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        100+ Useful ChatGPT Prompts for Thesis Writing in 2024

        • calenderMar 28, 2024
        • calender 8 min read

        While writing a thesis is challenging, we’ve made it easy for you! Browse through our 100+ best ChatGPT prompts for thesis writing. Whether you want to enhance your thesis abstract, introduction, literature review, or methods, these prompts will help! 

        To help you refine important sections like the discussion, conclusion, and reference list, we’ve also included useful prompts. Want to perfect your thesis title page, acknowledgments page, and list of tables, figures, and abbreviations? Dive in to explore practical prompts and elevate your thesis! 

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        Here are the 101 best ChatGPT prompts for writing a thesis: 

        ChatGPT prompts for your thesis title page 

        1. List all the elements that are included in a thesis title page. 

        2. Give a sample template of a thesis title page for a Master’s thesis with the following details: Title “Impact of Large Language Models on Modern Healthcare,” Author “Alex Johnson,” Supervisor “Dr. Linda Smith,” University “University of Technology,” and the submission date “September 2024.”

        3. Craft a sample title page for a Master thesis that captures the essence of a creative writing thesis. The thesis title is “Voices from the Dusk: A Collection of Urban Poetry,” the author “Zoey Thompson,” the mentor “Prof. Jonathan K. Adams,” the institution “Iowa Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa,” and the expected submission date “January 2025.”

        4. Mention all the guidelines for formatting a thesis title page in APA format

        5. Give an example of a sample title page template for the topic [Insert thesis title] with multiple authors like [First author’s name], [Second author’s name], [Third Author’s name], Supervisor- [Insert Supervisor’s name], [Insert the Educational Institution and Department’s Names], [Insert the degree’s program’s name], and the submission date: [Insert submission month and year]. 

        6. Provide an example of how to format the title on the MLA title page. 

        7. Explain how to create an MLA title page in MS Word. 

        8. Describe where a copyright statement must be placed on the thesis title page and how it must be worded. 

        9. If the university has multiple campuses, how should the specific location of the campus be indicated on the title page? 

        10. List any additional elements that might be required on a thesis title page such as a co-advisor’s name, dedication, or any other elements. 

        Note: If your university has specified a format like APA, MLA, Chicago, or other, you can specify the format in the prompt (for eg, in MLA format). 

        ChatGPT prompts for the acknowledgments page 

        11. Explain in detail how to write an acknowledgments page for a thesis. 

        12. Provide tips on how to word acknowledgments for financial support in a professional manner. 

        13. Give examples of how to thank external experts in a professional manner on the acknowledgments page in a thesis.

        14. Give examples of how to recognize the support of friends and family in a professional manner in an acknowledgments page in a thesis.

        15. Suggest how to keep research participants anonymous while writing an acknowledgments page for a thesis. 

        16. Proofread the thesis and point out all errors in the following content for my acknowledgments page- (Paste your content). 

        17. Shorten the following content for my acknowledgments page and make it more concise- [Paste content about acknowledgments]. 

        18. Give examples of how to thank my supervisor [Insert supervisor’s name] in the acknowledgments section of a thesis. 

        19. List any specific phrases and language conventions that can be used while writing formal acknowledgments for a thesis. 

        20. Explain any pitfalls or common mistakes to avoid while writing an acknowledgments page for a thesis. 

        Now let us see some of the best thesis prompts for making a list of tables, figures, and abbreviations. 

        ChatGPT prompts for creating a list of figures, tables, and abbreviations 

        21. Tell me which basic guidelines to follow while creating a list of figures, tables, and abbreviations for a thesis. 

        22. Give sample templates for a list of tables, figures, and abbreviations in a thesis. 

        23. Compile a list of the following tables for the thesis: 

        1. Table 1.1: All Characteristic Traits, Page 3

        2. Table 1.2: Personality Traits, Page 5.

        24. Make a list of the following abbreviations for the thesis in alphabetical order: WHO: World Health Organization, NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, UN: United Nations, ACLP: Association of Child Life Professionals.

         25. Create a list of the following figures for a thesis: Figure 1.1: Health organizations, Page number 10, Figure 1.2: Educational institutions, Page number 12, Figure 1.3: Industrial organizations, Page number 13.

        26. Explain how to create a list of tables, figures, and abbreviations using MS Word

        27. Should the list of abbreviations include acronyms only, or should it also include commonly used symbols in the thesis?

        28. In cases where a table or figure is referred to by multiple names or has multiple aspects, how should it be represented in the list?

        ChatGPT prompts for a thesis introduction 

        29. Suggest how to make the following thesis introduction engaging for the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        30. Correct any punctuation errors and check grammar in this thesis introduction – [Paste the thesis introduction]. 

