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        Top 101 Bone-Chilling Horror Writing Prompts

        • calenderOct 31, 2023
        • calender 12 min read

        If you love writing scary stories, this article is for you! Dive in to discover the best 101  horror writing prompts for your next masterpiece. From creepy ghost story ideas to supernatural horror, we’ve covered everything for you. 

        For Halloween enthusiasts, we have also added a special section of horror story prompts. You can use these prompts for horror stories to craft suspenseful and engaging stories. So let’s get started! 

        Perfect your spine-chilling tale!

        Horror writing prompts 

        1) You are accused of beating a man but you have no memory of the incident. You start hearing voices in your head and realize that evil spirits have entered your body.

        2) A psychologist suggests a new therapy to a patient after which the patient starts getting scary nightmares.

        3) A man insults a circus clown after which the clown commits suicide. The clown’s ghost now haunts the man. 

        4) A hunter sees a blood-sucking vampire in Albanian forests and flees to save his life. 

        5) A volcano erupts near the Pacific Ocean and releases a wicked force living at the bottom of the volcano. 

        6) A girl finds an ancient key and unlocks a box, releasing 20 monsters who had been imprisoned for 500 years. 

        7) A mother purchases an ancient dollhouse with Chinese dolls for her daughter and realizes that the dolls are haunted by cursed spirits. 

        8) A strong current pulls a fisherman into the ocean’s deep waters. The fisherman sees a ship and manages to climb into it, only to realize that it is a phantom ship. 

        9) A boy is followed by the shadow of death everywhere, leading to death wherever he goes. 

        10) A gardener finds an ancient telephone while digging in the garden and accidentally contacts aliens using that telephone. 

        11) An explorer discovers a cave and sees a banshee living in the cave. The banshee traps him in the cave. 

        12) A child breaks a magical snow globe and hears screams. Suddenly there is heavy snowfall and hailstones begin falling hard from the sky. 

        13) A priest opens a locked room in a church and releases ghosts of dead scientists who want revenge. 

        14) A thick fog suddenly envelops a tiny village and a wicked witch who feeds on sorrow enters the village. She enchants dead bodies and makes them obey her commands. 

        15) A girl starts getting dreams of what will happen in her future. To her horror, every dream comes true and she must act before the dream of her death becomes reality. 

        16) A drunk man throws a stone in the dark and urinates near a tree where a zombie lives. The angry zombie tortures the man. 

        17) A poacher is haunted by the spirits of animals whose skin he has sold. 

        18) A woman takes a free lift from a man who is a demon in disguise. Attracted to her, the demon takes her to the land of demons. 

        19) A museum adds a new artifact to its collection without realizing that the object is cursed and belongs to an ancient tribe. Angry, the tribe performs black magic on all the museum’s employees who must face torture till the artifact is returned to its rightful owners. 

        20) A girl befriends a stranger on a train who hypnotizes her and she is forced to obey him. 

        Three ghosts are near a spooky castle on the outskirts of a forest.

        21) A librarian sees a young girl who was supposed to have died in 1913. The young girl asks for the librarian’s help to take revenge against a powerful man. When the librarian refuses, the angry girl unleashes horror into the librarian’s life. The librarian begins seeing blood on the walls and hears creaking sounds, scary footsteps, and a hand that reaches out to kill her. 

        22) A businessman doesn’t honor the promise he made to a poor man. He suddenly realizes that all the bad incidents that the poor man experienced are now happening to him. 

        23) One day, you wake up and begin to hear the thoughts of trees, plants, and animals, and echoes start haunting you wherever you go. 

        24) A government employee visits an orphanage for a survey and finds out how every child is controlled by a satanic cult. 

        25) A crazy and gifted musician creates an eerie tune that enchants and forces people to kill other people. 

        26) A group of friends is separated due to a landslide and finds themselves in parallel universes due to the mistake of an inexperienced sorcerer. 

        27) You enter an abandoned house and the door slams shut on its own. You realize that you are trapped in that house and see a strange yellow light. 

        28) You find a key to a magical land of history and a dragon follows you from the historical land to the earth. 

        29) An actress is kidnapped by a witch who wishes to manipulate her and control the world. 

        30) An investigator who tries to find out the truth behind a college student’s murder realizes that the boy invoked supernatural forces before dying. Now, the investigator must stop the supernatural forces from killing him and other humans. 

        31) A scientist discovers a door to the land of memories and accidentally damages the memory of his identity, forgetting everything he knows about himself. 

        32) A boy is cruel to a rat and other rats angry at his cruelty, drag him inside a big black hole. 

        33) A bed bug sucks the blood of a magical witch and starts growing larger. 

        34) A magician has the rare gift of bringing dead people in paintings to life. Chaos spreads after the magician brings Hitler to life by working magic on a painting. 

        35) A horrible black monster steps out of the Atlantic Ocean and begins eating everything it sees. 

        36) A teacher finds an old coat that belonged to a demon in the past. Every time he checks the coat pocket, he reads news of people dying. Hours after he reads the notes, the people mentioned in the notes die and blood spots keep appearing on the coat. 

