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        Top 10 Screenplay & Scriptwriting Software (Free & Paid)

        • calenderMay 29, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Writing a screenplay or script requires not only creativity but also the right tools to bring your story to life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 scriptwriting and screenwriting software and their features. 

        We’ve included the pros and cons of both, paid screenplay software and the best free scriptwriting software. These screenwriting and scriptwriting software simplify your writing process and help you create scripts that stand out. So without further delay, let’s begin! 

        Optimize your script or screenplay with high-quality editing!

        1. Final Draft

        One of the best screenwriting software, Final Draft helps you organize and format your writing. It provides you a 30-day free trial after which you’ve to buy the paid version. 


        • A Beat board that helps you arrange your screenplay acts or scripts into customizable, visual cards. 
        • Final Draft software has 40+ templates to choose from for writing your screenplay or script. 
        • An Outline Editor to create a specific outline and structure for your screenplay acts or scripts. 


        • Final Draft’s paid version is more expensive as compared to other free scriptwriting and screenplay writing software. 
        • Those who have used simpler writing apps can face difficulty understanding the Final Draft software’s functionalities. 
        • It doesn’t have the functionality to convert the Final Draft script into an MS Word document. 

        Price: The starting price is $99.99. 

        2. Celtx

        Celtx’s professional screenplay and scriptwriting software helps you in writing and formatting as per industry standards. This tool has a feature to create call sheets, shot lists, sides, and track screenplay revisions. 


        • It also has the option to invite others to read, collaborate, and edit the screenplay
        • Detailed script insights about dialogue distribution, setting distribution, action vs. dialogue, and interior vs. exterior in the screenplay. 
        • Options to set script goals, play any line (text-speech playback), and add a watermark to secure your content. 


        • It uses a subscription-based model where users need to pay a specific amount per month. This might be unappealing for users who prefer to purchase the software and make a one-time payment. 
        • Additional options like pre-production features can make it overwhelming for writers who just want a simple interface to write. 
        • Screenwriters opting for the basic Writer version for $14.99 per month can only complete 3 projects using Celtx. 

        Price: Celtx offers the following 3 packages: Writer ($14.99 per month), Writer Pro ($24.99 per month), and Team ($59.95) per month. 

        3. WriterDuet 

        WriterDuet is a screenplay writing and scriptwriting software that is used by more than 1 million screenwriters worldwide. There are no page limit restrictions for using this tool. 


        • WriterDuet provides easy-to-use templates, the option to import and export files, and customized formatting. 
        • It is one of the best scriptwriting software for collaborative writing. It enables two or more writers to write simultaneously or separately and communicate via text or video chat. 
        • This screenplay writing software gives writers an individual line history, making it easy to track changes and revisions. 


        • Using the free version, you can only complete 3 projects. 
        • Options to collaborate with other writers, dialogue, and character filters are not included in the free plan. 
        • It has fewer templates as compared to scriptwriting and screenwriting software like Final Draft. 

        Price: The paid version costs start from $9.99 per month. 

        4. Movie Magic Screenwriter 

        Movie Magic Screenwriter is a popular, online screenwriting software that won the Academy Technical Achievement award. With 86+ templates and the options to import, export, and backup files, it’s an effective tool for screenwriters and scriptwriters. 


        • An editable Index card to help you create notes and list ideas for your screenplay. 
        • Added dictionaries in American English, British English, French, German, and other languages. 
        • It works well with other writing tools like Dramatica Pro and Outline 4D.


        • Compatibility issues may arise when sharing files with users of different scriptwriting and screenwriting software. 
        • It’s more expensive compared to other screenwriting and online free scriptwriting software. 
        • It doesn’t offer mobile support and doesn’t have a mobile app like Celtx and Fade in. 

        Price: It costs $149.95 to purchase this software. 

        5. Fade In 

        Fade In is a professional scriptwriting and screenwriting software. Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone, iPad, or Android, Fade In provides a good user experience. 


        • Provides extensive screenwriting formatting options to underline, italicize, bold, adjust the line length, align text, and ensure proper placement of scene headings. 
        • Options to organize your scenes using index cards, use colors to highlight scenes, and mark important plot points, themes, and characters
        • A focused writing mode to eliminate distractions and an option to collaborate with other writers if required. 


