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        10 Best Free AI Resume Builders to Create the Perfect CV

        • calenderFeb 23, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        In the fierce race for jobs today, your resume really needs to shine, and that’s where an AI resume builder steps in to save the day. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you craft a professional resume and can also provide resume editing services.

        Forget the old-school templates; these free AI resume builders personalize your resume, tune it to what your industry expects, and even style it according to the job you’re eyeing. Let’s explore the 10 best free AI resume builders to make your resume-writing process smooth and top-notch!

        Get perfect editing and make your resume stand out!

        The 10 best free AI resume builders are:

        1. Resume Builder

        Resume Builder offers a straightforward interface that guides users through the process of creating a polished resume. With its resume AI builder suggestions, users can enhance their resumes with action verbs and job-specific skills, making their applications stand out. This free AI resume builder platform is particularly user-friendly, making it a favorite among those who value simplicity and efficiency in their resume-creation process.


        • Extensive options of templates.
        • Easy to integrate information
        • Step-by-step resume building.
        • Easy and free start-up without sign-in.


        Known for its sleek templates and intuitive design, this free resume AI builder helps users craft stylish resumes in minutes. This AI resume builder offers personalized tips and examples, ensuring that each resume is both professional and unique. This platform is ideal for those who prioritize design without compromising on content quality.


        • 4 categories of templates with numerous options available.
        • Provides an option to customize different types of resumes according to the job listing.
        • Smooth layout and clean interface.
        • Options to export as a document or share in a link format.

        3. Teal

        Teal’s AI resume builder stands out for its comprehensive feedback system, which not only suggests improvements but also explains how changes can impact your resume’s effectiveness. This free AI resume builder is designed with a focus on career growth, making it an excellent tool for authors and writers looking to showcase their career narratives in a compelling way.


        • Sign-up is required to use this resume AI builder for free.
        • Helps you keep track of your progress based on your career goals with the help of a job tracker.
        • Includes an AI cover letter generator.
        • Only 4 options of templates are available.

        4. Enhancv

        Enhancv’s best AI resume builder focuses on creating resumes that highlight your achievements and personal brand. This resume AI builder’s unique feature allows you to include ‘personal sections’ like hobbies or volunteer work, making your resume stand out with a more holistic view of your professional persona.


        • Sign-up is not required to use this AI-powered resume builder but to download the created resume, one needs to sign-up.
        • Easily customizable template options.
        • AI assistance is available to improve your resume, making Enhancv one of the best resume builder AI.
        • ATS check for the resume is also provided to make sure you understand what more is required in it.

        5. Kickresume

        Kickresume AI-powered resume builder combines AI technology with beautiful design, offering users over 1,000 templates to choose from. Its AI writer assists in generating tailored content that speaks to your achievements and skills. This AI-based resume builder platform is particularly useful for creative professionals looking to add a personal touch to their resumes.


        • Sign-up is required to use this free AI resume builder.
        • If opted-in, this platform also sends personalized job offers to the users.
        • A free AI resume analysis score can be viewed for insights.
        • Only personal information and work experience sections can be customized in this AI resume builder and a premium subscription is required for working on further sections.

        6. Rezi

        Rezi specializes in creating ATS-optimized resumes, ensuring your application gets seen by human recruiters. Its AI-powered resume builder system provides real-time feedback on your resume’s layout and content, significantly increasing your chances of landing an interview. Ideal for job seekers in highly competitive fields.


        • Sign-up is required to use this free AI resume builder.
        • It’s an AI-based resume builder that uses AI to create a customized resume template according to your job application.
        • Has an AI Interview tool for practicing job interview questions using AI technology.
        • Provides a sample resume library with vast kinds of resumes made for different job titles and roles making it rank in the list of best AI resume builders.

        7. offers a unique proposition with an emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. Its AI-driven interface guides you through creating a resume that’s both concise and impactful, focusing on the essentials that recruiters look for. This open AI resume builder is a great option for those who prefer a no-frills approach to resume writing.


        • No sign-up is required to use this free resume builder AI.
        • Provides an option of creating a resume in your desired language from the list of languages.
        • Easily usable templates and interface.
        • You can also write a cover letter here, making this platform one of the best resume AI builders. 

        8. Wonsulting AI

        Wonsulting’s ResumAI tool is designed to democratize the job application process, providing personalized suggestions based on successful resumes from your desired industry. This insight is invaluable for authors and writers aiming to enter new markets or pivot in their careers.


        • Sign-up is required to use this free resume builder AI.
        • No options for templates are available.
        • Provides a resume score for better understanding.
        • Quickly accessible cover letter and interview preparation AI tools are provided.

        9. ResumA.I.

        ResumA.I. stands out for its focus on leveraging AI to mimic the hiring manager’s perspective, offering insights into how your resume might be perceived. This perspective helps refine your resume to meet the expectations of potential employers, making it a powerful and one of the best AI resume-builder tools for job seekers.


        • Sign-up is required to use this free resume builder AI.
        • Provides a sample resume library with vast kinds of resumes made for different job titles and roles making it rank in the list of best AI resume builders.
        • Only 4 options of templates are available.
        • Includes an AI cover letter generator.

        10. Skillroads

        Skillroads offers a comprehensive AI resume builder that not only assists in creating your resume but also provides a cover letter builder and job application advice. Its holistic approach to the job search process makes it a valuable resource for those looking to make a significant impact with their application.


        • Sign-up is required to use this free AI resume builder.
        • Provides an option for AI resume review.
        • Slower loading speed and functionality compared to other AI resume builders.
        • This platform provides other career services apart from the AI resume builder.

        In the quest for the perfect job, an impressive resume is your first step toward success. These AI-powered tools ensure your resume stands out, not just as a list of achievements, but as a testament to your unique professional journey. 

        As experts in editing and proofreading services, we have listed the best AI resume builders, particularly those tailored for free use, to empower you to present your career stories compellingly and effectively!

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