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        Audiobook vs. EBook vs. Paperback in 2024: (Pros & Cons)

        • calenderFeb 01, 2024
        • calender 5 min read

        Books never go out of demand. Sure, the form in which they are distributed keeps changing, which brings the matter to the present burning question. Which is better for reading, eBooks, paperbacks, or audiobooks? To answer this question, we’ve listed down the pros and cons of paperback vs. eBook vs. audiobooks.

        The winner between audiobooks vs. eBooks vs. paperbacks depends on more than just reading preferences. Whether it be paperback vs. audiobook or paperback book vs. eBook, each one offers its conveniences. For this reason, let’s explore how each kind of experience can add value to your life: reading books vs. audiobooks and paperback vs. eBooks.

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        The pros and cons of paper books

        Did you know that paperbacks still account for 37.6% of trade sales? Needless to say, they are still the most favored way of reading. When weighing the choice between eBooks vs. paperback editions, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of paper books. 


        • Paperbacks stay with you for generations. Priceless information and insight can be passed down from generation to generation, preserving precious culture in a timeless, printed form. 
        • Paperbacks carry no risk of blue light exposure to the eyes. You can keep reading for hours on end without risking your eyesight as much. 
        • Paperbacks make excellent gifts. The fact that there is a book available for every topic under the sun makes your gifting dilemmas go away. 

        Now let’s understand the disadvantages of paperback vs. eBook vs. audiobooks. 


        • Paperbacks may not be the most economical choice out of the three forms of books. Some people may not want to spend that much on a book.
        • Paperbacks can get lost easily or forgotten after purchase. You may lend a paperback to a friend only to never see it again in your life.
        • Paperbacks are meant to be light to carry. The longer stories (like Atlas Shrugged) or stories with multiple parts can become a bother during travels where you need to put up with their weight and bulk.

        Now let’s see the advantages of eBooks vs. audiobooks vs. paperbacks. 

        The pros and cons of eBooks

        With the increasing popularity of online platforms like Kindle, Apple Books, and Kobo, eBooks and audiobooks are rapidly becoming popular with readers.


        • EBooks are electronic. Using eReaders or mobile phones, you can get access to thousands of books at the same time. You can also use eBook creators to convert books into eBooks. 
        • EBooks are lightweight; you don’t need to carry any volumes physically, only a single device.
        • EBooks are customizable, interactive, and adjustable to your reading preferences. You can pinch-zoom the text size, check word meanings, and do so much more right there. 

        Now let’s see the disadvantages of eBooks vs. audiobooks vs. paperbacks. 


        • EBooks contain advertisements and distractions to the reading experience. Since there is a device in your hands, you may be tempted to open other apps.
        • Mobile devices need power to run. For someone who is busy, it isn’t always possible to keep the devices charged. This makes eBook reading problematic for battery life.
        • EBooks may glitch or render text or images incorrectly sometimes because of technical issues. For example, for eBook readers not compatible with PNG-type media files, the eBook may show loading errors and take away from the experience of reading.

        What is the difference between an eBook and an audiobook? 

        An audiobook is a recorded version of a book. It is narrated and users listen to the story via headphones or speakers. An eBook is a book’s digital version that can be read on tablets, eReaders, or computers. 

        After understanding the difference between an audiobook and an eBook, let’s explore audiobooks in detail. 

        The pros and cons of audiobooks

        Audiobooks are a form of extreme convenience—media that frees up your hands and eyes while you still enjoy the experience of a book. You can also multitask while reading audiobooks which isn’t possible while reading eBooks. This is a key difference between an audiobook and an eBook. Let’s now understand the advantages of audiobook vs. eBook vs. paperbacks in detail. 


        • Audiobooks are vivid and bring a story to life by using diction, emotion, and sound effects in the narration of stories. This is a massive advantage of audiobooks vs. books. 
        • Audiobooks are a more economical option than paperbacks and can be accessed and read anywhere. All you need is your mobile phone and an internet connection. This is another important advantage of audiobooks vs. books that are printed and distributed. 
        • Audiobooks also help improve your literacy skills by assisting with pronunciations and improving overall language fluency.

        Now let’s see the disadvantages of audiobook vs. eBook vs. paperback. 


        • While audiobooks narrate stories for you, there is a chance that you get distracted and lose track. Going back a few sentences for playback numerous times may make you lose interest altogether.
        • Audiobooks may not be ideal for long books. It can take forever for you to finish the book if you have an active mind looking for engagements.
        • Discharging may be an issue when using so many electronic devices.

        We hope this article has resolved any doubts about what is the difference between an eBook and an audiobook. For those who like the smell of new pages, eBook vs. paperback is a no-brainer. For those who don’t prefer to hear stories being narrated, eBook vs. audiobook has a clear winner. For those who love to experience stories through a soulful voice, audiobooks vs. eBooks isn’t even a question.

        At PaperTrue, we offer expert services for all three book formats. For paperbacks, we offer printing services, and for eBooks, we offer eBook conversion and online distribution. With this, we also offer audiobook creation services. Our self-publishing services also include editing and proofreading, securing an ISBN, creating a copyright page, and book cover design. 

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