        • Users who have used other screenwriting software and writing apps can experience a learning curve while using Fade In. 
        • Locating backup files can be time-consuming. 
        • Collaboration with other writers is not a part of the free version. 

        Price: It costs $79.95 to buy Fade In. 

        6. Arc Studio

        Launched in 2018, Arc Studio is a reliable, professional screenwriting software. Using Arc Studio’s Beat cards and its drag-and-drop interface, you can easily arrange your screenplay acts. 


        • A digital whiteboard that allows you to organize your notes about storylines, characters, and locations. 
        • Automatic backup of drafts to the cloud and your device. 
        • Options to collaborate with other writers, send them notes, set deadlines, and track progress. 


        • Using the free version, you can only write 2 scripts. 
        • The feature to invite other writers to collaborate is not included in the free version. 
        • Options to customize screenwriting formatting, and outlining tools are not a part of the free version. 

        Price: Arc Studio offers 3 packages: Free ($0), Essentials ($69/year), and Pro ($99/year). 

        7. Highland 2 

        Highland 2 is a reliable screenwriting software that has a simple, interactive, and user-friendly interface. It can format your screenplay and has the option to export it as a PDF


        • Options to preview your writing, drag and drop scenes, and track changes. 
        • Gender analysis to understand the breakdown of male and female characters, and the number of lines they speak. 
        • Highland has a feature to automatically indent dialogue and character cues for formatting. 


        • This screenplay software is mainly designed for Mac users, which is disadvantageous for Windows users. 
        • Writers switching from another screenwriting software to Highland 2 can face a potential learning curve. 
        • Unlike other screenwriting software, it offers limited integration with other tools and software. 

        Price: The Highland 2 Pro upgraded version costs $49.99. 

        8. StudioBinder

        One of the best screenplay and scriptwriting software, StudioBinder helps you collaborate with other writers. You can share your script, add and resolve comments, make script notes, and create task lists using StudioBinder. 


        • It provides a storyboard and options to create sides, schedules, and call sheets. 
        • StudioBinder automatically formats margins, fonts, and other screenplay elements as per industry standards. 
        • It is one of the best scriptwriting software to organize and track script revisions and also includes an auto-save feature. 


        • There is a greater focus on production management and collaboration than writing. While it has screenwriting options, they are limited as compared to other software like Final Draft, Arc Studio, and WriterSolo. 
        • StudioBinder has a subscription-based model which can be a disadvantage for screenwriters looking for free screenplay writing software or having a one-time payment option. 
        • New screenplay writers can face difficulty in understanding StudioBinder’s comprehensive tools and features in the beginning. 

        Price: Free 

        9. WriterSolo

        WriterSolo is considered one of the best free screenwriting software. It has a user-friendly interface that you can use to write a screenplay or any script. It has options to import the screenplay or script from other sources and export the finalized screenplay as a PDF, document, etc. 


        • Options to create cards to divide your screenplay into acts and scenes, and track revisions. 
        • A feature to check the document for formatting errors. 
        • Options to check grammar, spelling, and detailed statistics about the characters, word count, and overall writing. 


        • This scriptwriting and screenplay software doesn’t have templates like Final Draft for customizing while writing the screenplay. 
        • It doesn’t have a mobile app and provides no mobile support. 
        • This free screenplay writing software has limited options for formatting and outlining as compared to Final Draft and Celtx. 

        Price: Free 

        10. Trelby

        Trelby has a character name database with 200,000+ names from which writers can choose names. Considered one of the best free screenwriting software, Trelby can also generate PDFs with custom watermarks.


        • A screenplay editor that can format your screenplay and perform a spell check. 
        • Options to export the file as PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, and Final Draft. 
        • Detailed statistics of the breakdown of lines per character, per scene breakdown of the dialogues and action, and an option to compare different script revisions. 


        • This free screenplay writing software doesn’t have advanced formatting options as compared to other software. 
        • The user interface is simple and not as intuitive and visually appealing as compared to other screenwriting programs. 
        • While there are options to download Trelby for Windows and Linux, there is no option to download Trelby for macOS. 

        Price: Free 

        Now that you know the best screenwriting software, you can select the perfect one. If you want to try something different, you can also explore AI screenwriting software like ScriptBook and Vault. Once you finish writing, the next step is screenplay editing. As experts in editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you perfect your screenplay. 

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