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        Best ChatGPT Prompts for Academic Writing (100+ Prompts!)

        • calenderApr 03, 2024
        • calender 10 min read

        If you’re wondering about how to use ChatGPT for research, your search ends here! Browse through our 100+ ChatGpt prompts for academic writing. Whether you want to write an abstract, a literature review, or an introduction, these prompts will help. 

        We’ve added practical prompts for writing the research methodology, experiments, results, discussion, and conclusion for your paper. With this, we’ve also included a bonus section of ChatGPT prompts for essays. So without further delay, let’s begin! 

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        Best ChatGPT prompts for deciding the topic and title

        1. Give examples of the new trends in Healthcare which can be interesting research topics for a research paper

        2. Analyze if there are any gaps in the study of [Insert Topic name] and suggest potential research topics. 

        3. Recommend topics to study [Insert topic name] using both, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

        4. Analyze whether the scope of the topic [Insert topic name] is broad enough and recommend related topics on which I can write. 

        5. Compare the following topics and help me decide which is better, based on which topics have greater scope and relevance: 1) [Insert Topic 1 title] 2) [Insert Topic 2 title] 3) [Insert Topic 3 Name] 

        6. Give 10 titles for the following topic based on the following topic idea and research purpose- [Insert data about the topic idea and research purpose] 

        7. Provide 10 title suggestions based on the following research purpose and findings: [Insert data about the research statement and findings]. 

        8. Give 5 alternatives for the following title without changing the meaning- [Insert the title]. 

        9. Provide 5 title suggestions on the topic [Insert topic name] and include the keyword [Insert keyword] in all title suggestions. 

        10. Analyze the following abstract and provide 10 title alternatives for the research paper based on the abstract- [Insert data about the abstract]. 

        Best ChatGPT prompts for writing an introduction 

        11. Provide a background on the topic [Insert topic name] to write an introduction of an argumentative paper which aims to [Insert data about aims] 

        12. Give examples of how to make the following opening statement of the introduction more engaging- [Insert the opening statement] 

        13. Describe how the research on [Insert research topic and aims] effectively fills a gap in existing research. 

        14. Mention the previous research and important contributions of key researchers that cannot be ignored while writing a research paper that investigates ‘The impact of immigration on mental health’. 

        15. For writing an introduction, determine what are the limitations of the research done using the following methods and tests- [Insert data about the research methods and tests]. 

        16. Refine and make the language more concise for the following limitations of the research study- [Insert information about the limitations of the research]. 

        17. Explain the importance and relevance of the research on [Insert research topic and aims] for writing an introduction on this topic. 

        18. Tell me how I should include the following hypothesis in my research introduction for the topic [Insert topic name]- [Write down the research hypothesis]. 

        19. Explain how I can give a brief overview in my research paper introduction of the following information:  [Insert information about what every chapter and section of the paper will describe]. 

        20. Give an example of how to write an introduction for an empirical paper on the topic [Insert the topic name]. 

        Using ChatGPT for research can also help you to write the perfect literature review. Let’s explore the next section to learn more! 

        Best ChatGPT prompts for writing a literature review 

        21. Provide the most important contributions by researchers on the topic [Insert topic name] that are highly relevant. 

        22. Identify which themes and concepts about the topic [Insert topic name] are common and recurring. 

        23. Tell me if there are any influential theories or studies that changed the direction of research related to the topic [Insert topic name].

        24. Explain if there are any debates, controversies, and contradictions related to the topic [insert topic name].

        25. Describe any trends and patterns about the topic ‘Tourism’ that must be included in the literature review for research that aims to study ‘The impact of pollution on tourism’. 

        26. Determine if there are any gaps in literature and research related to the topic [Insert topic name] that need to be addressed. 

        27. Tell me any important qualitative research that has been undertaken in the field of ‘Psychology’ related to ‘The role of race in educational psychology’ and name commonly cited researchers for this topic. 

        28. Which are the quantitative researches already conducted to analyze [Insert research purpose]? 

        29. Summarize the following contributions of researchers and include the most important contributions for a literature review on [Insert topic name]- [Insert data about other research conducted]. 

        30. Give me a list of magazines, journals, databases, and academic research resources to find research related to [Insert topic name and aims]. 

        31. Explain which theories and models are related and relevant to the following research question- [Insert the research question]. 

        Browse through the next section and understand more about how to use ChatGPT to write a research paper. 

        Best ChatGPT prompts for writing the research methodology 

        32. Give a sample template of how to structure and outline the research methodology section and include the following data- [Insert all data about research methods used, tests conducted, software, tools and materials used, ethical considerations, and steps taken to eliminate biases]. 

        33. Enhance and summarize the following data that explains the research purpose, primary research, and secondary research– [Insert information about the research aims, primary and secondary research]. 

        34. Refine the information given below that explains how steps were taken to eliminate any biases during the research- [Insert data about the measures taken to avoid biases]. 

        35. Give the advantages of the tests [Name tests] undertaken to analyze [Insert information about the dependent and independent variables analyzed]. 

