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        Top 10 Editing & Proofreading Services of 2024

        • calenderDec 14, 2023
        • calender 6 min read

        Crafting perfect documents takes more than just words- you need the secret sauce of editing and proofreading. In this article, we’ve explained the top 10 proofreading and editing services of 2024 in detail. With this, we’ve included the advantages and turnaround time of every service. 

        We’ve also mentioned the pricing to help you decide the best service for your document. Whether you’re a researcher, student, job seeker, or business professional, these services will bring you closer to success. So, without any delay, let’s begin! 

        Here are the top 10 proofreading and editing services of 2024:  

        #1 PaperTrue

        PaperTrue is an online proofreading and editing service that works with clients worldwide. Their expert native English-speaking proofreaders and editors ensure efficient and timely results. If you’re looking for more substantial levels of editing, their editors are also dependable.  

        PaperTrue also provides peripheral services depending on the client’s needs. For academic documents, they provide formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checks along with their main services. PaperTrue has also become a reliable ally for aspiring writers, for whom they offer self-publishing services that include typesetting, cover design, copyright page development, acquiring ISBNs, and assisting writers with marketing their content. 

        You can go through their website and contact their customer support to learn more about PaperTrue’s services. To see PaperTrue’s editors in action, visit the company website for a free sample. 

        Pricing: A document of 1000 words will cost you around $44 for a turnaround period of 24 hours.

        Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week 


        • Trustpilot- 4.7/5 
        • Google- 4.8/5 
        • Sitejabber- 4.5/ 5

        #2 Scribbr

        Scribbr is one of the most well-known companies in the industry — and for good reason. They provide academic editing services to students and researchers from all around the world, not only helping them enhance language, syntax, and formatting, but also improving larger aspects of academic writing like tone, style, and argumentation. 

        They edit theses, dissertations, and essays along with checking the references in the document. Every document goes through a rigorous process of refining language (grammar, punctuation, structure, spelling, etc.), and academic writing style, followed by extensive feedback. 

        Scribbr may not cover many bases, but they’re certainly excellent at what they do! 

        Pricing: Their prices start from $47 for a 1000-word document.

        Average turnaround time: 24 hours to 1 week 


        • Trustpilot- 4.6/5

        #3 Scribendi 

        In the 24 years since Scribendi’s inception, they have expanded their proofreading and editing services to academics, students, authors, and corporations. Their services are fast and affordable, and you can get your work reviewed in as little as 4 hours (at a cost, though, literally).

        Based in Canada and working worldwide, their services also include website editing, resume editing, and dissertation editing. Their paper editors are native English speakers and (collectively) have expertise in several fields across academia and industry. They also provide comments and a summary of the work done, along with any major concerns. 

        On their website, you can find all the details about what services they offer to each kind of client and how they are customized. 

        Pricing: Their price is $43.77 for a 1000-word academic document for a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        Average turnaround time: 4 hours to 1 week


        • Trustpilot- 4.5/5 

        #4 Enago

        Enago is well-known for its expert research paper editing services. Over the last 15 years, they have worked with researchers from over 125 countries and have consistently collaborated with leading academic publishers and universities. 

        They enhance the style, consistency, content flow, and grammar to improve the overall quality of your research paper. Along with editing, they also provide additional services like journal selection, literature search, formatting, and pre-submission peer review. 

        Their editors are subject matter experts and native English speakers from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Enago has established itself as a reputable company in helping students and researchers translate their works into English. With offices set up in various regions around the world, their editors are also equipped to be sensitive to linguistic issues faced by local researchers. 

        Pricing: Their price is $173 for substantive editing of a 1000-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        Average turnaround time: 24 hours to 6 days


        • Trustpilot- 4.1/5 

        #5 Editage

        Editage is one of the best editing and academic proofreading services. Their specialization is reviewing dissertations, scientific manuscripts, articles, and papers. 

        Editage has a two-step process, where two native editors edit your paper after which a native reviewer ensures all quality guidelines are met. They also offer additional services such as checking for plagiarism, creating a cover letter, and preparing a scientific review report. 

        Editage is an excellent choice, particularly for academics who aspire to publish in journals, since the company frequently works with researchers from around the world. Along with formatting the manuscript, they also help in registering on the journal website and uploading your manuscript. 

        Pricing: Editage’s prices start at $68 for advanced editing of a document of 1000 words with a turnaround time of 72 hours.

        Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 4 hours)


        • Trustpilot- 4.8/5 

        #6 Kibin

        Kibin is one of the top essay editing services that help students brainstorm and write better essays. Their website includes essay examples on diverse topics to aid students in overcoming writer’s block. Kibin also has a free Paper Grader where they evaluate your paper and give you detailed feedback. All you have to do is upload your document of which you are the sole author. 

