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        2024’s Top 10 Thesis Statement Generators (Free Included!)

        • calenderApr 08, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        If you’re finding it difficult to craft a thesis statement, we’re here to help! Explore all features of the top 10 thesis statement generators and select the best. We’ve also added free thesis statement generators for you. 

        Whether you want to write a thesis statement for a persuasive, expository, analytical, compare and contrast, or analytical paper, we’ve got you covered. So without wasting time, let’s begin! 

        Let our professional editors refine your thesis!

        1. Empire State University Thesis Statement Generator 

        This informative thesis statement generator can give ideas for the following types of thesis statements: 

        Persuasive thesis statement

        • Research thesis statement
        • Compare and contrast the thesis statement 
        • Once you select from these three types, the generator will ask detailed questions. For a research paper, it asks for details about the research question, your research claim, the summary of the research findings, and the possible research title. 
        • To use its persuasive thesis statement generator, input 3 strong reasons to support your claim and the main opinion against your claim. For a compare-and-contrast thesis statement, define the two aspects you are comparing and list their two similarities and differences. It will then generate 3 alternative thesis statements for you. 
        • 2. EditPad
        • To use EditPad’s thesis statement generator, you need to fill in details about your research topic. Then, choose the option ‘Generate’. EditPad will then provide you with 6 alternative thesis statements. 
        • EditPad gives you the option to copy the thesis statements or download them. You can use this free thesis statement generator to write explanatory, argumentative, or analytical thesis statements. 
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        • 3. 
        • provides a simple and effective thesis statement generator. You can write thesis statements for analytical, informative, compare and contrast, and argumentative essays using this free tool. 
        • After selecting from the types of essays, add your essay’s topic, main conclusion, the main argument for this conclusion, and any counterargument. In the conclusion, state your research findings. 
        • 4. PapersOwl 
        • PapersOwl’s thesis statement generator is used by thousands of students for academic writing. To generate a thesis statement, describe your topic, and add evidence and any counterarguments for your research claim. 
        • PapersOwl will then generate 3 options for thesis statements from which you can choose. If required, you can also choose the option ‘Paraphrase your thesis’ and edit your thesis statement. 
        • 5. Kibin
        • Known for its essay editing services, Kibin provides an effective argumentative thesis statement generator.  After you select the ‘Argumentative Essay option, it asks you to define your topic and stance (For/against). You also need to describe the focus of your essay and two reasons for your stance on the topic. 
        • After filling in the details, select the option “Show me my thesis statement”. Kibin will then generate a thesis statement for you. You can also use this tool to generate thesis statements for compare-and-contrast essays
        • 6. Grammarly
        • To use Grammarly’s AI thesis statement generator, fill in details about your paper’s target audience and research topic idea. Then, select the ‘Create thesis statement ideas’ option. 
        • This thesis statement generator will then provide you with 3 thesis statement ideas. 
        • You can copy these ideas and rephrase them to create a finalized thesis statement. However, Grammarly’s generative AI tool is still in beta testing. Hence, it’s better to check whether the thesis statement ideas are accurate. 
        • 7. 
        • provides a simple and user-friendly analytical thesis statement generator. All you need to do is create an account and fill in your topic details. The tool will then generate a thesis statement of 2-3 sentences. 
        • You can copy this statement and download it. A con is that, unlike other thesis generators that give various alternative thesis statements, this tool provides only 1 thesis statement. 
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        • 8.
        • This informative speech thesis statement generator provides ideas for analytical, argumentative, and expository papers. You need to select from these types of papers and fill in details about your research topic and themes. Then, choose the option ‘Generate Thesis’. 
        • then generates a single thesis statement for you. You also have the option to edit the thesis statement or download it as a PDF. 
        • 9. Perfect Essay Writing
        • This free thesis statement generator provides you with several options for thesis statements within seconds. All you need to do is fill in details such as the topic idea, research claims, evidence to support those claims, and any counterarguments. 
        • Perfect Essay Writing will then generate 6 thesis statement options. You can select the best thesis statement and edit it as per your academic paper requirements. This tool is user-friendly and more accurate as compared to other thesis statement generators. 
        • 10. 
        •’s strong thesis statement generator can provide thesis statements for different types of essays like persuasive, descriptive, analytical, etc. You just need to fill in details such as the topic name, essay type, main argument, supporting argument, and any counterarguments. 
        • Then, select the option ‘Generate ‘ and your thesis statement will be generated. You also have the option to copy the thesis statement or download it. 
        • After understanding the best thesis statement generators, you can use the perfect AI tool to write your thesis statement. However, it’s better to modify the generated statement instead of directly copy-pasting it to avoid detection by AI checkers
        • Once you create a thesis statement and complete writing your paper, you’ll need to edit it. As experts in editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you enhance your academic paper’s quality. 
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