        36. Analyze the following data about the surveys conducted and the sampling methods and suggest how to include it in the research methodology section of an academic paper- [Insert data about the surveys and sampling methods]. 

        37. Refine the language of the following information about qualitative methods like interviews, and focus groups- [Paste data about focus groups and interviews conducted]. 

        38. Improve the language of the data given below that explains the ethical considerations involved in selecting the research methods- [Insert data about the ethical considerations]. 

        39. Explain how the following information about experimental data gathered by manipulating variables can be included in the research methodology- [Insert information about the experimental data]. 

        40. Tell me how to include the following information about the criteria used to select the research materials and the date range for the research methodology- [Paste data about the criteria used and the date range]. 

        41. Help me to accurately describe the following new approach used to understand a gap in research on the topic [Insert topic name]- [Paste data about the new approach used]. 

        Best ChatGPT prompts for the “Results” section 

        42. Enhance the language of the following results, and make it more concise- [Insert information about the results]. 

        43. Determine whether figures, tables, or graphs can be used to interpret the following results and which method will be the best-  [Insert data about results]. 

        44. Analyze the following results and let me know in which order they should be presented in the results section of the academic paper- [insert information about the results]. 

        45. Tell me if there are any ambiguous statements in the following results that could be interpreted differently and suggest how to rectify them- [Insert information about the results]. 

        46. Give me simpler words for [“Insert the technical word”] and [“Insert the technical word”] to explain the following results: [Insert data about the results containing technical words] 

        47. Proofread the following results and highlight any grammar and punctuation errors- [Insert data about the results]. 

        48. Explain how should I objectively mention and present the following results that didn’t meet my expectations- [Paste data about the unexpected results]. 

        49. Write the following results in the third person’s point of view– [Insert data about results]. 

        50. Tell me how the following results can be written in tabular format- [Insert the results]. 

        51. Give a template for how to write the results section in APA style

        Best ChatGPT prompts to write the discussion section 

        52. Interpret the following results and tell me their significance and implications- [Insert data about the results]. 

        53. Enhance the language of the following limitations of the study- [Insert data about the limitations]. 

        54. Compare the following results and findings with the existing research literature on the topic [Insert topic name]- [Paste information about the results]. 

        55. Explain how the following methodological approaches affected the research outcomes: [Insert the methodological approach and outcomes]. 

        56. Refine the language of the following information that explains unexpected and surprising findings of the research- [Insert information about the reasons behind unexpected research results]. 

        57. Tell me how the following results are relevant in a broader context, for society and further research on the topic [Insert topic name]- [Insert information about the results]. 

        58. Provide recommendations for policymakers, practitioners, and suggestions for future results by analyzing the following findings- [Insert information about the research aims and findings]. 

        59. Analyze whether the following content for the discussion section has a logical flow and make suggestions to enhance the content flow- [Insert content written for the discussion section]. 

        60. Make the language of the following content for the discussion section more clear, concise and eliminate any unnecessary repetitions- [Insert content written for the discussion section]. 

        61. Tell me the practical applications of the following results- [Insert information about the findings of the results]. 

        Now let’s see some of the best research writing prompts to write the conclusion! 

        Best ChatGPT prompts to write the conclusion section 

        62. Summarize the following findings of the research paper to write the conclusion on the topic [Insert topic name]- [Insert information about the findings]. 

        63. Give examples of how should I start my research paper’s conclusion on the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        64. Tell me how should I end my conclusion on a strong note by analyzing the following findings and implications- [Insert information about the findings and implications]. 

        65. Give a sample template of how to write a conclusion for an empirical paper. 

        66. Create a conclusion of [Insert word count] by analyzing the following findings, implications, recommendations for future research, and key takeaways. 

        67. Tell me how should I write a conclusion of an argumentative paper on the topic [Insert topic name and research purpose]. 

        68. Determine whether the guideline [Insert guideline] is well implemented in the following conclusion for the research paper- [Insert the conclusion of the research paper]. 

        69. Review the conclusion for the topic [Insert topic name] and point out any word choice, syntax, sentence construction, and grammatical errors

        70. Explain how I can briefly restate the main research question in the following conclusion for the topic [Insert the topic name]- [Insert the main research question]. 

        71. Shorten the following conclusion, include the most important information, and ensure that the conclusion is not more than 300 words- [Insert the conclusion written]. 

        Best ChatGPT prompts for creating an abstract 

        72. Give me an abstract of 200 words based on the following information: 

        1. Research purpose statement- [Insert data about the research purpose statement]
        2. Research Methodology- [Insert data about the methodology]
        3. Research findings- [Insert data about research] 

        73. Summarize the following content for the abstract, and ensure that it isn’t more than 250 words- [Paste content you’ve written for the abstract]. 

        74. Give a sample abstract template to create an abstract in Chicago Style for a research paper. 

        75. Analyze whether the APA abstract for the topic [Insert topic name] has clarity and suggest improvements- [Paste content about the abstract]. 

