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        Top 10 Book Printing Services for Authors in 2024

        • calenderFeb 21, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to see the first printed copy of your book? Explore all the features of the best services for printing your own book! To help you decide, we’ve added information about book printing prices. 

        We’ve also answered many questions you may have such as: What are the binding options for printing my book? Whether you want to print hardcovers or paperbacks, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, let’s delve into the details! 

        Get expert book printing services today!

        Here are the best book printing companies of 2024: 

        1. PaperTrue 

        PaperTrue is a trusted self-publishing company that offers expert book printing services. Established in 2014, they have a rating of 4.8 on Google. They offer several printing options such as perfect bound, case bound, and jacket laminate. With this, they perform perfect typesetting for both hardcover and paperback books. 

        PaperTrue’s fast turnaround time enables customers to receive printed copies in 2-3 days! By ensuring high-quality images and text, they make your book look professional. With this, PaperTrue also provides, editing and proofreading, book cover design, and eBook conversion services. It costs $12 per copy to print a 200-page book. 

        2. BookBaby 

        BookBaby offers the best online book printing services for paperback and hardbacks. They use printing presses like HP Indigo and Xeikon to ensure high-quality printing. BookBaby can print more than five thousand books in less than 2 weeks. They also offer several glossy and matte hardcover options for your book. 

        They print books in the USA. Their team of experts ensures the perfect bookbinding and superior photo-quality images for books. Along with book printing, Book provides book cover design and eBook conversion services. It costs $17.43 per copy to print a 200-page book on BookBaby. 

        3. Lulu 

        A popular self-publishing platform, Lulu provides affordable book printing services. They include several options such as case wrap with a glossy cover, A5 paperbacks, matte finish, and stiff cover. Whether you desire black-and-white or colored printing, they can do it for you!

        Some of the popular standard book sizes Lulu offers are 5.83 x 8.27 inches, 6 x 9 inches, and 8.5 x 11 inches. Lulu also gives you the option to select a book size and download a free book design template. To print your book, you need to create your account on Lulu. It costs $7.51 to print a novella of 200 pages. 

        4. Blurb 

        Blurb is one of the top self-publishing companies that provides book printing services online. They offer templates for cookbooks, family books, photo books, travel books, baby books, and portfolio books. They use various tools such as Adobe InDesign and BookWright for high-quality books. 

        Some of the book sizes Blurb provides are 7 x 7 inches and 10 x 8 inches. Blurb gives customers an option of offset printing of 750 copies. You can also request a custom quote to print more books. The cost of printing a book of 200 pages with a soft cover is $12.03. 

        5. Alpha Graphics 

        From design to bookbinding, Alpha Graphics provides various online book printing services. You can select from binding types like Rivet, side-sewn, saddle stitching, and spiral binding. With this, Alpha Graphics also gives finishing options like aqueous coating, UV coating, and clear or tinted varnishing. 

        Alpha Graphics also creates your book’s digital version for online platforms like Amazon KDP and Apple Books. To understand the book printing costs involved, you need to upload your book file on their website. 

        6. InterPress Global

        Located in Florida, InterPress Global is an expert book printing company. Their team helps you select the perfect book format, layout, and design. They specialize in printing coffee table books, children’s books, journals, religious books, art books, and graphic novels. 

        To provide the best book printing services, they use technologies such as computerized sewing machines and fully automatic casemakers. With this, they can assist in creating the perfect eBook for online distribution. Whether you desire a hardcover, a soft cover, or a leather-covered book, they can print it for you! 

        7. Burnett Print Group 

        Burnett Print Group is one of the best book printing services in Iowa, USA. They offer printing for children’s books, photography books along with other genres of fiction and nonfiction. 

        They provide various printing options such as softcover, hardcover, perfect bound, and case bound. With this, they also have options for foil stamping and embossing on books. They have printed various books like Managing Like a Boss by Les J. Goodwin and The Art of Tim Burton by Steeles Publishing. To ensure high-quality printing, Burnett Print Group has partnered with Iocolor, a book printing company in Seattle. 

        8. Cushing-Malloy 

        Cushing-Malloy is one of the leading online book printing companies in Michigan. Depending on the requirements, it can print from 300-50,000 book copies. Cushing-Malloy has various printing options such as foil stamping, embossing, spot varnish, and lay-flat film lamination. 

        If you want a hardbound, you can select from binding options like case adhesive, case smyth sewn, drill, PUR, round cornering, and shrink wrap. Book printing and binding services for soft-bound include PUR soft cover, Smyth sewn, saddle stitch, and notch. Some of the standard trim sizes they offer are 6 x 9, 7 x 10, and 4-1/4 x 7. 

        9. Printing CEO 

        Based in California, Printing CEO offers both offset and digital printing services. They offer printing for hardcover and paperback books with quick turnaround times. Whether you want to print photo books, magazines, fiction or nonfiction books, they can do it for you! 

        Depending on the requirements, printing presses used can vary from 1-color to 10-color. Their team ensures the perfect design and formatting while printing your book. They also provide Variable Data Printing (VDP)  where text and images can be changed or personalized. 

        10. Walker360 

        With 60+ years of experience, Walker360 offers the best options for printing a book. You can choose between digital inkjet printing, variable data printing, and print-on-demand. They have quick turnaround times and offer 24/7 customer support. 

        Their expert team can also customize texts, images, and graphics to reduce costs (if required). Their binding options include saddle stitching, perfect bound, spiral bound, and wire bound (coil binding). Through their 360Express Portal, you can order as many copies as you want. 

        Now that you know the best services for printing your own book, you can select one. You don’t need to google “book printing services near me” anymore. You can check the reviews of these companies for book printing online. By inquiring about the costs in detail, you can select an affordable book printing service. 

        At PaperTrue, we offer expert printing services to make your book ready for distribution. If you have any queries about: “What is the process for printing my book?” you can always reach out! We also offer self-publishing services such as securing an ISBN, creating a copyright page, and online book distribution. 

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