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        100 Novel and Book Ideas to Start Your Book Writing Journey

        • calenderApr 03, 2024
        • calender 12 min read

        Embarking on a writing journey requires a spark of inspiration and a dash of creativity. Whether you are looking to write your first book or your next bestseller, coming up with fresh ideas can often be challenging. 

        This article presents you with 100 ideas for books and novels that will help you craft interesting stories! We have also given ideas for various genres, you can use as a starting point for your books and novels.

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        Creating a compelling book involves weaving together various elements like characters, themes, settings, plots, and climaxes. Here are some creative writing prompts and book ideas:

        Book ideas: Characters

        A character can be a good muse for your story. You can use the following ideas to create one character or different types of characters for your books: 

        1. A retired private detective in her late sixties has begun to see the ghosts of unsolved cases. She’s witty, sharp-tongued, and has a soft spot for stray animals.

        2. A teenage musical prodigy who discovers he can manipulate reality with his music. He struggles with his introverted nature and the pressures of fame.

        3. Write about a brilliant but ethically dubious scientist who creates a machine that can extract memories. Her ambition is driven by a personal tragedy – the loss of her daughter.

        4. A former soldier turned peace activist in a war-torn country, dealing with PTSD while trying to broker peace among factions.

        5. An alien disguised as a human high school teacher, secretly goes to Earth. She judges humanity’s worthiness to join the intergalactic community. She’s compassionate but faces moral dilemmas about her mission.

        Tip: To make your character development process easier, you can use character name generators like Reedsy, Hiveword, Writerbuddy, etc.

        Book ideas: Themes

        The theme of a story is the central element of its narrative. The novel ideas below are for story themes that will give a base to your story:

        6. Forgiveness and redemption: Exploring the journey of characters who seek redemption for past mistakes and how they earn forgiveness from others and themselves. Characters will face inner turmoil, wrestling with guilt and shame as they strive to right their wrongs. 

        7. Identity and self-discovery: This theme explores the process of characters discovering their true selves. It’s not just about figuring out their name or where they’re from, but also about understanding their beliefs, values, and purpose. Their environment, the challenges they face, and interactions with others all play a role in this journey of self-discovery.

        8. The impact of technology on society: This theme delves into how advancements in technology can change the way societies function. It’s not just about gadgets and gizmos; it’s about how technology affects human relationships, how we interact with each other, and even ethical questions about what’s right and wrong in a world increasingly dominated by machines.

        9. Survival against odds: Characters find themselves in extreme situations where the odds are stacked against them. It could be a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake or a societal collapse where the rules of civilization break down. 

        10. Power and corruption: Explore the age-old adage that power corrupts. Whether it’s political power, financial influence, or just plain old authority, this theme examines how individuals are changed by the power they hold or are subjected to. 

        Book ideas: Setting

        A setting is the geographical location and the time when the story takes place. Settings give a sense of background that readers can understand, and you can use these book ideas for it:

        11. Year 2087: A vibrant yet dystopian megacity where technology and human life intertwine with cybernetic enhancements and neon-lit streets.

        12. The Forgotten Islands: A mysterious group of islands with ancient ruins, undiscovered creatures, and strange local customs, perfect for an adventure or horror story.

        13. Sky city: A futuristic city above the clouds, is dealing with political intrigue, technological advancements, and the threat of aerial beasts.

        14. Interstellar colony ship: A massive spaceship on a multi-generational journey to a distant planet, encapsulating a society with its own culture, problems, and class system.

        15. Earth in Parallel worlds: Earth, but in a parallel universe where historical events have taken different turns, leading to an entirely different contemporary world.

        Tip: Using setting generators like Donjon, Chaotic Shiny, Springhole, etc. will help you get fresh new ideas.

        Book ideas: Plot

        The book ideas below will help you create a powerful plot for your book or novel:

        16. The heist of the century: A group of unlikely allies must steal a well-guarded technological device that controls the weather, only to find out that there are bigger stakes than they imagined.

        17. The last game: A developer creates a game that is said to bring about the end of the world. Various forces seek to use it, destroy it, or ensure it’s completed.

