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        80 Enchanting Christmas Writing Prompts for Your Next Story

        • calenderDec 01, 2023
        • calender 11 min read

        Celebrate this festive season with 80 phenomenal Christmas writing prompts! Whether you wish to write about love, family, magic, hope, or dreams, we’ve got the perfect prompt for you. We’ve included a unique mix of funny, thought-provoking, and serious prompts to stimulate your imagination. 

        These December writing prompts will shake off writer’s block and make you eager to pen your story. We’ve also added a special section of Christmas writing prompts for kids. So without wasting time, let’s browse through these prompts! 

        Take your holiday story to the next level!

        Christmas writing prompts for adults 

        1) Write about how a refugee staying in Paris finds the Christmas spirit. 

        2) A flight is forced to land in Vietnam during Christmas. An old man is determined to spread Christmas cheer and make the passengers happy. What does he do? 

        3) A girl who works at a Christmas store is unfairly removed from her job. Describe how she finds her Christmas spirit. 

        4) What unique tradition would you like to create for your family on Christmas? Explain in detail. 

        5) Describe how the arrival of a guest at Christmas changed your life. 

        6) A kid performs a random act of kindness on Christmas which creates a huge impact. 

        7) A woman traveling by train at Christmas meets a childhood friend who tells her a shocking secret. 

        8) Write a letter to your best friend on Christmas, telling how much he/she means to you. 

        9) A nurse working in the hospital on Christmas gets a big surprise. 

        10) A scientist receives an anonymous gift from an admirer on Christmas and an invitation to meet. 

        11) A 12-year-old child finds an elf hidden in his garden. The elf takes the boy to the North Pole and they have an exciting adventure. 

        12) Write a poem about a romantic Christmas you spent with your partner. 

        13) Describe a memorable Christmas dance at a party and why was it special. 

        14) Write about a surprising miracle that happened on Christmas day. 

        15) Recount a Christmas movie you watched that changed your life. 

        16) Write about a unique experience where people from different cultures celebrate Christmas together. 

        17) Relate a memorable experience where someone fulfilled a promise they made on Christmas. 

        18) Imagine how Christmas would take place in 2034 and pen your thoughts about how technology could change Christmas. 

        19) Recount a Christmas when you were alone, away from family. What did you do to make your Christmas special? 

        If you want to develop a habit of writing consistently in a journal, we are here to help! Here are some effective holiday writing prompts for your next journal entry: 

        Christmas journal prompts 

        20) Reflect on an important lesson Christmas has taught you about life and write about it. 

        21) Write about your dream Christmas vacation. 

        22) Recount a special Christmas gift you received and why was it memorable for you. 

        23) Name your favorite Christmas movie and describe why you love the movie. 

        24) Describe a wonderful Christmas-themed project/artwork you worked on. 

        25) Write about the music and songs you like to hear at Christmas. 

        26) Narrate an experience where you received a strange gift at the Secret Santa gift exchange. 

        27) Describe your favorite Christmas food, why is it special, and the best memories related to the food. 

        28) Write about how you celebrated Christmas with your pet. 

        29) Narrate your experience about a memorable office Christmas party you went to and what happened. 

        For writers who want more December writing prompts, we’ve included a special section. Discover exciting Christmas story writing prompts about mystery, adventure, family, and more! 

        Christmas story prompts 

        30) Pen a story about how a prince and princess trapped escape from the clutches of a witch on Christmas. Narrate what they do to return to their native land. 

        31) Compose a story about how a stranger convinces a family to celebrate Christmas. The family has not celebrated Christmas for five years. 

        32) An elf has to rub fly paint on Santa’s reindeer to make them fly. He drops the fly paint and the fly paint falls on the floor. Now the reindeer cannot fly. What happens next? 

        33) You open the door of a shed that is unused for years on Christmas. The shed leads to a magical world where all toys can talk. 

        34) Craft a story about a songwriter who writes a modern-day Christmas Carol, reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas. 

        35) Narrate a story about a girl who visits her ancestral home in Scotland at Christmas and finds true love. 

        One of the best Christmas writing prompts, the image shows a girl with her love in Scotland.

        36) Tell the tale of how a teenager finds a mysterious map of a hidden treasure on Christmas. 

        37) A 15-year-old boy discovers a land of magical Christmas ornaments and gifts. He then gets trapped in the land. What does he do? 

        38) Write a story about how a swimmer saves an injured dolphin on Christmas. 

        39) An artist takes a solo trip to Venice for Christmas and rediscovers her lost creativity. 

