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        2024’s Top 10 Setting Generators to Create Unique Settings

        • calenderApr 11, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Bring your story to life with the best setting generators! Whether you wish to describe castles, dungeons, scary sites, cities, or anything else, these setting generators will help. If you want maps or unique names for your setting, we’ve got you covered! 

        We’ve also included free setting generators to ignite your creativity. So without further delay, let’s jump into the details! 

        Refine and make your story setting memorable for your readers!

        Here are the top 10 setting generators of 2024: 

        1. Donjon 

        This is the setting generator tool of Donjon.

        Donjon provides an exciting fantasy setting generator. Using this generator, you can get a map of an entire fictional world with a list of cities and castles. 

        Donjon can give you ideas for describing dungeons, magic shops, random inns, towns, and treasure maps. It also has options to change details such as the town size, topography, and race if required. For science fiction writers, Donjon also provides a SciFi World Generator. 

        2. Chaotic shiny 

        This is the setting generator tool of Chaotic shiny.

        Whether you want can create a medieval city, bazaar, map, or combat terrain, Chaotic Shiny can do it for you! It has an intriguing civilization generator. To use this, you need to select from time options (“Ancient”, “Medieval”, “Modern”, “Near Future”, and “Far Future”). 

        It can also provide setting descriptions of planets, portals, and taverns. With this, it also provides a setting mashup generator. Using this generator, writers can generate 1-25 setting descriptions at a time. 

        3. Springhole 

        This is the setting generator tool of Springhole.

        Springhole has various tools that you can use like an Earthlike planet/ world generator, a Fantastic Realm Generator, a Fast Food Restaurant Generator, and a House Generator.  Springhole also has an interesting horror setting generator named Creepy Site Generator.  

        It also provides unique generators to describe lost civilizations, magic schools, parks, rooms, spaceships, towns, and stores. To use this tool, select the random story setting generator, and choose the option to generate the setting. 

        4. Seventh Sanctum 

        This is the setting generator tool of Seventh Sanctum.

        Using Seventh Sanctum, you can create an engaging story setting for adventure sites, lost civilizations, kingdoms, rooms, locations, or tavern names. This random setting generator also provides intriguing names for kingdoms, dungeons, castles, and towers. 

        You can use Seventh Sanctum to give 1-25 setting prompts at a time. This book setting generator also allows you to choose from various genres such as fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. 

        5. RanGen 

        This is the setting generator tool of RanGen.

        This random story-setting generator can help you to create entire continents! All you need to do is select the option ‘Generate’. RanGen will then provide you with the continent’s name, surrounding areas, winds, seas, and whether it has plants and animals. 

        This worldbuilding generator can also help you to create cities, countries, fantasy races, planets, solar systems, and species. It also provides maps for visualizing settings. 

        Now let’s explore the next fictional setting generator! 

        6. Fantasy Name Generators 

        This is the setting generator tool of Fantasy Name Generators.

        With 50+ description generators, Fantasy Name Generators is one of the best tools for creating a setting. You can use this generator to get setting ideas about cities, forests, gardens, houses, ghost towns, farms, and countries. 

        All you need to do is select the generator and choose the option ‘Get a description.’ Fantasy Name Generators will then provide you with a detailed description. 

        7. Kassoon 

        This is the setting generator tool of Kassoon.

        Kassoon can help you create interesting story descriptions for villages, cities, hamlets, and streets. This story-setting generator can also generate descriptions for houses and rooms. 

        You need to pay $5 for the premium version to get access to detailed descriptions of house rooms. Kassoon also has a random town generator that generates descriptions of the town’s population, defenses, taverns, and shops.  Using Kassoon, you can also create maps of houses and villages. 

        8. Code Beautify 

        This is the setting generator tool of Code Beautify.

        Code Beautify provides a random setting generator. You can also enter the number of settings you want and it will generate the setting accordingly. It gives prompts such as the time of the day, weather, location, and atmosphere. These details can help to brainstorm and develop the themes of a story

        You also have the option to download the settings generated or copy any of them to the clipboard. 

        9. Writing exercises 

        This is the setting generator tool of Writing Exercises.

        This AI setting generator can help writers brainstorm and overcome writer’s block. It has four options: “Time of day”, “Weather”, “Location” and “Atmosphere”. By clicking on any of these options, you can generate a setting prompt related to that option. 

        This prompt is usually a single sentence. After generating the creative prompts, you can save them to the clipboard. 

        Now let’s see the next setting generator for stories! 

        10. WriteCream 

        This is the setting generator tool of WriteCream.

        WriteCream is a free story-setting generator. To use this tool, type what you wish to be described. WriteCream will then provide you with a 3-5-line description of the topic. 

        This writing prompt generator also has an “Advanced” option that allows you to input the word count and select from language tones such as professional, friendly, formal, casual, diplomatic, etc. Writecream can also generate story settings in languages other than English like French, Hindi, German Arabic, Russian, etc. To enhance your story further and develop a unique plot, you can also use AI story generators

        Now that you know the best setting generators, you can use them to create unforgettable settings. Once you craft the setting and finish writing your story, you’ll need to carefully edit it. If you want your story to be edited by experts, PaperTrue can help. Established in 2014, PaperTrue provides professional editing and proofreading services for writers and students. 

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