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        How to start your own online publishing company?

        • calenderJun 23, 2020
        • calender 5 min read

        Audiences are moving rapidly from print media to online media, for consuming content. Books, magazines, newspapers, articles, you name it and the internet will have it. The world of online publishing has grown to accumulate this rapid change. Apart from providing readers with a wide variety of content, it also provides a platform for new and upcoming writers to publish their work and get noticed. Starting an online publishing company has also proved as a way to formalize and monetize content production itself, within a larger business model and as a way to provide some structure to struggling creatives. It’s a great idea to start an online publishing company, but what are some things you should keep in mind? Let us take you through it. 

        1. Follow your passion.

        This might seem like an idea that has been eaten and regurgitated multiple times. But this is the foundation on which your company will be built and will succeed. If you don’t start an online publishing company about something you love, then it won’t be as successful or as dynamic as you want. Put your desire of doing something to good use, be it writing or baking or digital marketing. Find something that gets you excited and make that the core of your online content production. 

        1. Contacts, Contacts,,Contacts! .

        When you are a fledgling in an industry, try to learn as many ropes as you can and meet with as many people as you can. These contacts will prove to be a beneficial network that will:

        • fill in the skills gaps
        • provide ideas and resources to remove some of the challenges along the way, 
        • and lead to connections that can propel your business forward. 

        Use the contacts that you had made from previous jobs and previous projects, especially if they are people in high places, who will definitely help you develop high quality and creative content. The success of these previous projects was due to the people who worked on them and this is precisely what will help you tap into great talent. Always look to those around you so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

        1. Spot a gap in the market.

        Spend time researching what is already out in the market and identify what is missing.  Locate a niche, find out what remains untouched in there and target all your audience that wants more content on it, towards it. 

        1. Focus on quality.

        Focus on making your content fully researched, well written and creative. Bring in a team that will combine their talent and creative potential to create highly-engaging and informative content. Make it the best or don’t make it at all, because your audience deserves the best. 

        1. Develop what your target audience wants more of.

        Focus on creating creative series’ on your online publishing platform that engages the audience and leaves them wanting more. When you create a series, it creates a hook that will enable readers to check whether there is a new article or a post in the continuation of the same series. 

        1. Business and Marketing Plan

        You need a proper business plan before you open up any business. Make a few important decisions like:

        • What is your budget?
        • Advertising and marketing plans?  
        • Niche? 
        • Are you going to require more people? 
        1. Company Name

        Think carefully about your company name. Your company’s name will be its identity. It has to be short, clever and eye-catching for people to take notice and think about checking your company out. Make sure that the name you choose has not already been taken. Register your company name with an appropriate authority to ensure that there is no copyright infringement.

        1. Build a Database

        Target and pitch writers from your chosen genre to publish with your company. The first thing that you would do for this is create a list of authors and have their writing samples evaluated so that you know which authors align with the kind of brand you’re trying to set up. 

        1. Website

        This is the basic first step that you need to take in order to build an online publishing company. Secure a domain name and establish a web presence. Your domain name can be the name of your company, your name or a quirky name that is related to the genre you are based in. 

        But these aren’t the only things that you need to keep in mind while starting an online publishing business. It also must be guided by the knowledge of basic business operations, and overall daily planning. These tips provide an excellent framework to conceptualize the kind of content you need to make your online publishing company relevant and successful. 

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        Rishi was a zealous student at IIT Bombay when he realized, firsthand, the power of good language in effective communication. As part of this belief, after a brief stint in a hedge fund, he co-founded PaperTrue in 2014.

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