        31. Suggest how to define the following aims of my research in a better manner in my thesis introduction- [Paste sentences about the aims] 

        32. Examine if the following methodological approach to address the research question is clearly worded and refine the language without changing the meaning- [Paste text about how you’ll investigate certain factors to achieve a particular result]. 

        33. Suggest how I can enhance the following thesis statement and ensure better clarity- [Insert thesis statement] 

        34. Shorten the following thesis statement, make it stronger, and include the most important information- [Insert content about the thesis statement]. 

        35. Give the proper sequence of content to be followed while writing a thesis introduction. 

        36. How can the introduction be used to demonstrate the relevance of the research to the field and broader societal issues for the topic “Industrial Psychology”? 

        37. What are effective ways to transition from the introduction to the main body of the thesis?

        38. Give more examples to help me understand how to make the following thesis statement more engaging and concise- [Paste thesis statement] 

        After seeing these introduction and thesis statement prompts, let’s see how we can improve the literature review using ChatGPT! 

        ChatGPT prompts for writing a literature review 

        39. Give a brief overview of the research done on this topic [Insert topic name] and name the people who have made significant contributions to this research topic. 

        40. List the commonly cited sources of literature on the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        41. Describe any controversies or debates about the following research topic- [Insert topic name] 

        42. Analyze and define what are the common themes and focus in all research conducted on this topic- [Insert topic name]. 

        43. Provide information about the recent trends on the topic [Insert topic name] for a literature review. 

        44. Describe how the research on the following topic addresses a gap in the literature that wasn’t given importance earlier- [Insert research topic and the main objectives of the research] 

        45. Provide a list of databases and academic research resources like Google Scholar that I can use to include relevant information for my literature review on the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        46. How can I avoid plagiarism while writing a literature review

        47. What measures should be taken to maintain an objective and unbiased perspective in the literature review?

        48. What strategies can be adopted to effectively conclude the literature review and transition to the next chapter? 

        Now let us see ChatGPT prompts for thesis writing which can be used to enhance the Methods section. 

        ChatGPT prompts for the “Methods” section in a thesis

        49. Help me accurately describe the data collected by using the following methods in my thesis- [Insert data about methods]. 

        50. Refine the following information about the participants in the research without changing the meaning- [Insert information about research participants] 

        51. Organize the following data for a thesis from the most important to the least important about the materials used, methods, reasons for the methods used, and which tests were performed for research- [Insert data] 

        52. Analyze if any important information is missing or if anything more can be added in the following content for the Methods section of a thesis- [Insert data] 

        53. Analyze if the following content for the Methods section in a thesis  is well-organized and check the content for grammatical mistakes, discrepancies, and other errors- [Insert all content about the methods] 

        54. Help me justify the use of the following research methods to answer the research question [Insert research question]- [Paste information about the research methods used.]  

        55. Refine the following content about how the qualitative data was collected and analyzed- [Paste data about the methods used to analyze qualitative data]. 

        56. Suggest how to improve the language about the following steps taken to eliminate and minimize biases during the research- [Paste content about the steps taken to eliminate and minimize biases] 

        57. Analyze the following data about the variables involved, and how they were measured, and suggest how to include them in the Methods section of the thesis- [Paste content about the variables]. 

        58. Tell me how to effectively describe the use of the following software, tools, and their features in the Methods section of a thesis- [Paste content about the software, tools, and their features]. 

        Now let’s see the best ChatGPT thesis prompts for writing the results of your research. 

        ChatGPT prompts for the “Results” section in a thesis 

        59. Interpret the following results accurately- [Insert content about the results] 

        60. Organize the following results in a table format for the Results section of a thesis. Write the first heading as Activity and include the words Sleeping, Working, Commuting, Exercising, and Leisure as separate vertical elements of the table. Write the second heading as Mean Hours and include the values 7.4 (1.2), 5.6 (1.8), 1.0 (0.5), 1.2 (0.8), and 2.5 (1.0 ) as separate vertical elements of the table.

        61. I have realized that there is a correlation between [Name of variable 1] and [Name of variable 2]. Analyze the following data about this correlation and tell me how I should describe this correlation in the Results section of a thesis- [Paste content about the correlation between both variables]. 

        62. Summarize the following statements about the results of my research without changing the meaning- [Paste content about the results] 

        63. Explain how I can relate the following findings to the existing literature and research on the topic [Insert Topic name]- [Paste content about the research results]. 

        The next section after the results is the discussion section. For this section, we’ve also included ChatGPT thesis prompts to shorten the content and provide a broader perspective on the findings. 

        ChatGPT prompts for the “Discussion” section 

        64. Explain the implications and significance of my research based on the previous research on the same topic and the following findings- [Paste content about the findings].  

        65. Describe how the following unexpected insights and questions can be included in the discussion section for the thesis on [Insert Topic Name]- [Paste statements about the unexpected insights/questions]. 

