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        10 Best AI Text Summarizers in 2024 (Free & Paid)

        • calenderJun 13, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to easily reduce your text’s word count? Explore the top 10 AI text summarizers to select the best one! We’ve included both free and paid summarizer tools. 

        With this, we’ve also listed the pros and cons of every text summarizer. Dive deep and explore these tools in detail! 

        Refine your summarized text for excellence!

        1. QuillBot

        Using QuillBot’s summarizer, you can summarize essays, papers, and documents. To use it, you can paste text on their weinstall its extension for Chrome. 


        • It can summarize and condense paragraphs in bullet points.
        • It provides a customized option to give instructions for summarizing. 
        • The paragraph mode has a button to choose between short or long summary. 


        • QuillBot might miss out on some important details to be included.  
        • The summarizer might be unable to capture minor differences and the full context in the generated summary. 

        2. Writesonic 

        Writesonic’s AI text summarizer can easily summarize lengthy essays, articles, and research papers. It provides a free trial where you can generate 10,000 summarized words, after which, you’ll need to pay for their services. The unlimited plan cost starts at $16 per month. 


        • It supports more than 25 languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, etc. 
        • The summary generated is free from plagiarism. 
        • If you’re dissatisfied with the summary generated, you can select the option “Create Summary” to get 3 more variations of the same summary. 


        • It doesn’t have an option to customize the summary like QuillBot. 
        • It might be unable to capture the broader meaning while summarizing data. 

        3. Hypotenuse AI 

        Hypotenuse AI is one of the best AI PDF summarizers. The cost of using Hypotenuse AI is $29 per month for a single individual and $59 per month for teams. 


        • This tool generates 3 different variations of summaries to choose from. 
        • It can easily integrate with WordPress, making it beneficial for WordPress users. 
        • The paid version supports 30+ languages. 


        • Additional features like checking plagiarism and high-quality AI images aren’t included in the premium package for individuals. 
        • The premium version is more expensive compared to other AI text summarizers. 

        4. AI Summarizer 

        AI summarizer is a powerful paid tool that can summarize long texts within seconds. It has 3 packages: Weekly ($4 per week), Monthly ($7 per month), and Yearly ($39 per year) 


        • It supports 7 languages that include English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, and Dutch. 
        • It gives the option to determine the summary length (long/short). 
        • It provides a summary in bullet points or a 1-line summary if required. 


        • Several features like better speed (2x faster), 24/7 chat support, and no ads are not included in the free package. 
        • The premium version has a 5000-word limit for its weekly, monthly, and yearly plans, and doesn’t provide unlimited usage. 

        5. Editpad 

        Editpad provides a free text summarizer that uses advanced algorithms to summarize your text. You can easily copy or download the summarized content. 


        • It supports 11+ languages including English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Romanian, and Polish. 
        • You can use its slider button to decide the percentage of text you wish to summarize. 
        • This tool helps to skim all important text. 


        • It doesn’t have options to summarize texts written in other languages like French, Hindi, etc. 
        • It can mention concepts in simple terms, reducing the original content’s depth. 

        6. Sharly AI 

        Used by teams in Microsoft, The New York Times, and Coinbase, Sharly AI is one of the most trusted text summarization tools. It has both, a free and a paid version. The cost for the paid version starts from $15 per month. 


        • Other than PDF, it supports various document formats like .doc, .txt, .csv, .rtf, and .html. 
        • It can accurately extract key citations from various sources. 
        • Its premium version offers high-quality answers powered by GPT-4. 


        • Dedicated support, customized AI summarizing features, and collaboration tools (to share the summary with team/clients) aren’t included in the free version. 
        • Advanced security protocols are not a part of the free version. 

        7.  offers a reliable summarizer that generates a summary without changing the meaning. You can use this summary generator for free. 


        • It supports 8 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish. 
        • It gives detailed statistics of the word count, paragraphs, number of sentences, reading time, reading level, and speaking time. 
        • You can paste/upload unlimited words to generate a summary. 


        • It doesn’t give a customized option like QuillBot where you can give instructions for summarizing. 
        • It sometimes gives sentences with grammatical errors while summarizing. 

        8. ’s tool for text summarization allows you to enter 5,000 characters (maximum) at a time to generate a summary. Its Creator package costs $39 per month and the Pro package costs $59 per month. 


        • It can summarize content in more than 25 languages. 
        • To create a better summary, it gives options to describe the summary’s purpose and target audience. 
        • Provides a short summary at a fast pace. 


        • It might miss out on important information while summarizing. 
        • The pro version of Jasper is expensive compared to other AI text summarizes. 

        9. Wordtune

        Wordtune not only helps to summarize text but also YouTube video scripts and website content. It has a simple user interface where you can paste text, import a link, or upload your PDF to summarize it. 

        Wordtune has both, a free and a paid version. The paid version costs $6.99 per month. 


        • You can also summarize the main research results of an academic paper by uploading the PDF. 
        • Using WordTune, you can easily get a gist of magazine articles’ content in bullet points. 
        • It allows you to expand on parts of the summary you wish to focus on, save your files, and make notes if required. 


        • Using the free plan, you can only get 3 summaries per day. 
        • It doesn’t have additional features as compared to other AI summarization tools like QuillBot and Hypotenuse AI. 

        10. Semrush 

        Semrush’s free AI-based summary generator gives you options to generate a summary in paragraph form or bullet points. It summarizes the entire text within seconds. 


        • It has a simple, user-friendly interface. 
        • You can paste unlimited characters for summarizing. 
        • It has the feature to select from a short, long, or medium summary. 


        • Unlike QuillBot’s summarizer, it doesn’t have a customized option where you can give instructions for summarizing. 
        • This AI text summarization tool doesn’t have the option to download the summarized content. 

        Now that you know the best AI text summarizers, you can use the perfect one for your text. Along with summarization tools, you’ll also need to edit and proofread your text. As experts in editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you enhance your text. 

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