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        10 Best Book Cover Design Services of 2024: Price & Ratings

        • calenderJan 12, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        If you’re looking for the best book cover design services, your search ends here! A book cover design company must be helpful, accessible, and above all, worth the money. So, we’ve considered online reviews, pricing details, and level of technical polish while ranking these services. 

        After all, your cover design is not only a beautiful display that envelops your book but also an important marketing tool. It signals your reader about your book’s genre, quality, and style. So the book cover design agency you work with must understand the market trends in 2024, informing your decisions accordingly. Let’s see which companies fit the bill!

        Make your book stand out with our expert book cover design services!

        These are the ten best book cover design services of 2024:

        1. PaperTrue

        PaperTrue is an end-to-end author service that helps authors refine and publish their manuscripts. They employ designers skilled in various genres and pair you up with the right team of experts. Their team collaborates with you to create two cover designs from which you can choose one.

        PaperTrue also offers unlimited free revisions to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product. Since 2014, they’ve designed over 1,250 covers ranging from edgy sci-fi to heart-touching memoirs. Their professional book cover design services have been rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot.

        Pricing: PaperTrue’s basic package for a book cover starts from $348.  

        Free revisions: Unlimited for book covers 

        2. BookBaby 

        Like PaperTrue, BookBaby is also an end-to-end author service company but is slightly pricier. They offer cover design services for print books, eBooks, and audiobooks. While working with BookBaby, you’ll be asked to generate a quote based on your requirements.

        Once a quote has been generated, you’ll fill in a design questionnaire and provide some rough images as references. Based on the two, BookBaby’s team will create a cover design for your book. Writers have rated them 4.6/5 on Trustpilot.

        Pricing: $399 (eBook cover), $599 (print cover)

        Free revisions: Two

        3. Kirkus Reviews  

        Primarily a book review magazine, Kirkus Reviews also helps writers self-publish their books. They’re certainly on the pricier side of things, but the end product is unparalleled. You get three concepts as well as editing and proofreading for all content on the front and back covers.

        Kirkus Reviews guarantees technical integrity and doesn’t charge any licensing fees for the images included. For those who can afford their services, Kirkus Reviews offers clean, polished, and ethically sourced cover designs. Their services are rated 4.3/5 on Trustpilot.

        Pricing: $699 (eBook cover), $999 (print cover)

        Free revisions: Three 

        4. Ebook Launch 

        A relatively lesser-known author service, Ebook Launch boasts a diverse portfolio of polished designs. They offer two packages based on your book format and you can also order add-ons such as marketing material. This includes social media banners, poster-size files, and custom bookmarks.

        Along with custom cover design, Ebook Launch also offers a gallery of pre-made covers you can choose from. Such a cover runs the risk of being generic but it’s a good choice for writers working on a tight budget. Ebook Launch has been rated 3.9/5 on Trustpilot.

        Pricing: $497 (eBook cover), $595 (print cover)

        Free revisions: Unlimited

        5. MiblArt

        Primarily a book cover design service, MiblArt helps you brainstorm a refined version of your original idea. They offer unlimited revisions and all revisions within the first month of delivery are completely free. A unique aspect of their work is they don’t ask for upfront payment.

        MiblArt offers a variety of packages to authors, such as a book trilogy bundle, an author brand bundle, and a social media bundle. You can choose to order promo materials alongside your book cover by paying an additional $100. Writers have rated MiblArt 4.9/5 on Trustpilot.

        Pricing: $220 (eBook cover),  $270 (ebook and print cover design)

        Free revisions: Unlimited

        6. Damonza

        Damonza is an interior formatting and book cover design agency that boasts 35 years of experience. They offer four packages ranging from $175 to $1,645. The base package is for authors who have the visuals prepared and only need typography for the text on the cover.

        The other three packages offer various perks according to the cost but may be too expensive for most writers. The standard package, for example, offering two first draft options, costs almost twice as much as most other companies. If you do have the coin, though, the premium package ($1,645) offers four draft options within ten days!

        Pricing: $395 (one draft option), 645 (two draft options)

        Free revisions: Two, three, or unlimited, depending on the package chosen

        7. JD&J Book Cover Design 

        Although lesser known than some other book cover design agencies listed here, JD&J Design offers great price packages to self-publishing authors. Even their most basic package comes with 3D promo mockups and a free barcode! Other packages offer various social media banners and promotional links from the company.

        Although JD & J offers great package deals, their cover design portfolio is a little less polished. If you choose to work with them, make sure you thoroughly understand the seven parts of book cover design. Give them a very specific brief with plenty of references so your design turns out perfect!

        Pricing: $350 (two draft options), $650 (four draft options)

        Free revisions: Four or unlimited, depending on the package chosen

        8. AIA Publishing 

        AIA Publishing is an author service company that offers typesetting and book cover design services as a bundle. You can have them design only the cover for you, but their website isn’t clear on the pricing for this. We estimate it to be around $300–$450 based on the package listed on the website.

        A standout feature of AIA Publishing is that they also take care of book illustrations. So if you’re publishing children’s stories or photobooks, you can have them work on both tasks. Be warned that while some covers in their portfolio look polished, others seem slightly generic. Weigh your options before making the call!

        Pricing: $999 (print and eBook cover and interior formatting)

        Free revisions: Two

        9. Luminare Press

        Luminare Press is an end-to-end self-publishing company that offers book cover design as part of its “à la carte design services”. While they have great reviews online, their portfolio favors nonfiction books more than other genres. So if you’re looking for a vibrant and eye-catching cover, we’re afraid this isn’t the place to get one.

        One downside of working with Luminare Press is that you only get three rounds of review with only minor corrections. However, if you’re passionate about supporting a small, woman-led business, you can get in touch with them. They have an outstanding rating of 5/5 on Google. 

        Pricing: $600 (print and eBook cover)

        Free revisions: Three 

        10. MindStir Media

        Of all the book cover design companies on this list, MindStir Media offers the most extensive marketing and PR services. They offer only one plan, with which you get an eBook and print book cover. If you’re lucky, they might also throw in some 3D promo images!

        A great aspect of working with MindStir Media is that they schedule a direct call with you to understand your creative vision. The samples on their website indicate proficiency in nonfiction and children’s books, but not much familiarity with horror, sci-fi, or fantasy. They do, however, boast a rating of 4.9/5 on Google!

        Pricing: $675 (print and eBook cover)

        Free revisions: Unlimited 

        We hope one of these best book cover design companies is the partner you’ve been looking for. If you want to edit and self-publish your work, you can consider taking our editing and self-publishing services

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