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        Top 10 Must-Try Writing Prompt Generators in 2024

        • calenderNov 03, 2023
        • calender 4 min read

        If you’re looking for a prompt generator for writing, your search ends here! In this article, we’ve listed down the top 10 creative writing prompt generators. We’ve also included the benefits and features of every writing prompt generator. 

        From prompt generators that give random writing prompts to genre-specific prompts, we’ve covered everything. So without further delay, let’s get started! 

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        1. Servicescape 

        Servicescape provides prompts for a variety of genres such as gothic, historical, comedy, dark fantasy, heroic, paranormal, and time travel. All you need to do is choose the genre and click on the Submit icon. Servicescape will then generate a creative writing prompt for you. Here is an example: 

        The son of a wealthy industrialist is in the midst of a very public and nasty divorce from his notoriously dreadful wife. You are a reporter hired to find dirt on him for a story. You are surprised to discover that he is actually a wonderful man, and you begin to fall in love with him.

        2. Seventh Sanctum 

        Seventh Sanctum generates 1-line creative writing prompts. It also gives users an option to determine how many writing prompts they wish to see. Users can choose an option to generate 1–10 prompts. Seventh Sanctum also has other generators like Quick Story Ideas, Punk Genre Generator, plot twists, What-if inator, and Writing Challenges. It also has a writing prompt generator for romance. This gives users a wide variety of prompts to choose from. 

        Following are some writing prompt examples from Seventh Sanctum: 

        I was very sure that calm man was crying all day.

                  She lived for evil.

        The sky is the love of my life and my worst enemy. 

        3. Reedsy’s Plot Generator 

        Reedsy claims to have 1 million plot ideas to inspire writers. This book prompt generator gives options to generate plots about romance, drama, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy. A writing prompt includes information about the protagonist, secondary character, plot, and plot twist. Here is an example of Reedy’s prompt from the genre drama:

        Protagonist- A businesswoman, who tends to be cynical. 

        Secondary Character- A banker who is quiet. 

        Plot- It’s a satirical story about mortality. It kicks off at a McDonald’s drive-through with the death of someone important. (Note: Someone in the story has just moved to a new country.) 

        Plot Twist- Midway through the plot, the story will turn into a ghost story. 

        4. Springhole 

        Springhole provides a wide variety of genre, plot, and story prompt generators. If you are confused about which genre to write about, you can select their Genre Blender generator which will choose the genre for you. It also has fantasy writing prompt generators. Following are some examples of other fiction writing prompt generators they provide: 

        Character Bonding Moment Generator 

        Dramatic Curse Generator 

        Fairytale Plot Generator 

        Mysterious Findings Generator 

        Story Prompt Generator

        Springhole also offers writing tips for writers to perfect their craft. Here are some examples of writing prompts from Springhole: 

        A minor protagonist is re-imagined as a vampire in a magical girl universe.

        A vengeful priest chanted in an unknown language and said, ”The one you love most will disappear into the woods hereafter!”

        A story told from the perspective of someone who thinks the villain is a great person.

        5. Random Words Generator 

        Random Words Generator motivates writers to step out of their comfort zone with intriguing writing prompts. The prompts consist of a word or phrase and a topic idea related to that word/phrase. From fantasy writing prompts to simple journal writing prompts, this random writing prompt generator has a huge collection of ideas. It also gives users an option to determine the number of prompts to be generated. 

        Here are some examples of creative writing prompts from Random Words Generator: 

        Natural Wonders– Something that is naturally wonderful. 

        Frame it– Write about a painting that speaks to you. 

        Missing Connections– Write about two people who keep crossing paths but miss actually meeting. 

        6. Squibler  

        Squibler is a random writing prompt generator that provides 1-line writing prompts. Many times, Squibler gives incomplete sentences as writing prompts to stimulate the writer’s imagination. Here are some examples: 

        The first Christmas she could remember was also her best Christmas ever. 

        Most vivid among the memories of his hometown.  

        As the dream faded, she chased it forlorn. 

        After selecting the prompt, you can choose the option of Start Writing and begin your first draft. 

        7. The Story Shack 

        Story Shack provides out-of-the-box writing prompts related to adventure, drama, fantasy, and romance genres. Every writing prompt also includes a word limit and a sentence which the writer must add while writing. Along with this, Story Shack also offers a bonus prompt to help the writer imagine and write about the given scenario. Here is an example: 

        Write a 650-word story in the adventure genre. It’s about a programmer and should include a desk. Also, use the sentence ‘Don’t trust everything you see.’ Bonus prompt: Your character is hated by everyone.

        With this, Story Shack also provides name generators, a fantasy map generator, and a Taleforge exercise to encourage writers’ creativity. 

        8. Story Starters 

        Story Starters is a writing prompt generator by Scholastic. This writing prompt generator provides thousands of creative writing prompts for kids. All you need to do is select a category from adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and scramble options. The generator will then ask you to type your name and select a grade. Once you do that, the story starters generator will take you to a page where you have to spin the wheel to generate a prompt. 

        Here are some intriguing examples of prompts from this story starter generator: 

        Describe a very unusual day for a scatterbrained magician who parachutes off skyscrapers. 

        Write a detective story about a confused detective who gets caught in quicksand. 

        Write about a thrilling experience for an independent actor who catches a thief. 

        9. Capitalize My Title 

        Capitalize My Title has a creative writing prompt generator for kids. It generates 1 line of random prompts on a wide variety of topics. With this, it also offers 365 writing prompts for every day, writing prompts for middle school, and journal writing prompts. The prompts are very simple and related to daily life. Here are some interesting examples of Capitalize My Title’s writing prompts: 

        Life among the cloud people

        Meeting myself in the future

        Traveling west in a wagon train 

        10. DIYFMA Writer Igniter 

        DIYFMA Writer Igniter is a creative writing prompt generator for adults and kids. It includes the four categories of character, situation, prop, and setting. Users can click the shuffle option to generate prompts for all four categories. The prompt for the category named setting consists of a picture to help readers visualize the setting. Here is an example of a unique DIYFMA writing prompt: 

        Character– The Runner-up 

        Situation– gets stranded 

        Prop– A surprise 

        Setting– The picture of a tree 

        You can use any prompt generator for writing to unlock your creative genius. As providers of editing and proofreading services, we know how writing can be a challenging task. Here are some useful resources to simplify and enhance your writing: 

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