        76. Identify whether keywords relevant to the topic [Insert topic name] have been included in the following abstract- [Paste content about the abstract] 

        77. Suggest keywords relevant to [Insert topic name] which can be added to an abstract by analyzing the following data- [Insert information about the research purpose and findings]. 

        78. Review the following abstract for any punctuation, grammar, and word choice errors- [Paste content about the abstract] 

        79. Tell me how to include the following research hypothesis for the topic [Insert topic name] in the abstract- [Insert content about the research hypothesis]. 

        80. Describe how to include the following research methodology in the abstract in a few words in an engaging manner- [Insert content about the methodology]. 

        81. Analyze the following opening sentence of the abstract and provide suggestions of how it can be made more concise and engaging- [Insert the first sentence of the abstract] 

        Want to write an engaging introduction? To make your introduction impactful, explore the following ChatGPT prompts for research! 

        Best ChatGPT prompts to write the title page of the research paper 

        82. Give a sample template of an APA title page on the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        83. Create a sample title page that includes the title [“Insert title], Author’s name- [“Insert author’s name”], [Insert the department and university’s name], Instructor- [Insert Instructor’s name, [Insert Course name and number] and due date [Insert the month and year the assignment was submitted]. 

        84. Give a template of an MLA title page that includes the main author [Insert the main author’s name], Co-authors- [Insert the co-author’s names], [write the course name and number], Submission date- [Mention the specific date] and the paper title [Insert the title]. 

        85. Suggest how should I format the title page of a paper in the Chicago style with examples. 

        86. Give a sample template of a title page on the topic [Insert the topic name], ensuring that the following university guidelines are followed- [Insert information about the university’s guidelines]. 

        87. Tell me how to include the following author’s note on the topic [Insert topic name] in APA format- [Insert the author note]. 

        88. Suggest how should I format my title page in MLA format using Microsoft Word

        89. Provide a sample template of a title page in Chicago style with multiple authors who are affiliated with different universities. 

        90. List any title page generators that can help me create a title page in MLA format. 

        91. Explain all guidelines for creating a title page for a professional paper in APA format. Specify the placement of the page number, running head, title, authors, affiliations, author’s note, and any other relevant information. 

        Now let’s see practical research paper prompts to create a References page! 

        ChatGPT prompts for the “References” section 

        92. Suggest how to format the references in APA style using Microsoft Word. 

        93. Arrange the following references in alphabetical order as per the APA style guidelines and correct any errors-  

        1. Reference 1- [Insert reference entry]
        2. Reference 2- [insert reference entry] 
        3. Reference 3- [insert reference entry]

        94. Analyze whether the following reference follows the MLA style guidelines- [Insert reference]. 

        95. Tell me the guidelines for citing online books in APA with no DOI

        96. List the best citation generators I can use to cite references for the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        97. Give an example of a sample reference page template in MLA format. 

        98. Explain how to cite a Ted Talk in APA format with examples. 

        99. Create a citation for a video on Youtube with the title [Insert title], made by [Insert author’s name and initials], posted on [Insert the year, month date ], and URL [insert the video’s URL]. 

        100. Suggest methods using which I can find the book [Insert book’s name] DOI for citing the book. 

        101. Give a template for how to cite a dissertation in APA style. 

        You can also use ChatGPT for academic research while writing an essay. Explore the next section to know more! 

        Bonus! ChatGPT prompts for essays  

        102. Give practical examples of how to start an essay on the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        103. Analyze the argumentative essay and determine whether the essay has clarity and logical flow- [Paste essay]. 

        104. Proofread the essay given below and highlight any sentence, grammatical, and word choice errors. 

        105. Suggest credible academic resources, magazines, and journals I can use to research the essay topic [Insert topic name]. 

        106. Provide a sample outline for writing and formatting an essay in APA format. 

        107. Tell me how to enhance the essay conclusion given below and end the conclusion on a strong note- [Insert the essay conclusion]. 

        108. Rephrase the following content for inclusion in a descriptive essay without changing the meaning- [Paste content for rephrasing]. 

        109. Determine how more evidence can be integrated into the essay [Insert essay topic] to strengthen the argument [Insert what you wish to prove through the essay]. 

        110. Tell me how to create a reference page for an essay in MLA format with examples. 

        111. Give me the most relevant theories, models, and commonly cited research on the topic [Insert topic name] for writing an expository essay

        Now that you know the best ChatGPT prompts for academic writing, you can use them. However, it’s important to exercise caution while using ChatGPT for research papers and cross-check the data received from ChatGPT. Instead of directly pasting the content from ChatGPT, it’s better to write the content in your own words to avoid detection by AI checkers.  

        While ChatGPT’s research prompts can help you write your paper, they cannot provide in-depth feedback like what human editors provide. At PaperTrue, we provide expert editing and proofreading services along with in-depth feedback. We not only check your document for plagiarism but also review citations and enhance formatting. Whether you want to improve your essay, thesis, dissertation, lab report, journal article, research paper, or business paper, we can help! 

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