        With this, they also have a Thesis Statement Generator. Depending on whether you are writing an argumentative essay, a compare and contrast essay, or any other type, they generate the thesis statement. They also offer creative editing for authors, professional editing for job seekers, and business editing. 

        Pricing: Their price to edit an essay of 1000 words in 24 hours is $50.

        Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 3 hours) 


        • Trustpilot- 3.8/5  

        #7 Wordvice

        Since 2013, Wordvice has collaborated with academic and research institutions to edit and proofread academic papers across various fields. Their vision is to enhance their clients’ academic, research, and business endeavors with three priorities: high quality, affordable prices, and punctual delivery. 

        Their services include journal article editing, dissertation editing, thesis editing, personal statement editing, and research paper editing. They also offer citation tools such as a plagiarism checker, APA Citation Generator, MLA Citation Generator, Chicago Citation Generator, etc. 

        They operate in six countries: The United States, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. 

        Pricing: A document of 1000 words will cost you around $88 for a turnaround period of 24 hours. 

        Average turnaround time: 9 hours to 1 week 


        • Trustpilot- 4.6/5 

        #8 Proofed

        Proofed is one of the “fast, affordable, effective” professional proofreading services available 24/7. It’s a reliable service for students, given that they help with referencing academic documents in addition to technical accuracy. They provide editing, proofreading, and formatting services for all document types, including dissertations, theses, book manuscripts, and business material. 

        While their services don’t stand out, what works in their favor is a clean, user-friendly website that clearly explains their service offerings. They have a well-organized editing process; each user can create an account and has direct contact with their editor through the dashboard. 

        If your document has 8000 words or less, they can review and return it within 24 hours. So if you’re strapped for time, Proofed is one of the top professional proofreading services for you. 

        You can upload a document on their website to see how they work. 

        Pricing: Getting a document of 1000 words edited by them will cost you around $30.

        Average turnaround time: It varies by word count, but you can expect shorter documents to be reviewed within 24 hours. 


        • Trustpilot- 4.6/5 

        #9 ProofreadingPal 

        ProofreadingPal is a highly efficient service that edits theses, dissertations, resumes, dissertations, books, and dissertations. Two editors check the document for grammatical, spelling, and word choice errors. After this, editors enhance the document to ensure clarity, and coherence and improve readability. They also provide suggestions for further improvement. 

        They offer services 24/7 and have fast turnaround times. They also give customers the option to try their online editing and proofreading service for free. You can submit a 400-word document as a free sample and get the edited document in 3-6 hours. 

        Average turnaround time: 30 minutes to 7 days 

        Pricing: Their price to edit a 1000-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours is $44. 


        • Trustpilot- 4.6/5

        #10 Proofreading Services

        Established by Luke Palder, Proofreading Services helps authors, students, job seekers, and business professionals enhance their documents. They also won an award in 2021 for the best document editing and translation service provider. Their academic editors review the document’s grammar, formatting, and word choices, thoroughly proofreading all errors. 

        They also ensure confidentiality and make it easy for users to track any changes in their documents. With this, they provide a free English editing certificate if required. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their online proofreading services.  

        Pricing: It costs $37.96 to edit a 1000-word academic document with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

        Average turnaround time: 6 hours to 1 week 

        Now that you know the top 10 editing and proofreading services, you can select the best one for your document. As a trusted brand offering these services, we’d love to help you perfect your document. We can also assist you in self-publishing your work. 

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        Rishi Linkedin

        Rishi was a zealous student at IIT Bombay when he realized, firsthand, the power of good language in effective communication. As part of this belief, after a brief stint in a hedge fund, he co-founded PaperTrue in 2014.

        6 comments on “Top 10 Editing & Proofreading Services of 2024

        1. David says:

          You’ve written pretty useful information about editing services in this article, thanks!

        2. James Fawn says:

          The blog is helpful to me. Thank you for the list.

        3. Zhao Meng says:

          Gave me all the information I needed about these editing and proofreading services. Helps me decide the best service of the bunch! Thanks a lot for this article

        4. Chung Lee says:

          i wrote this article (book) in Korean originally titled “Faith and life what i know” and translated in English myself with translation program. So it wood need English proofreading services. i am an 86 old man cannot speak English well and have hearing program. So i can make conversation on email only. i cannot make any conversation on the phone.
          Now i like to know a few things of your services. i want to hear from you. thank you

          • Prasanna Bachchhav says:

            Hi, Chung! Our representative will soon get in touch with you about our editing and proofreading services. We’d love to help you out and provide you with an impeccable manuscript!

        5. Layla Taylor says:

          You’ve written pretty useful information about editing services in this article, thanks!

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