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        Top 10 Book Editing Software in 2024 (Free & Paid)

        • calenderMar 18, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to self-edit your book using the best software? Discover all the features of the top free and paid book editing software! We’ve also included the costs of the paid software. 

        Many book editing software also will help to perfectly format your book. Whether you want to edit your book, organize it in chapters, or convert it into an EPUB, we’ve got you covered. So without wasting time, let’s explore these book editing tools! 

        Polish your book’s first draft with specialized editing services!

        1. ProWritingAid 

        ProWritingAid is one of the most popular AI book editing software. Using this software, you can rectify your book’s grammatical errors and improve word choice. It also gives custom suggestions to enhance the plot, characters, and setting of the story

        It also provides show, don’t tell suggestions to help you create an engaging, fictional world. This AI book editor also helps to add sensory details to improve your novel’s pacing. 

        Price: It has both, a free and a paid version. The paid version cost starts from $10 per month. 

        2. Scrivener 

        Scrivener is one of the best book editing software. It gives you the option to edit the order of the chapters and scenes in the story. With this, Scrivener also can help you save any Rewrite (editing) notes in one place. By accessing these notes, you can easily edit your book. 

        Scrivener also provides a feature to track the word count and the word frequency. You can use their ‘Text Statistics’ option to check if you’ve overused any words and replace them. 

        Price: It costs $59.99 to buy this professional book editing software. 

        3. Autocrit 

        Autocrit is an online book editing software editing that highlights any unnecessary, repetitive words. It also includes an advanced spelling and grammar checker. With this, Autocrit identifies uninteresting adverbs and gives suggestions to enhance word choice. 

        The paid version also includes a summary report and 30+ interactive editing tools. It also consists of advanced reports to enhance the story’s dialogue, writing, and pacing. 

        Price: Autocrit has both, a free and a paid version. The monthly plan costs $30 per month and the yearly plan costs $15 per month. 

        4. Fictionary 

        Fictionary’s professional book editing software evaluates your book’s story structure, pacing, plot, and conflict. Using its Story Map feature, you can identify any lack of tension, conflict, problems in content flow, and other issues. 

        It creates a step-by-step editing journey for your book, allowing you to streamline book editing. Using Fictionary’s paid packages, you can edit 3-10 manuscripts at a time. Fictionary also gives the option to track any document changes. 

        Price: Fictionary’s story editing software costs $19 per month. 

        5. Hemingway Editor 

        Authors can use Hemingway Editor to make their writing more concise and engaging. It identifies long and complex sentences in the text. With this, Hemingway Editor points out phrases that have simpler alternatives. 

        It highlights sentences with passive voice and gives suggestions to change them. If there are any weak adverbs, it also gives word choice suggestions to enhance the text.  It also works as an AI book editing software. You can also use Hemingway’s ‘Fix Writing with AI’ to rephrase your content better. 

        Bonus! This AI book editor also enhances the text’s tone, length, and writing style.

        Price: Hemingway Editor offers a 14-day free trial. After this, you’ll need to upgrade to its paid plan which starts from $10 per month. 

        6. SmartEdit 

        SmartEdit is a reliable online book editing software. You can use it in Word by installing its Microsoft Word Add-In. If you don’t have Word, you can use their free app SmartEdit Writer. 

        It identifies overused words, cliches, misused words, unusual dialogue tags, misnamed pronouns, punctuation errors, and long sentences. SmartEdit runs 25 checks on your document to highlight these and other issues. 

        Price: SmartEdit offers two packages of services. While SmartEdit for Word costs $77, the SmartEdit Pro version costs $139. 

        7. Grammarly 

        Used globally by authors and students, Grammarly is one of the best free book editing software. It highlights any spelling and word choice errors and gives suggestions to rephrase your content. Grammarly also identifies passive voice usage, and complex sentences in your content. 

        Using Grammarly, you can also determine the tone of your writing (Formal, Friendly, Optimistic). It also gives suggestions to correct any incorrect capitalization and punctuation errors. If you’ve used any repetitive words, Grammarly gives you alternate synonyms for those words. 

        Price: Grammarly has both, a free and a paid version. The premium version costs $12 per month. 

        8. Reedsy Book Editor 

        Reedsy Book Editor is one of the top book editing tools. Using the Reedsy Book Editor, you can edit your book structure and split chapters. Reedsy’s book editor also offers collaborative editing. It also has a spell-check feature to correct any spelling errors. This is a free editing tool. 

        With this, Reedsy’s Book Editor also gives book formatting options to adjust line spacing and ensure proper alignment. It also removes any unnecessary line breaks and double spaces to format your book. 

        Price: Reedsy Book Editor is a free online book editing software. 

        9. Google Docs 

        Google Docs is one of the best free book editing software using which you can check your book’s spelling and grammar. It also has a dictionary to find definitions or synonyms of any word. With this, Google Docs also provides word count statistics and an option to review suggested edits. 

        Using Google Docs, you can also format your book’s line spacing, add headings, and organize your book chapters. You can also add headers, footers, and page numbers to your book. Google Docs also allows you to track changes. 

        Price: This is a free online book editing software. 

        10. Microsoft Word 

        Microsoft Word is a globally used software for writing and editing documents. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface for editing. Using Word, you can check your document’s spelling and grammar. Word also has a thesaurus and an option to read aloud the text. This can help you identify any errors. 

        With this, Word also allows you to track changes and compare two versions of the same document. Using Word, you can also add headings, headers, footers, and page numbers and format your book (alignment, line spacing, font size, etc). 

        Price: This is a free book editing software 

        Now that you know the best book editing software, you can choose the perfect one. However, we’ll be honest: These book editing software might not provide in-depth editing and feedback like a human editor. 

        At PaperTrue, we offer expert editing and proofreading services for your book. With this, we can also help you create a book cover design and format your book. 

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