        37) A beggar walking close to a forest finds a trail of notes and happily picks them up. Later, he realizes that the notes belonged to wedding guests who died in an accident. The ghosts of the wedding guests notice that he has picked up the notes and haunt him. 

        39) A sorceress trapped in an enchanted mirror manages to control a young girl who pulls her out of the mirror. 

        40) A team of psychic youths is hired to find and fight a ruthless demon who feeds on despair. They must make a terrible sacrifice to prevent the demon from knowing their darkest secrets. 

        41) A lady discovers an old well near the flat she is renting. She peeps to see what is inside the well and a half-human, half-animal hand grasps her neck. 

        42) A journalist arrives at her flat and finds a scary message written in red ink on her mirror. The message reads,”‘I’m coming for you!” and somebody has drawn a smiling face with red ink on the mirror. 

        43) An angel is given the task of saving the world from a deadly plague. An army of tiny demon bacteria fight the angel and try to force him to go back. 

        44) A man desperately tries to remove his car which is stuck in a swamp. Suddenly, he sees a muddy, ugly, hairy creature raise its head from the swamp. 

        45) A camper suddenly sees a little girl sleepwalking with an evil smile on her face and blue sparks flying from her hands. 

        47) Imagine that Pandora has a human heir called Nymphadora who opens a box she discovers. Tiny creatures that have feelers like needles step out of the box and make an attempt to stop time and the wheel of destiny. 

        48) You wake up and discover that you are 40 years old whereas the day before, you were just 19. 

        49) A couple who are hiking enter a village where no one speaks and everyone has pale yellow eyes. 

        50) A traveler accepts a drink from a tribal and after drinking it, falls into a deep sleep. The next day he realizes that he is in a large cage with animals and the tribals are dancing around the cage. 

        51) You’re attending a masquerade party in a snowy area where everyone is dressed as animals You see a large, hairy, ape-like animal and recognize that it’s a real Yeti. The Yeti, realizing that you know his true identity wants to kill you. 

        52) A wicked group of vampires land on Earth with a mission to kill all humans and settle on Earth. They enter your house and want to kill you and your family. 

        53) A couple has rented a room in a palace to spend the night. While using the elevator, the elevator suddenly stops midway, the light starts flickering and the couple hears screams. 

        54) An archaeologist discovers a document about cursed gold and becomes obsessed with finding the gold. His quest leads him to the cave where a wicked witch lives. 

        55) You discover an ancient diary that contains strange incantations. When you read them aloud, Satan appears. 

        56) An evil spirit enters a city and all dogs start barking without stopping. A dark shadow gradually dims all lights in the city. 

        57) An injured man finds an old, abandoned clinic and enters the clinic, hoping for treatment. He is confronted by a zombie who has made the clinic its home. 

        58) A boy presses a magical button that makes him travel in time. Unfortunately, he chooses the wrong time portal and lands in an insane asylum. 

        59) You see the face of a werewolf at your window’s glass. The werewolf breaks the glass and you have a few seconds to escape. 

        60) A boy finds a strange red device with a black button in the mud. The boy presses the button upon which, the people who are alive die immediately and dead people start coming to life. 

        Continue reading to get inspired by our special section of scary story prompts. Browse exciting prompts for horror stories from various genres like dark fantasy, psychological horror, and more! 

        Scary story prompts 

        61) Strange things happen to a teenager after he performed planchette with a group of friends for fun. His car stops working, the bus he travels from gets punctured and he is unable to return home. 

        62) A scientist invents a potion to restore his youth. However, he makes a mistake while adding an ingredient to the potion. Hence, when he drinks the potion, his skin grows deformed, with white patches and thick fur. 

        63) A horse rider discovers bones in an old stable. When he tries to burn the bones, the bones surprisingly do not burn. Instead, a thick white fog suddenly envelops the stable, and evil spirits emerge from the bones. 

        64) A sorcerer blurs the difference between dreams and reality. You can’t understand whether you are in a dream or what is happening is real. 

        65) A woman opens the door and finds a woman claiming to be her aunt. She also shows photographs as proof and the woman allows her ‘aunt’ to enter the house. The aunt then gives the woman a strong potion, drinking and the woman falls into a deep sleep. When the woman wakes up, she realizes that she is in the netherworld and sees beings with no light in their eyes. 

         A scary airborne doll is staring eerily.

        66) An alpine skier has a terrible fall from a mountain. A group of nomads see her and forcibly take her to an old temple. They slit her leg with a knife and perform a strange ritual. 

        67) The last living witch on earth brings a puppet to life. The puppet sucks out all the magic out of the witch and becomes stronger. It uses its power to block the sunlight and kills humans in the dark as a sport. 

        68) A researcher finds out about a rare tribe that can make themselves invisible and travel with lightning speed. While trying to find the tribe’s descendants, she suddenly is face to face with their guardian who tries to kill her. 

        69) You enter a house where a psychic man has been staying in secret. When you confront the man, he uses his mind power to enchant all metallic objects, make them airborne, and position them to attack you. 