        18. The memory thief: A detective discovers that people’s memories are being stolen and sold on the black market. She must uncover the culprits before her own memories are targeted.

        19. The gate between worlds: A portal to another world opens, and what comes out does not intend to go back. It’s up to a team of scientists and soldiers to stop the invasion and close the portal.

        20. The cure: In a world devastated by a relentless virus, a young scientist discovers a potential cure but must navigate a treacherous journey to deliver it to the right hands.

        Book ideas: Climax

        Writing a climax first can also be an indirect way of creating a novel. You can weave a plot in such a way that it will end in your decided climax. Use these novel ideas for writing the climax:

        21. The eclipse ritual: In a world where celestial events grant magical powers, the protagonist must complete a forbidden ritual during a rare solar eclipse to save the dying land. Meanwhile, the enemies converge to stop them, leading to a powerful showdown under the darkened sun.

        22. The mind merge: In a futuristic setting where memories can be shared or stolen, the climax involves the protagonist voluntarily linking the mind with the antagonist in a psychic battle. This mental confrontation reveals hidden truths and traumas, ultimately leading to understanding or total destruction.

        23. The galactic vote: An alien, fighting for humans, must address an intergalactic council, arguing humanity’s case. The climax occurs during her speech, interspersed with scenes of humans embodying the virtues she describes, swaying the council’s vote on Earth’s fate.

        24. The collapse of the underwater city: As political tensions in the underwater city reach a boiling point, a critical structure fails, threatening to flood the city. The climax involves a frantic race against time for the protagonist and allies. They have to repair the damage while navigating through civil unrest and treacherous waters.

        25. The symphony’s final note: During the world-ending symphony’s premiere, the composer and his allies must disrupt the event to prevent the apocalypse. The climax unfolds in a chaotic blend of music and magic, where the final note holds the power to either save or doom the world, depending on how it is played.

        Tip: If you want a whole story to take inspiration from, that matches your ideas, you can use AI story generators. But remember that originally written stories will always have a human feel that readers will relate to more.

        Now let’s explore innovative genre-specific book ideas!

        Fantasy novel ideas

        26. A world where shadows hold secrets and can be manipulated by a gifted few.

        27. A reluctant prince must gather forbidden ancient texts to overthrow a corrupt council.

        28. Two rival families control magical wellsprings, and their feud affects the entire realm.

        29. A thief discovers a magical artifact that can alter time but at great personal cost.

        30. Islands float in the sky, each with unique cultures and mysterious technologies.

        Romance novel ideas

        31. Two rival coffee shop owners fall in love despite their business animosities.

        32. A time traveler and a Victorian lady must navigate their impossible love.

        33. An artist falls for a mysterious patron who commissions her for private artworks.

        34. Childhood friends to lovers on a road trip that reveals deep secrets.

        35. A celebrity and a paparazzo are stuck together in a safe house.

        Mystery novel ideas

        36. A detective hunts a serial killer who uses ancient rituals to choose victims.

        37. A cold case podcast leads to new clues in a decades-old disappearance.

        38. Write about a reclusive writer whose death is ruled a suicide, but her notes suggest murder.

        39. A series of crimes mimics events from a famous novelist’s books.

        40. An amateur sleuth solves murder mysteries using her ability to talk to cats.

        Horror novel ideas

        41. A family moves into a house where the walls whisper at night.

        42. A cursed mirror shows the viewer their death, and one teenager tries to change fate.

        43. An explorer on an expedition to an abandoned island finds a cult that never left.

        44. A small town is plagued by nightmares that manifest in reality.

        45. A photographer captures ghosts on film in an old war zone.

        You can get more creepy and bone-chilling book ideas from our article on horror writing prompts!

