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        Top 10 Book Formatting Services in 2024 (Free & Paid)

        • calenderJan 25, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Do you wish to create the best first impression for your book? Good formatting not only improves the book’s readability but also makes it a game-changer in the competitive market. Explore all features of the best book formatting services to enhance your book’s visual appeal! 

        We’ve also added which file formats these formatting services support (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, KPF, and more). Want to know which companies can format your book for platforms like Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, and more? Dive in to learn about the top 10 book formatting services in detail! 

        Elevate your book’s presentation with the best book formatting services

        1. PaperTrue

        PaperTrue is an end-to-end author service that employs designers and experts to help authors refine and publish their manuscripts. They help in book editing and formatting services, proofreading, book typesetting, book cover design, book printing, and online book distribution. 

        As one of the best eBook format services, PaperTrue offers significant features and services like:

        A professionally designed book in a format that’s ready for print and online publishing with their book typesetting services.

        • The layout of the text, images, and other content elements can be arranged in various file types like EPUB, depending on your preferences.
        • They have skilled book cover designers who will help you create an attractive and unique cover—including the front, back, and spine.

        2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) 

        A self-publishing platform, Amazon KDP has got your back when it comes to book formatting. It also provides eBook formatting services. Its key features are:

        Some of the important KDP tools and resources are cover formatting resources, paperback and hardcover, paperback file setup calculator, and previewer tools.

        • You can format your hardcover interior file by setting the size of your book and margins, creating your front, body, and back matter elements, and saving your interior file the right way to avoid errors.
        • Various file formats are supported for eBook manuscripts like PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, or TXT files, and the services help you fix quality issues in your Quality Notifications Dashboard.

        You can use this site to edit, format, and market your books. Then, you can also sell them on the Amazon store. They do not charge any fees but take a royalty of 35-70% as per your book’s price and the region.

        3. Blurb

        Looking for the best book formatting services for free? With Blurb’s free online tool, you can format your book using templates or create a variety of products using the content that you provide: photo books, magazines, trade books, notebooks, and eBooks. Its key features are:

        Blurb makes it easy for you to format a book share with their design software options like professionally designed page layouts and layout suggestions.

        • Some of its easy-to-use tools and resources are BookWright, Adobe InDesign Plug-In, Adobe Lightroom, and PDF to Book. 
        • You can also get assistance with Rich Text Format (RTF) import for text-centric books, reflowable text containers, and import of your existing Blurb book files 

        Besides this, cover design, editing, and marketing services are also available as options. They charge a printing cost per book and a distribution fee of 20% of the retail price. With Blurb, you retain your book’s full creative control and distribution options.

        4. Lulu

        If you are searching for professional book formatting services to create hardbacks, softbacks, eBooks, comic books, magazines, etc., then Lulu is a great choice. 

        You can use their free online tool to format your book from their wide range of templates or upload your files. They provide an array of options to publish, print, connect, and sell your products. Here are some of its key features:

        Lulu supports eBooks in the EPUB format, which can be browsed on a wide range of standard devices. Lulu provides free EPUB format conversion for properly structured files.

        • With the help of Global Reach distribution, EPUB books can be found by customers in a variety of online stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Kobo, and many more.
        • EBooks in PDF format can be purchased and downloaded at Lulu’s Bookstore. On the Lulu Bookstore, you have the option of offering your eBook for free or charging a list price of your choosing.

        A pricing calculator determines the cost of your book formatting. They charge a printing cost per book and a distribution fee of 20% of the retail price of the book.

        5. BookBaby

        One of the best eBook formatting services, Bookbaby, was founded in Portland in 2011. With a dedicated team of editors and designers, they provide services like book editing and formatting services, printing, cover designing, etc. Its key features are:

        BookBaby offers an abundance of professional editing services for all genres, ranging from children’s books, fiction books, nonfiction books, cookbooks, and more.

        • Their expert team will assist you in selecting a typeface that compliments your book’s category and is readable. They’ll also help you ensure that your page structure accommodates all information while maintaining readability.
        • You can choose a customized layout and a formatting option that meets industry standards and provides the ultimate reading experience for your book audience. For maximum visual impact, you can also choose to combine color photos, graphics, and text.