        70) You come across a rare animal that can change its shape at will. To your horror, it suddenly changes its shape to look like you and tries to kill you. 

        71) A boy returns to his remote village after a long time and realizes that all villagers are hypnotized and have black marks on their hands. 

        72) A lady never invites guests to her house and rarely ventures out of her house. A detective realizes that the lady’s life is manipulated by a cat who is a witch in disguise. The detective must save himself and the lady from the wicked cat. 

        73) A man finds tapes that his girlfriend gave him before she died. He hears an eerie screeching sound in the background when he plays the tapes. To his horror, he hears the same screeching sound and scary footsteps after he stops playing the tapes. 

        74) A student finds a hit list of people who will soon be killed. The list was created by a demon in disguise. The demon kidnaps the student to prevent him from telling anyone the truth. 

        75) A girl hires a tutor to learn Japanese. One day, she realizes that her Japanese teacher transforms into a werewolf every full moon. 

        76) A journalist finds out about a mysterious spaceship that landed on earth. Suddenly, he has terrible accidents and an invisible force tries to kill him. 

        77) A 12-year-old child sees a mysterious violet light streak across the sky. Whenever the light shines, somebody dies. 

        78) An intruder touches an electric fence and is jolted by a strong current. Before his eyes close, he sees an ugly ghoul looking at him. 

        79) A historian finds out about a rare voodoo practitioner who is the last of an ancient, mystic tribe. He arrives at the voodoo practitioner’s hut only to find the place ransacked and the voodoo practitioner gone. He suddenly sees ghosts floating in the air and hears a grandfather clock laugh menacingly. 

        80) You meet a strange old man who can read your thoughts and easily manipulate everyone around you. 

        Now let’s see some scary story writing prompts about Halloween! 

        Halloween horror prompts 

        81) Vampires gatecrash a Halloween party and terrified guests are unable to escape. 

        82) A group of friends decided to have a scavenger hunt on Halloween. Suddenly, all the friends disappear one by one. 

        83) A giant wakes up from a deep sleep on Halloween and stamps his foot in rage. This leads to an earthquake and all guests at the Halloween party are in danger. 

        84) You realize that all the incidents you read from a scary Halloween story are happening in real life. 

        85) You hear an eerie tune on Halloween night and wake up in fright. Suddenly, you see the face of a big black bear outside your window. 

        86) You accept a dare to visit a haunted house on Halloween. Suddenly, you hear screams and utensils falling in the haunted house. 

        87) A family decides to punish their extremely naughty son and not celebrate Halloween. On Halloween night, the parents leave home due to an emergency, leaving their naughty son alone at home. 

        88) A group of friends decide to sleep at a graveyard for fun on Halloween. Suddenly, they see ghosts emerging from the tombstones. 

        89) A tailor who makes costumes for Halloween is kidnapped by witches who want to have their own Halloween party. 

        90) Write a short story on Halloween using the words phantom, nightmare, banshee, and voodoo. 

        An angry zombie is preparing to attack a man.

        91) A crazy scientist challenges a colleague on Halloween to drink a potion that he has created for an experiment. The colleague drinks the potion and starts shrinking. 

        92) A witch enchants the pumpkins that will be carved for Halloween. When guests try to carve the pumpkins, blood starts oozing from the pumpkins. 

        93) A boy befriends an alien who wants to celebrate Halloween. When the alien arrives at the Halloween horror costume party, it gets scared and starts attacking everyone. 

        94) A girl insults a tarot reader who makes a terrible prediction about her on Halloween. She continuously experiences bad luck, has an accident, and wakes up in the hospital. She realizes that she has forgotten her identity. 

        95) A man befriends a she-banshee on Halloween who grows extremely possessive about the man. Whenever anyone touches the man, the banshee kills him. 

        96) A serial killer enters a Halloween party and his next target is you. 

        97) A group of friends enter a horror maze to celebrate Halloween and are trapped inside the maze. Suddenly, they are confronted by a real ghost who grins wickedly at them. 

        98) A ghost in your house attracts the presence of animals on Halloween. All animals begin entering your house and you are forced to leave your house. 

        99) You are a part of a ghost-buster team. You are given the secret task of capturing a dangerous ghost from a Halloween party. The dangerous ghost recognizes you, tries to kill you, and gets very violent. 

        100) You meet a stranger at a costume party at a neighbor’s house for Halloween. Suddenly, the stranger touches you and whispers strange words in an unknown language. You are transported to an eerie land of spirits, ghouls, trolls, banshees, and zombies. 

        101) You are hiking with a group of friends on Halloween. You see a black castle floating in the air. A ladder on the ground is positioned, leading to the door of the castle. You and your friend climb the castle and the door slams shut. A wicked dwarf who is the castle’s caretaker tells you that you are trapped forever. 

        We hope these horror story prompts inspire you to write your next masterpiece. Once you complete working on your scary writing prompts, the next step is to edit your stories. As providers of editing and proofreading services, we’d love to enhance your horror novel! 

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