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        Top 10 Paper Editing Services of 2024 (Costs & Features)

        • calenderFeb 22, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Every writer deserves a great editor. That’s why, we’ve compiled a list of the best paper editing services! Discover all the features and prices of the top paper editing services to select the best one! 

        We’ve mentioned their turnaround time as well to help you decide. Whether you need help to check citations or paper formatting, we’ve got you covered! So, without wasting time, let’s explore the services in detail! 

        Elevate your writing with our expert paper editing services!

        Here are the top 10 paper editing services of 2024: 

        1. PaperTrue 

        With a rating of 4.8 on Google, PaperTrue is one of the trusted paper editing services. Established in 2014, they’ve helped thousands of students edit dissertations, essays, theses, and other academic writing. Their editors thoroughly review your document. From correcting any formatting inconsistencies, layout issues, and sentence mistakes to modifying referencing errors, they do it all! 

        Their editors offer in-depth feedback to elevate your paper’s quality. Want to check your document’s plagiarism score? PaperTrue can also do that for you! To know more about their process for editing a paper, you can visit their website and opt for a free sample. 

        Turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week

        Price: It costs $44 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        2. Scribbr 

        Scribbr is a popular online paper editing service for students and academics. With offices in the Netherlands and Amsterdam, they have a team of 800+ editors. They rectify all grammatical mistakes and structural errors to enhance clarity. 

        No matter which English dialect you’ve written your paper in, they’ll edit it for you! Want to ensure consistency of your citations and references? Scribbr also examines whether the citations are correctly written along with paper formatting. With this, Scribbr also offers AI-powered proofreading for US English documents. 

        Turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week 

        Price: $59 for a 1000-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        3. Editage 

        Editage has edited more than 2 million papers in the last twenty years. They have worked in 1600+ subject areas including medical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, physical engineering, business, and economics. They offer four services: advanced editing, premium editing, scientific editing, and digital editing. While advanced editing includes a review by 2 experts, for scientific editing, 3 experts review your document. 

        Their editors format your document and ensure that the citations are correct. They also provide a free paper editing certificate. If you’re dissatisfied with their services, they can also re-edit the document for you. 

        Turnaround time: 8 hours to 1 week

        Price: It costs $140 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        4. Scribendi 

        Based in Canada, Scribendi is one of the best online paper editing companies. They edit term papers, white papers, research papers, essays, and assignments. They can edit as per the guidelines of the required citation style (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard referencing, or the Council of Science Editors style). 

        Their paper editors help you organize your document and ensure clarity and consistency. They also provide you with a summary of the edits done and feedback for improvement. 

        Turnaround time: 2 hours to 1 week 

        Price: It costs $44.69 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        5. Enago 

        Enago is a well-known academic editing company that has worked with researchers worldwide. They’ve helped authors publish their papers in journals like Springer, Helion, Nature, and Nutrition Reviews. Enago edits theses, scientific papers, essays, and research papers. 

        Two expert editors review the document’s language, grammar, formatting, style, and content flow. With this, editors also perform the document’s plagiarism check. Their after-sales services include 1-year unlimited re-editing along with journal revision support. 

        Turnaround time: 1 day to 6 days

        Price: It costs $173 for substantive editing of a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        6. Proofed 

        Proofed is a fast, professional paper editing service with a team of 750+ editors. They ensure that your document has clarity, consistency, and an appropriate tone. Whether you wish to edit research papers, essays, academic assignments, or literature reviews, they can do it for you! Their team corrects all errors and restructures the text to ensure content flow. 

        With this, they also format your document as per the requirements. Their formatting services include creating a cover page, inserting charts, tables, and figures, adding headers, footers, and captions, and ensuring consistency in font styles used. 

        Turnaround time: 3 hours to 1 week 

        Price: It costs $30 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        7. Wordvice 

        Wordvice provides high-quality services for editing papers. Their services include editing theses, dissertations, journal manuscripts, and college and university assignments. They also have their own Plagiarism Checker, APA Citation Generator, MLA Citation Generator, etc. 

        Their editors are native English speakers from New Zealand, the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. They work in various fields such as physical sciences, and humanities. Wordvice also has developed various tools such as an AI Proofreader, AI Paraphrasing Tool, AI Summarizer, AI Translator, and AI Summarizer. 

        Turnaround time: 9 hours to 1 week 

        Price: It costs $44 to edit a 1000-word document within 24 hours. 

        8. Editor World 

        With headquarters in Virginia, USA, Editor World is one of the top companies for paper editing online. They work with various fields such as science, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Their services include editing research papers, dissertations, manuscripts, scientific papers, and assignments. 

        Their expert team enhances the documents’ clarity, flow, and readability. With this, Editor World formats all citations and references as per the guidelines. Editor World also enables you to track changes in your document easily. 

        Turnaround time: 2 hours to 1 week 

        Price: It costs $34 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        9. Papercheck 

        Based in California, Papercheck is a reliable academic service fo editing papers. They edit and proofread dissertations, term papers, theses, and essays. They eliminate all document errors and enhance sentence structure. Their paper editors are US-educated professionals with professional expertise in editing. 

        They also ensure that your document is edited as per the required style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, AMA, etc). Papercheck also offers an Elite Level Editing option where two editors review your document. To use their services, you need to register on their website and upload your document. 

        Turnaround time: 3 hours to 1 week 

        Price: It costs $62.9 to edit a 1000-word document in 24 hours. 

        10. Elsevier 

        Elsevier offers three packages for editing a paper: Standard (7 days), Express (1 day), and Plus (5 days). All three packages include the basic language check and free re-editing services. However, the turnaround time is less for the Standard package as compared to the Express and Plus package. 

        Some of the services that only the Plus package has are: re-editing support for a year, improving content flow, formatting, checking and editing references, a cover letter, an assessment report, and word count reduction. However, the Plus package is expensive, making it a less favorable option for many. 

        Turnaround time: 24 hours to 1 week

        Price: It costs $280  to edit a 1500-word document in 24 hours. 

        Now that you know the best paper editing services, you can select the best one. You don’t need to research paper editing websites anymore. While none of these are free editing services, they ensure high-quality documents. 

        At PaperTrue, our expert editors would love to perfect your document. Whether you wish to edit an academic or a professional paper, we can do it for you! We not only provide editing and proofreading services but also professional typesetting for your document. 

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