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        Editing and
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        Top 10 Dissertation Editing Services of 2023

        • calenderJan 11, 2023
        • calender 5 min read

        The thought of editing and proofreading can give the heebie-jeebies to even the most seasoned writers. It’s only natural for students and everyday scribblers to break a sweat when they have to undertake such arduous tasks. And it’s even more important that you send in your dissertation for editing before turning it in. All that intensive reading, technical precision, the unfamiliar or forgotten grammar rules, and syntax? Yeah, all things vexing. It’s best you leave it to experts. And that’s why PaperTrue is here, as are many others who assist you in creating error-free dissertations for those perfect A’s!

        This week on the PaperTrue blog, we look at the Top 10 Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services. Let’s dive into the list:  

        #1 PaperTrue

        We have conveniently put PaperTrue on the top position before introducing you to other candidates. PaperTrue provides professional editing and proofreading to ensure your academic documents are error-free and impactful, with improved flow and formatting.

        Our expert editors are native English speakers from diverse academic backgrounds, who know how to thoroughly process your projects, having cared for their own in the past.   

        PaperTrue ensures your work is free from all English language errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typography) and has an improved style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence. 

        View PaperTrue’s samples edits and get your free one here

        editing services

        Pricing: Express editing of a 1000-word academic document within 24 hours will cost you US $36.


        #2 Scribendi 

        Scribendi provides a wide array of English editing and proofreading services which include academic editing (dissertation, thesis, and proposal editing), admission essay editing, business editing, and editing for authors, along with editing of various personal documents such as cover letters and resumes. 

        proofreading services

        Pricing: A 24-hour proofread of a 1000-word academic text will cost you about US $40.


        #3 Wordy  

        This UK based firm provides online disseration editing, proofreading and copy-editing services. They promise to create great content regardless of whether you’re writing a book, a business presentation, an academic article or an email. What we like about Wordy is that they’ve worked hard to keep things easy for the clients, placing an order on this website is hassle-free. Take a tour and get to know the ordering process and what to expect from the job.

        They process your work across 11 major file formats including MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, LaTeX, Google docs and more.

        proofreading and writing

        Pricing: A proofing job for 1000 words will cost you a little over US $40. 


        #4 Editage 

        This one is for all your academic editing purposes as Editage focuses solely on English language editing services for Academic, Scientific Manuscripts, Articles, and Papers. So even if authors and job seekers have no business here, students looking to publish papers in prestigious journals can bet their money on this one. After all, this service is recommended by more than 1600 international journals.

        Their 4-step exhaustive editing process is laid out here

        editing services

        Pricing: You can have your Papers checked with Editage for prices starting at $30 USD per 1000 words.


        #5 Enago 

        Apart from the standard dissertation editing and proofreading, Enago also offers additional translation, statistical analysis, video abstracts, medical writing, and publishing help. What also makes them special is that they have a rewards club, a common ploy for customer retention seldom found on such websites. They also claim a near 100% client satisfaction and have websites up and running in other regional languages like Chinese and Korean. 

        Enago’s editing team has Ph.D./Master’s qualified native English-speaking editors with vast experience. Also, every paper you submit to them is reviewed by a highly specialized subject-area expert to ensure technical accuracy. 

        editing services

        Pricing: Enago has its services bundled in various packages which you can check here. Prices look more on the steeper side to us. 


        #6 Kibin 

        Kibin has a single editing and proofreading focus on Essays and they like to proclaim themselves as the #1 authority on everything essay writing. The other stalwarts on this list would like to disagree. We can organize a formal debate sometime later, but sure, we’ll let them have it for now. 

        A unique offering found on Kibin is a huge Essay Examples Library you could refer to, draw inspiration from, and get started with your essays. Subsequently have them edited for word choice, sentence structure, idea flow, and logic along with the standard round of grammar, spelling, and punctuation check. All essay editing is done with track changes.

        proofreading and writing

        Pricing: A standard editing affair of 24 hours for a 1000 word document is priced at the US $40.