        Dystopian novel ideas

        46. A society where emotions are controlled by the state through daily injections.

        47. After the oceans rise, new laws dictate who can and cannot live on the little land left.

        48. A rebel discovers the truth about a virus that was supposed to save humanity from a disease.

        49. A lone survivor in a city of automatons uncovers the fate of humanity.

        50. Climate refugees struggle to build a new society in a floating city.

        Comic book ideas

        51. A superhero battles corporate espionage in a world powered by super-tech.

        52. A group of kids with minor superpowers team up to tackle everyday crimes.

        53. A retired hero mentors young rebels in a dystopian future.

        54. A mystical artifact grants powers that its users struggle to control.

        55. A monster disguised as a high school teacher protects students from underground threats.

        Children’s book ideas

        Writing a children’s book can be tricky but with these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to crafting creative children’s books!

        56. A young witch mixes up her spells with humorous results.

        57. A group of animals start a detective agency in the forest.

        58. A child inventor creates gadgets that accidentally alter the weather.

        59. A series of stories about a magical library where books come alive.

        60. A young explorer travels the world in a homemade airship.

        Graphic novel ideas

        61. A bard travels to a war-torn land, using music to heal and inspire hope.

        62. A black-and-white detective story set in a city where everyone has superpowers.

        63. A historical epic about a forgotten princess reclaiming her throne.

        64. An anthology of tales from a post-apocalyptic society rebuilding itself.

        65. A scientist uses dreams to investigate crimes in a cybernetic metropolis.

        More engaging book ideas to write about

        66. A guide to surviving your twenties, filled with humor and advice.

        67. A collection of essays on the impact of technology on human relationships.

        68. A cookbook for fantasy foods inspired by popular novels.

        69. A travelogue detailing a journey through hidden gems of the world.

        70. A self-help book on mindfulness techniques for creative people.

        71. Write a tale about a series of letters between two lovers separated by galaxies.

        72. A magical realism story set in a city where everyone ignores the magic.

        73. A historical drama about the builders of the first floating city.

        74. A biographical novel about a forgotten inventor whose creations changed the world.

        75. A sports drama about a retired athlete who coaches a ragtag team to victory.

        76. An anthology of horror tales set in abandoned urban spaces.

        77. A political thriller about a journalist uncovering a conspiracy involving renewable energy.

        78. A psychological thriller about a psychologist whose patients start disappearing.

        79. Craft a family saga spanning four generations, with a secret that could tear them apart.

        80. A legal drama about a lawyer fighting for justice in a system rigged against her.

        81. A cyberpunk story about hackers fighting to expose corporate corruption.

        82. Write about a space opera about a fleet of starships on a dangerous diplomatic mission.

        83. A treasure hunt novel set in ancient ruins submerged under the sea.

        84. A guidebook for creating beautiful, sustainable home gardens.

        85. A historical account of a lesser-known war that changed the course of history.

        86. A series of biographies on women pioneers in science and technology.

        87. A practical guide on how to start and run a small business in a digital age.

        88. Craft a story where a character rediscovers their heritage through magical realism.

        89. A thriller centered on a heist at a high-tech billionaire’s island.

        90. A saga about the rise and fall of a powerful dynasty in an alternate historical setting.

        91. A novel exploring the psychological effects of living in a utopia.

        92. A deep-sea adventure uncovering ancient civilizations and their lost technologies.

        93. A world where art is forbidden, and a group of rebel artists fight back.

        94. Write a series about mythological gods trying to live normal lives in modern society.

        95. A world where history is outlawed and one girl finds a forbidden book.

        96. A detective can see the final 24 hours of a person’s life by touching an object they own.

        97. A magical bus transports kids to different historical events.

        98. Citizens must undergo a test to determine their career and status in society.

        99. A pilot navigates a plane that unpredictably travels through time.

        100. Create a story about a haunted hospital that was abandoned after a mysterious outbreak.

        If you’re happy with your book idea but don’t know how to write a title for your book, you can take the help of book title generator tools. You can also use AI writers and book writing tools to manifest your book ideas into real books and stories.

        Once you’re done writing your story, you can use book editing services to ensure that your book is error-free. Expert editing and proofreading services offered by PaperTrue can elevate your work from good to unforgettable. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your vision is clearly and effectively communicated, making your book ready to captivate and inspire your audience!

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