        66. Explain what other limitations of this research can be, by analyzing the following methods using which this research was conducted- [Paste content about methods by which this research was conducted] 

        67. Refine the language of the following statements which highlight the limitations of this research- [Paste content about the limitations]. 

        68. Summarize the following content for the discussion section and refine the language of the content- [Paste content for the discussion section]. 

        69. Analyze the following findings of the research and recommend any future areas for research related to the topic [Insert topic name]- [Paste statements about the findings]. 

        70. Explain if there are broader social, ethical, and global implications of the following findings- [Paste content about the findings]. 

        71. Describe how the following findings can influence future policies, clinical practices, and educational approaches- [Paste content about the findings]. 

        Now, let’s explore some ChatGPT thesis prompts to craft the perfect conclusion! 

        ChatGpt prompts for the conclusion 

        72. Tell me how to structure the conclusion for my thesis on the topic- [Insert topic name]. 

        73. Provide all the basic guidelines and a sample template for writing a conclusion for a thesis for the topic- [Insert the topic name]. 

        74. Suggest how the following thesis conclusion can be enhanced- [Paste the thesis conclusion]. 

        75. Highlight any grammatical errors or other mistakes in the following conclusion for the thesis- [Paste Text] 

        76. Analyze how the following research findings can be beneficial- [Insert statements about research findings]. 

        77. Tell me what recommendations can I make for practitioners, policymakers, or other stakeholders in my conclusion based on the following data- [Insert statements about key findings]. 

        78. Provide a strong closing statement for the topic [Insert Topic name] by analyzing the following conclusion- [Insert the conclusion] 

        79. Suggest how should I acknowledge the limitations of my study in my conclusion- [Paste content about the limitations] 

        80. Analyze the following data and determine which is the most important data that I must include in my conclusion- [Paste data about findings, limitations, and future research]. 

        81. Shorten the following conclusion I have written and polish the language used- [Paste the conclusion written]. 

        82. Provide information about how to format the thesis conclusion in APA format for the topic [Insert topic name]. 

        83. Give more examples of how to write the significance of the following findings in my thesis conclusion- [Paste content about the findings]. 

        Now let’s see how to use ChatGPT prompts for thesis writing for writing references! 

        ChatGpt thesis prompts for the “References” section 

        84. Give the format for how to cite a website in APA style

        85. Explain and provide examples of how to cite books in APA style

        86. Check if the following citation is correctly referenced according to the APA style, 7th edition- [Paste citation] 

        87. Analyze whether the following citation for a newspaper article is accurately referenced according to the MLA format– [Paste Citation] 

        88. Give examples of how to cite journal articles in MLA format to include in the MLA works cited page. 

        89. Provide examples of how to cite Ted Talks and PPTs in APA format

        90. Tell me how to cite essays and movies in MLA format

        91. Examine if the following citation accurately follows the Chicago style guide– [Insert citation]. 

        92. Give all guidelines for formatting a reference page in APA format

        93. Provide an APA reference page template.  

        Want to understand how to write a thesis abstract using ChatGpt? Browse through the following thesis prompts! 

        ChatGPT prompts for creating a thesis abstract 

        94. Give a sample MLA abstract template for a thesis of two paragraphs and not more than 200 words for the topic ‘Industrial Psychology’.

        95. Provide suggestions to enhance the following abstract for the topic ‘Industrial Psychology’- [Paste abstract content] 

        96. Analyze the following abstract written for the topic ‘Personality Development’ for any grammar errors and other mistakes- [Paste abstract content] 

        97. Give examples of how to summarize the research methodology in an abstract for a thesis- [Paste content about the research methodology]. 

        98. Shorten the content for the following abstract, include the most important matter, and ensure that the abstract is not more than 200 words- [Paste abstract content] 

        99. Explain at what stage of thesis writing should a thesis abstract be drafted and give basic guidelines for formatting a thesis abstract. 

        100. Are there any disciplinary differences in how a thesis abstract should be written, for example, between the sciences and humanities?

        101. What tone and style of writing is most appropriate for a thesis abstract, and how formal should it be?

        102. Summarize the main argument for the MLA abstract of my thesis by analyzing the following content- [Insert content about the main argument and purpose]. 

        Now that you know the best ChatGPT prompts for thesis writing, you can use them. However, it’s important to exercise caution while using these AI tools as AI-generated content can be easily identified by AI detectors. Hence, it’s better to rephrase any AI-generated content in your own words. 

        Once you’ve written your thesis, the next step is to thoroughly proofread and edit your thesis. While there are many AI-paraphrasing tools available, they aren’t as reliable as human editors who offer in-depth feedback. At PaperTrue, we provide expert thesis editing and proofreading services. Whether you want to get the citations checked, enhance your thesis structure, or format your thesis, we can do it for you! 

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