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        Top 10 Must-Try Character Name Generators in 2024

        • calenderJun 05, 2024
        • calender 7 min read

        Want to select unique and memorable character names for your book? Explore the top 10 character name generators and choose the best names! We’ve also included free character name generators for you. 

        Whether you wish to name your protagonist, antagonist, or secondary characters, this list will help. So without wasting time, let’s begin! 

        Make your characters as unforgettable as their names!

        1. Fantasy Name Generators

        This fantasy character name generator gives thousands of ideas for naming dragons, ogres, aliens, fairies, pirates, puppets, robots, wizards, witches, vampires, centaurs, etc. Using this worldbuilding tool, you can generate 10 random names at a time. 

        If you want names related to a realistic story setting (e.g. France), it gives you character names popular in the region. This includes European names, African names, Asian names, Middle-Eastern names, etc.  

        2. Story Shack

        Story Shack has 1200+ random name generators. It’s a great free tool to generate names for superheroes, wizards, witches, demons, dwarves, etc. If you’re searching for male and female character name generators, StoryShark has those as well! 

        With this, Story Shack also has generators that provide unique name ideas for gnomes, warriors, monsters, knights, mad scientists, etc. If your fictional characters are animals, it also has the option to generate animal names. 

        3. RandomGenerators

        This tool includes baby name generators, fantasy name generators, and pseudonym name generators. With this, it contains AI character name generators that give unique name ideas for superheroes, anime, cowboys, Roman names, Victorian names, etc. 

        It also has a Cool Name Generator, a Cute Name Generator, and a Royal Name Generator. If you want engaging names for aliens, dragons, unicorns, and mermaids, you can use this main character name generator.  

        4. Reedsy

        Using Reedsy’s random name generators, you can select the language and Reedsy will provide names related to the language. Currently, it provides names in 14 languages (Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Turkish, and Welsh). 

        With this, Reedsy also has medieval name generators, God name generators, fantasy character name generators, and archetype name generators. It can give intriguing ideas for various types of characters like heroes, villains, mentors, sidekicks, dragons, elves, etc. 

        5. RanGen

        RanGen has a Quick Characters Generator. Using this, you can get the character’s anime and a detailed description of the character’s likes, dislikes, conflicts, etc. 

        With this, it also has a Family Generator, using which you can generate names of brothers, sisters, parents, and their ages. RanGen also has a Love Interests Generator, a Personality Generator, and a Motive Generator to enhance character development

        6. Seventh Sanctum

        Writers searching for a quirky, eye-catching name can use Seventh Sanctum’s Weird Name Generators. With this, Seventh Sanctum also provides countless options for evil names, goblin names, pony names, angel names, demon names, etc. 

        For those who have set their stories in the West, Seventh Sanctum also has a Western Names generator. It also gives several ideas for the names of tree beings, cats, Greek characters, and dark elves. 


        To use this fictional character names generator, fill in details like the gender, character’s title (e.g. Ms.), character type (evil, poet, great, leader, or virtuous, nationality, and religious background. With this, select whether you want the character to be a human, vampire, zombie, or witch/wizard. 

        You can also add details of the first letter and last letter of the main characters and family names. After entering all details, select the option “Write me some character names” to generate the names. Along with character names, this tool also provides detailed character profiles for every character. 

        8. Bookbird

        Using Bookbird’s name generators, you can select a language (e.g. English, Hindi) and get common names in that language. This tool also provides exciting name ideas for elves, dwarves, wizards, devils, vampires, pirates, robots, fairies, etc. For those searching for male and female character name generators, Bookbird is a good option. 

        Unlike many other random character name generators, it also shows how the character will visually look. With the name, it also provides the meaning of the first name. For example, in the name Ignatius Westover, Ignatius means fiery. 

        9. Behind the Name

        Behind the Name gives users the option to select the nationality and gender of the character. You can select from various nationalities like African, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, etc. Using this fictional character name generator to generate 1-5 characters at a time. 

        This main character name generator also has an option to generate a life story for fictional characters. On selecting this option, the tool provides additional details like the character’s height, weight, blood group, lifespan, etc. 

        10. Writerbuddy

        This AI character name generator has an option to describe the character for generating the character name. It then provides 5-10 character names. Sometimes, it also gives the name’s meaning. 

        If you give more information about the character, it generates 1-3 detailed character descriptions. To use this random character name generator, you can open a free account and get access to 40+ advanced AI writing tools

        Now that you know how to find the best character name generators, you can use these tools for developing characters. Once you complete your story, the next step will be to edit your text. As experts in editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you enhance your story! 

        Here are some other useful resources for you: 

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