        40) A chef participates in a cooking competition at Christmas. He must create an unconventional cake using modern cooking techniques. 

        41) A group of elderly people decides to organize a charity event at Christmas to save an orphanage from closing. Will they succeed? 

        42) A vet volunteers at an animal shelter on Christmas Eve and falls in love with another volunteer. 

        43) A witch disguises herself and visits Earth to celebrate Christmas and gatecrashes a party. What happens next? 

        44) An old teacher wishes he was younger by throwing a coin in a magical fountain before Christmas. He wakes up on Christmas day and realizes that he is 20 years old once again. 

        45) Write a story about how a soldier defending his country’s border celebrates Christmas. 

        46) Narrate how a standup comedian who received bad publicity makes an amazing comeback on Christmas Eve. 

        47) Describe how a girl takes one step closer to her dream of performing in the Olympics on Christmas day. 

        48) A boy runs away from his foster parents, galloping on his horse Starlight on Christmas Eve. 

        49) Pen a story about a grandfather who reconnects with his grandson on Christmas day and fulfills exciting wishes on his bucket list. 

        Christmas writing prompts for kids 

        50) Imagine that you created a snowman on Christmas that suddenly became powerful. What powers did the snowman have? How did the snowman use those powers? 

        The image shows one of the Christmas writing prompts, displaying a snowman flying in the air.

        51) Write a story about how a talking baby rabbit finds a home on Christmas and a loving friend. 

        52) Write a poem on what you love about Christmas. 

        53) You discover a monkey in your shed on Christmas and decide to take care of it. Explain what happens later. 

        54) Imagine you are a Santa helper who is given the task of packing all gifts for Christmas. You realize that there are fewer gifts for children. What do you do? 

        55) Describe the most special gift you gave someone for Christmas. 

        56) Imagine you are given Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. Where would you go? What would you do? 

        57) Write a dialogue between Santa and his helper about a special surprise to make Christmas more special. 

        58) Write a story about how Tom (the cat) and Jerry (the mouse) spent Christmas. 

        59) You want to host a party at Christmas. What games will you play? What food would you order? How would you decorate the house? Write all the details. 

        60) You find a blue wishing feather on Christmas and realize that it makes your wishes come true. What do you wish for? 

        61) You realize that a teddy bear you received on Christmas can talk and do magic.

        62) You find a package in the snow on Christmas and unwrap it. You see a beautiful and expensive toy train. What do you do? 

        63) Someone has locked you in a room full of Christmas gifts by mistake. 

        64) You get the chance to decorate a Christmas tree. How will you decorate the tree? Explain in detail. 

        65) Imagine you met Santa Clause when he was secretly keeping your gift. What would you ask him? 

        66) You get a chance to meet your favorite cartoon character at Christmas. Describe how you spent the whole day with the cartoon character. 

        67) You find a homeless man on Christmas who looks hungry. What do you do? 

        68) Express how you spent a day playing with your friends in the snow during the Christmas holidays. 

        69) An uncle gifts you a pet parrot as a gift on Christmas. The parrot is intelligent and can talk. Describe how what the parrot said made everybody laugh. 

        Now let us see some fun Christmas creative writing prompts! These writing prompts for December include ideas related to fantasy, horror, childhood, snow, and, more. 

        Fun Christmas writing prompts 

        70) Write a story about a group of puppets coming to life on Christmas Eve. 

        71) Describe how fairies and elves celebrate Christmas together in Fairyland. 

        72) A tourist visits a haunted house on Christmas and discovers a ghost. 

        73) On Christmas Eve, A wizard gifts a boy a magical table that produces whatever food you ask it to. 

        74) Compose a poem about your favorite childhood memory of Christmas. 

        75) A clumsy and amateur wizard becomes a hero and saves everyone on Christmas. 

        76) A girl discovers the true identity of a spy on Christmas. The spy must do everything to prevent the girl from revealing her identity. 

        77) An angel visits an old man staying alone at home and makes his Christmas memorable. 

        78) Write a story about a unique snowman-making competition where the person who makes the best snowman gets a special prize. 

        79) A woman discovers exquisite handmade Christmas gifts in her attic. She realizes that every gift is worth thousands of dollars. What does she do? 

        80) A cynical journalist visits North Carolina to write an exciting story about a famous legend. He finds his lost Christmas spirit and discovers a shocking truth. 

        We hope these holiday writing prompts for Christmas help you craft the perfect story. After you’re done with writing, the next step is editing. As experts in editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you perfect your story!

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