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        Top 10 eBook Creator Tools in 2024: Free & Paid

        • calenderNov 27, 2023
        • calender 4 min read

        If you want to become a self-published writer, you need to start by creating an eBook. It’s a much easier process than creating print books, making it the logical first step for new writers. You can do this using any eBook creator, but which is the best eBook software out there?

        A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that over 33% of Americans read eBooks! If you want to tap into this audience, your eBook has to be polished and well-formatted. But do you need a paid tool to achieve this or is a free eBook creator just as good? Let’s find out.

        Want to publish your eBook? We can help!

        Here are the ten best eBook creator software in 2024:

        • Apple Pages
        • Kindle Create
        • Draft2Digital
        • Atticus
        • Scrivener
        • Adobe InDesign
        • Google Docs
        • Microsoft Word
        • Marq
        • FlipHTML5

        As you may have noticed, most tools in this list of the best eBook creators are free or offer a free plan. After all, if you can afford to spend on interior formatting, it’s better to use it on hiring an expert typesetter. When self-publishing your book, try to spend either your time or your money on a process, not both!

        We’ve ranked the eBook creation software in this list according to ease of access, pricing, and widespread usage. Without further ado, let’s get started!

        1. Apple Pages

        The Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word, this eBook creator is perfect for new writers who use a Mac or iPad. It allows you to create a PDF or EPUB file which is compatible with iBooks as well as most other platforms. Pages also let you publish your book on iBooks from the “export” option.

        With Pages, you can decide whether you want a reflowable or fixed layout for your book and check the relevant options and limitations. Apple recommends using a reflowable layout for text-heavy books and a fixed layout for graphic-heavy books. The app is installed on all Mac devices by default and non-Apple users can get free web-only access via iCloud. The latter, though, may just be more trouble than it’s worth!

        Pricing: Free!

        Export formats: PDF and EPUB

        2. Kindle Create

        Developed specifically for use with Amazon KDP, Kindle Create is a free eBook software available for both Mac and PC. It works best for text-heavy books with images, but can also create cookbooks or travel guides. The software will soon introduce comic eBooks with a guided view, which will animate panel-to-panel movement to move the story forward.

        Kindle Create does have a few limitations, though: Mainly, you can only use it to publish with KDP. Further, the eBook creator doesn’t yet support image captions and text editing for sections with complex formatting. However, it’s still a great option for new writers who want to begin publishing their books with KDP.

        Pricing: Free!

        Export formats: KPF and EPUB 

        3. Draft2Digital (D2D)

        Primarily known as a book distributor, Draft2Digital also offers completely free eBook formatting software. It features a wide variety of eBook templates, header styles, and supporting designs that make typesetting easy and interesting. You can’t edit your book on the dashboard, but you can easily import a .docx file that has already been edited and proofread.

        D2D’s large inventory of styles and layout options makes it one of the top eBook creator tools online. The software automatically prepares a print layout of your book so there’s one less thing to worry about. Together with its distribution power and book marketing tools, D2D is undoubtedly one of the best free eBook creators!

        Pricing: Free!

        Export formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI 

        4. Atticus

        A platform built by authors for authors, Atticus helps you write and export your book. You can use it to create both eBooks and print books. Unlike Vellum and Ulysses, Atticus isn’t Mac-exclusive and works well on Windows, Linux, and even Chrome!

        The writing dashboard is equipped with a book goal section, but the software truly excels in its formatting options. Atticus offers 17 unique templates, 1,200 style combinations, and a custom theme builder. You can preview your eBook before exporting it in the format of your choice.

        Pricing: $147 (lifetime license)

        Export formats: PDF and EPUB

        5. Scrivener

        Much like Atticus, Scrivener helps you write your book and then export it as an eBook. Its Corkboard and Outliner tools help you streamline your writing efforts while Full-Screen Writing gets rid of any distractions. It offers basic formatting options to help you create a professional eBook.

        Scrivener is especially useful for creating screenplays and nonfiction books. It automatically formats screenplays and has various templates for nonfiction. The tool even supports footnotes, which makes it perfect for academic nonfiction. 

        Pricing: $49 (lifetime license)

        Export formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and more

        6. Adobe InDesign 

        An affordable and advanced tool, Adobe InDesign features lower in our list purely because of its steep learning curve. You’ll have to invest quite some time learning how it works, but the result is bound to be extraordinary. Luckily, the platform offers various tutorials and resources on how to create an eBook and additional content such as cover design.

        From a polished poetry chapbook to a modern self-help book, Adobe InDesign has all the templates you’ll need and more. The tool further offers the ability to resize eBook designs and work with a team, helping you tweak your design at will.

        Pricing: $22.99 per month

        Export formats: PDF and EPUB

        7. Google Docs

        A versatile and intuitive platform, Google Docs is extremely easy to use. Its cloud-based features help you access your manuscript from any device. You can work with editors, beta readers, and even designers by sharing the file with them. They’ll be able to edit and add comments in real time, which prevents rework and saves you time.

        Google Docs lets you create an eBook in both PDF and EPUB formats, reducing the file converting hassle for you. The best thing about this tool, though, is that it’s a completely free eBook creator! What more could you ask for?

        Pricing: Free!

        Export formats: PDF and EPUB

        8. Microsoft Word

        While this isn’t a free tool, just about everyone on the planet uses—or has at some point used—Microsoft Word. So you won’t spend days getting used to a new tool and can get started right away. There’s a catch, though: Word only lets you create an eBook in PDF format.

        You have the option of converting your PDF file into EPUB or MOBI formats using external tools, but that can be a hassle. You may not have to do this at all since most top self-publishing companies are compatible with the .docx file format. However, Word’s pricing and format limitations are the reasons it ranks lower on our list of the best eBook tools.

        Pricing: $69.99 (annual subscription to Microsoft 365)

        Export format: PDF only

        9. Marq

        Marq is a content creation website that can help you design an attractive eBook. Its free plan allows you to create three documents and choose from hundreds of templates available. Its integration with Google Docs helps you easily import your book text. If you’re planning to use stock images, Marq is also integrated with Unsplash to help you easily find the right pictures.

        Marq is more of an eBook design tool than an eBook creation tool, so it’s better suited to image-heavy eBooks. But if it’s the right software for you, you can get the Pro plan at $3 per month. This is probably the most affordable tool on this list of the top ten eBook creators!

        Pricing: Free!

        Export format: PDF only

        10. FlipHTML5

        If you’re looking for a free eBook creator to create an online magazine or brochure, FlipHTML5 is the tool for you. It allows you to import a variety of file types, from PPT to JPG formats. You can merge different files into a single flipbook and convert multiple files in one batch.

        FlipHTML5 offers ten customizable templates and an online editor with multimedia support. You can use the platform to publish and sell your interactive eBook or export it as an EPUB file. The tool has three paid plans, but the free version offers storage of 20 GB and 500 pages per book. The paid plans are worth it only if your eBook requires specific animation editing or custom templates.

        Pricing: Free!

        Export format: PDF and EPUB

        We hope this list of eBook creator software helps you find the right typesetting tool. If you’d like to keep learning about the self-publishing process, here are some articles:

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