        They offer a variety of packages to choose from, which include interior design, cover design, proof copy, ISBN, barcode, eBook conversion, etc. Their team of expert designers takes care of everything, from engaging fonts to professional layouts.

        6. Draft2Digital

        Draft2Digital is one of the best eBook formatting & design services that help you format and distribute your eBook on various platforms. For example, Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, and many more.

        They also offer a few optional services, such as cover design, author pages, and book links. Its key features are:

        For print, Draft2Digital will automatically generate a wraparound cover based on your ebook art and provide some basic customization options like spine text and back cover text editing.

        • Draft2Digital will automatically assign an ISBN to any book published through their system free of charge.
        • Your converted Draft2Digital EPUB can be used anywhere. Even if your book has already been released by another distributor, Draft2Digital can help you reach a wider audience and make project maintenance easier for all other digital retailers.

        They do not charge any upfront fees but take a 10% commission.

        7. Atticus

        Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Atticus, created by Kindlepreneur, is a user-friendly tool. It simplifies the whole process of book formatting. You can choose to format your book from over a dozen templates or make one of your own.

        It is an intuitive tool that is very simple to use. It offers both print and eBook formatting and design services. It also allows you to preview your finished product in real time. Its key features are:

        You can format the content of your book and your manuscript in Atticus using images and graphics.

        • You have access to easy button settings for print, such as trim size, margins, font, font size & line spacing, headers, footers, and pagination, etc.
        • You also get access to advanced, easy settings for print and eBooks, including chapter titles and headings and proofreading your book.

        With a lifetime usage of only $147, Atticus is an extremely valuable resource. 

        8. Elite Authors 

        Founded in 2008, Elite Authors is one of the best book editing and formatting services. Their services include ghostwriting, interior formatting, and book marketing.

        Its key features are:

        Elite Authors provides a range of templates to fit various genres and styles in addition to add-ons to handle various kinds of manuscripts.

        • In addition, scientific materials, picture books, and poetry collections are provided in flawless front and rear matter.
        • The extensive library of beautiful headers, chapter titles, and typefaces will be at your disposal. Furthermore, you will also have access to an EPUB file, a MOBI file, or an eye-catching print-ready PDF that meets CreateSpace’s print requirements in just 10 days.

        Professional book formatting brings efficiency and polish to your book, ensuring your book is perceived the way it’s meant to be. Experts use advanced tools and software to refine your book and make it attractive and engaging. This saves you time, which you can invest to hone your writing skills. 

        9. Damonza

        Damonza is an interior formatting and book cover design agency that offers print and eBook format services with 35 years of experience. They offer various packages and perks according to the cost and unlimited revisions to the layout. They also offer formatting services for both eBook and print layouts, creating the design and performing typesetting of your manuscript. 

        You can choose between print and eBook formatting & design services or just do both.By formatting in both the traditional and the digital way, you’re covering all of the features and publishing your book in whatever way you’d like. Its key features are:

        A professionally formatted, print-ready PDF file of your fiction book for paperback and a professionally formatted EPUB and Kindle (KPF) copy of your fiction book. 

        • A table of contents along with an author’s photo. 
        • Placement of your cover image with unlimited formatting changes until you’re 100% satisfied with your layout. 

        They also provide optional extra benefits like additional images to be placed inside your book, nonfiction formatting, content edits, image editing or manipulation, creation of charts or graphs from raw data, and inclusion of text boxes or decorative elements.

        10. MiblArt

        MiblArt is primarily a book cover design service that helps you brainstorm a refined version of your original idea. They offer unlimited revisions, and all revisions within the first month of delivery are completely free. They offer the first concept within 7-10 business days. Its key features are:

        You can envision your cover before making an order as they help generate ideas that sell.

        • You pay only when you love the result.
        • For their base package, you get an appropriate front matter, file(s) approved by all major publishing sites, external and internal links to websites, and maintaining your italics, bold, underlined, and strikethrough in a turnaround time of 14 days.

        At PaperTrue, our expert team would love to format your book as per your requirements. You can also opt for professional editing and proofreading services to review and refine your book before publishing it. This enhances the overall quality of your book and improves the overall reader experience. 

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