay’s grammar, spelling, word choice errors, and typos. They also have an essay grader to understand the expected grades for their essay. 

        Pricing: Free 

        5. EasyBib 

        EasyBib offers both, a free and a paid version of their essay grammar checker. The paid version includes unlimited suggestions to improve your writing. In contrast, their free version offers only five suggestions to elevate your essay

        However, the free version doesn’t have a plagiarism essay checker and tools for ensuring accurate references. These features are only available in the paid version for unlimited usage. 

        Pricing: The paid version costs $9.95 per month. 

        6. Linguix 

        Linguix’s online essay checker comprehensively reviews your essay’s spellings and grammar. They provide synonyms to make your writing more engaging. With this, they also check the document for punctuation and sentence structure issues. 

        Once you edit your essay using Linguix, you can easily save and export it. Linguix’s browser extension has compatibility with Google Docs, Chrome, and ChatGpt, allowing you to easily use Linguix on these platforms. 

        Pricing: Linguix’s monthly plan starts from $15 per month. 

        7. Language Tool 

        Whether your essay is in English, French, or any other language, Language Tool can check it. They not only review the essay’s spelling, grammar, and style but also help to paraphrase texts (if required). To use their AI essay checker, you need to create a free account from their website

        After logging in to your account, you can access their features like a personal dictionary and writing statistics. Their “Picky mode” allows you to view advanced suggestions for punctuation, style, and typography. 

        Pricing: The monthly plan for individual users costs $24.90 per month. 

        8. Hemingway Editor 

        Hemingway Editor is one of the best writing software that can be used to check essays. They can: 

        • Identify and highlight lengthy sentences in yellow. 
        • Display complex sentences in red 
        • Depict weak phrases and parts of speech like adverbs in blue. 
        • Show passive voice usage in green. 
        • Illustrate phrases with a simpler alternative in purple. 

        It has a free essay corrector and a paid version. Hemingway’s paid version also gives you the option to use AI for essay correction. This version gives you the option to generate 5000 AI sentences every month. 

        Pricing: The Hemingway Editor’s Plus plan costs $10 per month. 

        9.  provides an accurate fact checker and a readability checker for your essay. It highlights all wordy sentences and provides statistics such as the word count and paragraph count.  It also gives you a readability score for your text. 

        Searching for a good essay plagiarism checker? scans across vast databases to identify plagiarized content. If you want an essay AI checker, can also identify whether the essay has AI content. 

        Pricing: You can either make a one-time payment of $30 or $14.95 per month. 

        10. Scribens 

        Scribens is a useful essay grammar checker to check your essay’s sentence structure. It provides synonyms and identifies if the sentences are long, short, or interrogative. It analyzes the word pattern frequency, enabling you to rectify repetitions. 

        Its essay corrector also identifies any punctuation and typographical errors. With this, Scribens offers an online dictionary (to search for meanings) and information about grammar rules. It also provides statistics about the number of sentences, characters used, etc. 

        Pricing: Free 

        Now that you know the top essay checkers, you can select the best ones for essay proofreading. However, these essay editors might not be as reliable as human editors with expertise. They also might not be able to provide in-depth feedback on your content like human editors. 

        At PaperTrue, we offer expert essay editing services for students. Established in 2014, we have helped thousands of students perfect their essays. 

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