        #7 Proofreadingpal 

        A Two-proofreader model is what Proofreading Pal prides on. Every submission is edited by not one, but two professional proofreaders who check for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure and clarity. 

        But double-checking is standard procedure at all editing and proofreading firms. Or is it just us whose doing it and not shouting it out from the roofs?
        writing and editing

        Pricing: Depending on the kind of document and formatting style, a 24-hour turnaround can cost you between US $30-$100. 


        #8 Wordvice 

        Wordvice is a sidekick to scholars, researchers, students, writers, and businesses around the world who edits academic and professional writing. A typical job consists of improving the style, sentence structure, clarity and coherence of your writing. 

        What sets them apart is their dedicated focus on admissions and scholarship editing services to critique undergraduate, graduate, and professional school essays, along with scholarship applications and recommendation letters. You can check their entire range of utilities here.

        editing and proofreading and writing

        Pricing alert: A 1000-word academic document worked within 24 hours hits US $80.


        #9 EliteEditing 

        Australia’s most trusted dissertation editing service has world-class, PhD-qualified editors to provide you with academic editing services. Elite editing can help you with any academic document, they’ve got the entire range covered. 

        They even provide expert coaching to improve your academic writing post-order. The editors return each piece of reviewed work with a comprehensive letter which explains all the changes made to your document and advice on how to improve it further.

        editing and writing

        Pricing: You will have to shell out AUS $130 for a 24-hour turnaround of a 1000 word academic document.  


        #10 EditMyEnglish 

        The last name on this list tells you what all the bigwigs on this list do: Edit your English. This one is just explicit about it. EditMyEnglish, an affiliate of Grammar Labs, LLC, was started in Indiana in 2004 to serve the large international student population at Purdue University and has since expanded to almost every university in the US and around the world.

        They provide dissertation editing and proofing services across the board; Academic, Business and Literary. Expert editors carefully modify your documents to ensure that it is 100% grammatically correct with tracked changes in your document. View their sample edit here

        proofreading services and writing

        Pricing: The price calculator on this website is broken so we can’t determine how much would it be for the standard measure. But the per-page cost is USD $6.49. Fit in 1000 words in a single page for the best deal! 

        There you have it, our top 10 picks of the online editing and proofreading biz.

        If you feel these services are too pricey or want to trust yourself with the job, you could try these editing and proofreading tools available for free download:

        1. Grammarly: 

        The popular app and extension for your browser that checks grammar, spelling, plagiarism and more. Once added, it seamlessly fits itself into most writing platforms including MS Word, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and more. It’s now being pitched as being your “Free Grammar Assistant.” 

        But there obviously are many limitations with the free version on the app, it only does a basic grammar and spelling checks. To avail full features, you must buy the premium version.


        1. Ginger Grammar Checker: 

        The Ginger Grammar Checker corrects a vast range of English Language errors. It offers free grammar and spell-check as well as premium online proofreading software. Plugins are available for most browsers, if not that you can just visit the website and feed in your text there for a free check.


        1. Hemingway App: 

        The front page of the website cleverly explains what the software does and how it can help you. The grammar checker is sharp and won’t let a single error slide in your writing. Being fast and efficient makes it ideal for self-editing academic texts, fiction, and non-fiction writing.

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        Manish Linkedin

        Manish is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and the Founder of PaperTrue. His vision is to make impeccable English communication possible for everybody, so they can write effectively and gain the academic and professional success they deserve.

        5 comments on “Top 10 Dissertation Editing Services of 2023

        1. Dustin says:

          Dissertation editing is an essential service and this blog helps you find the best company for it. Awesome work!

        2. Adarsh says:

          I’d like to know more about services and payment information

          • Chetna Anand says:

            Hi Adarsh!
            You can visit our website to know more about our services. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions.

        3. Josephat Machini says:

          Thanks for the information, especially on grammar checker apps.

        4. Frank Foe says:

          A very helpful blog you have posted on dissertation editing services. As this is a very much-needed service, your editing will help a lot.

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