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        Top 10 Book Promotion Services for 2024’s Authors

        • calenderFeb 05, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want your book to reach maximum readers? Explore the features of the top book promotion services in detail! 

        We’ve also included the best book promotion companies that offer services like creating a book teaser, author bio, book trailer, and book blurb. Whether you want to increase sales through Amazon, use email marketing, or increase your online presence, we’ve included the perfect options. So without delaying further, let’s begin! 

        Maximize book sales with expert book promotion services!

        Here are the best book promotion services of 2024: 

        1. PaperTrue 

        One of the trusted self-publishing companies, PaperTrue offers a diverse range of book promotion services. From creating an exciting book teaser for social media to making an attractive promotional video, PaperTrue does it all. They also create a promotional post and press release to market your book. 

        With this, PaperTrue also helps in online distribution on various platforms like Amazon KDP, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Press to promote your book. They can also help you create an eye-catching book cover design for your book. Their team also helps you create an engaging author profile, and book blurb to market your book. PaperTrue’s book promotion services start at $200. 

        2. Scribe Media 

        Scribe Media is a top book promotion agency offering email marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising services. They optimize Amazon’s category search keywords to increase the chances of a bestseller status on Amazon. They also make stunning graphics and develop strategies to coordinate giveaways (free reader copies) to ensure a wider audience for your book. 

        With this, Scribe Media also sets up a Goodreads account and plans for Goodreads giveaway promotions. They also create short and long-form content to post on social media, increasing your book’s reach. The costs for their marketing services start at $12,000. 

        3. BookBaby

        BookBaby is a popular book promotion company that optimizes your Amazon page and uses stronger keywords to increase visibility. They also evaluate your social media profile and give suggestions for engaging social media posts. With this, they also assist in creating targeted ads for promoting your book. If you are searching for eBook promotion services, they offer that as well. 

        Once you select their services, you must fill out a questionnaire and highlight your publishing goals. A book marketing expert will then contact you and provide valuable feedback about how to promote your book. BookBaby offers 3 packages of Amazon retail listing, creating an extensive book marketing plan and social media promotion where every package costs $399. 

        4. Written Word Media 

        Established in 2011, Written Word Media is a reliable book promotion service. They help the book reach a mass audience through their targeted email marketing campaigns. They can also schedule eBook promotions across the best book promotion sites simultaneously, saving you time and effort. 

        With this, Written Word Media also creates ad campaigns on Facebook and Amazon to boost sales. Using Reader Reach ads, they help authors find new readers for their books. These ads are usually served from one of their pages like Free Booksy or Bargain Booksy. The ad campaigns can last 5-10 to 30 days, depending on the requirements. 

        5. Greenleaf Book Group 

        With more than 25 years of experience in publishing, Greenleaf Book Group is one of the best book promotion agencies. Their marketing strategies not only include targeted ads but also book club promotions. They focus on marketing your book to well-known retailers to maximize your book’s distribution. Want eBook promotion services for your book? Greenleaf Book Group can help you market your eBook effectively. 

        Along with social media marketing, they also focus on podcast interviews and reaching out to influencers for book promotion. With this, Greenleaf Book Group also provides Amazon advertising and author branding services. This also includes building an author website, logo, and video to promote your book. 

        6. Elite Authors 

        Elite Authors can optimize your Amazon page for Amazon’s search algorithm to improve your book’s visibility. They can also help you build an active online presence on free book promotion sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. From creating a monthly content calendar to designing posts to attract more readers, Elite Authors does it all. 

        Their expert team also develops a book trailer to promote the book across multiple online platforms. With this, they also get authentic book reviews from actual readers and post them on your book’s page. They also write a good book blurb and help you create a good author profile for book promotion. 

        7. Bookishelf 

        Bookishelf offers a wide range of promotion services including creating an author website, and social media marketing along with Google, Facebook, and Youtube advertising. They also comprehensively review your book and post their reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads, and other eBook promotion sites. With this, they also create social media posts and help you manage various fan pages for your book. 

        They also interview the author and post the interview on various social media platforms. Their expert team creates a comprehensive book marketing plan that covers all the services mentioned above, tailored to your book’s needs. You can opt for the whole plan or customize it, depending on your requirements. 

        8. Ghost Book Writers 

        One of the best book promotion companies, Ghost Book Writers offers expert email marketing, and advertising, and creates search-engine optimized content for book promotion. With this, Ghost Book Writers also draft a press release for your book. Their team creates a customized marketing plan as per your book requirements. They also plan your book launch and help you advertise in top newspapers and magazines. After your book launch, they also provide post-promotion services to ensure that your book reaches a wider audience. 

        9. Smith Publicity 

        Smith Publicity is a reliable book promotion company that helps authors with social media marketing. They also craft engaging press releases and create content for the author’s website. Their expert team will also help you plan book events like podcasts and interviews to promote your book. 

        They also help to increase your book’s reach through media engagements on podcasts, radio, and television. With this, they also optimize your Amazon page, develop a list of media contacts, and pitch your book to the relevant editors. They also offer expert eBook promotion services. 

        10. Friesen Press 

        Friesen Press provides comprehensive promotion services that include creating a stunning book trailer, an author website, and posting content on the best book promotion sites. They also help you get professional reviews from Kirkus Reviews and Clarion Book Review. 

        With this, they also create promotional materials like catalogs, bookmarks, and business cards to market your book. If you are a part of any book promotional event, they can also design creative banners to market your book. They also provide coaching and access to a webinar to understand the basics of book marketing

        Now that you know about the top book promotion services, you can choose the best one for your book. You can browse through these book promotion sites and compare them to select the perfect service. You can also research the best free book promotion sites to increase your book’s reach. As leaders in self-publishing services, we’d love to help you publish and market your book. 

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