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        Top 10 English Correctors to Perfect Your Text in 2024

        • calenderMar 21, 2024
        • calender 5 min read

        Want to perfect your document using the top free and paid tools? In this article, we’ve listed all the important features of the best English correctors. For paid English correctors online, we’ve also given the pricing. 

        Several English correctors also provide additional features like paraphrasing, checking plagiarism, and inconsistencies in style. So without any delay, let’s explore in detail! 

        Achieve error-free documents with expert editing services!

        1. QuillBot 

        The web page of QuillBot’s English corrector. 

        QuillBot is a free software for English correction online. It thoroughly checks for spelling and grammar mistakes. It also points out any punctuation or word choice errors. 

        It can review documents in US, Canadian, British, and Australian English dialects. You can download its Chrome extension for free to use QuillBot for checking documents. 

        2. Grammarly 

        The web page of Grammarly’s English corrector.

        Grammarly is a popular, free software for English sentence correction online. It gives suggestions to rephrase complex and long sentences. With this, it also highlights any passive voice usage and recommends how to simplify sentences. 

        Along with a spelling and grammar check, Grammarly also suggests synonyms for repetitive words. Its English text corrector also points out any incorrect capitalization and redundant words. With this, it also provides a readability score for your document. It has a premium version that costs $12 per month. 

        3. ProWritingAid 

        The web page of ProWritingAid’s English corrector.

        ProWritingAid offers one of the best free English sentence correctors. Along with checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it also offers suggestions for rephrasing. The free version for English language correction also includes a Word Explorer and a thesaurus. You can find meanings and synonyms using this feature. 

        A con is that its free version for English text correction has a 500-word limit. Its paid version provides unlimited grammar checks, 25+ writing analysis reports, and advanced suggestions for style improvements. It also has a paid version that costs $10 per month. 

        4. Ginger 

        The web page of Ginger’s English corrector.

        Ginger is a simple and fast tool for English grammar correction online. By pasting your text, you can review documents in UK and US English. It has a free and a paid version for online English correction. Using Ginger’s free version, you can get 40 suggestions to rephrase your sentences. 

        By opting for its paid, premium version, you can check and rephrase any unlimited sentences. The paid version for English writing correction costs $13.99 per month. 

        5. Whitesmoke 

        The web page of WhiteSmoke’s English corrector.

        An effective tool for English sentence correction online, Whitesmoke easily integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook. It functions on all browsers, Mac, OS, and Windows. Whether you want to rectify grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or remove repetitive words, Whitesmoke can help! 

        It also detects any inconsistencies in style and performs a plagiarism check. With this, Whitesmoke also provides a translator and dictionary to enhance vocabulary. This corrector in English also has a premium version that costs $79.95 per year. 

        6. LanguageTool 

        The web page of LanguageTool’s English corrector.

        LanguageTool gives recommendations to rectify any spelling and grammar errors. It also highlights any incorrect dates and inconsistent use of numbers. With this, LanguageTool’s English grammar corrector also points out any wrongly used tenses in the document. 

        The paid version identifies subject-verb agreement errors, incorrect word combinations, and repetitive words. Using this English writing corrector, you can click on any sentence to paraphrase it. The premium version for online English correction costs $24.90 per month. 

        7. Linguix 

        The web page of Linguix’s English corrector.

        Linguix is one of the top tools for English correction that you can use across all browsers. It highlights all grammatical, spelling, and word choice errors. It provides statistics on the text quality, words, characters, and reading time. With this, it offers a text quality score for the document. 

        A con is that its free version for English correction online doesn’t scan longer texts. Along with a grammar checker, Linguix also provides AI-writing to rephrase your content. The paid version of this English corrector online costs $15 per month. 

        8. Scribbr 

        The web page of Scribbr’s English corrector.

        Scribbr’s free English sentence corrector can scan your text within seconds It reviews your document for any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and word choice errors. 

        Scribbr also rectifies sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement errors, and parallelism issues. It supports documents of UK, US, Canadian, and Australian English dialects. You can paste or upload the text for English text correction. 

        9. Reverso 

        The web page of Reverso’s English corrector.

        Reverso is an efficient tool for English grammar correction online. It can scan 360 characters at a time for any errors. It can also identify spelling and style errors and rephrase the content. 

        Reverso gives you the option to check documents in US or UK English. You can also use Reverso to get synonyms and conjugations of any verb. Its premium version for online English sentence correction costs 9.99 Euros per month. It provides advanced suggestions and unlimited use of its AI-paraphrasing tool

        10. PaperRater

        The web page of PaperRater’s English corrector.

        PaperRater has an online proofreader where you need to paste/upload your text. After filling in all important details such as the education level, what type of paper you’re submitting, and whether you require a plagiarism check, click on the ‘Get Report’ option. PaperRater’s English text corrector will immediately grade your paper and give suggestions for revision. 

        This tool also functions as an English grammar corrector and rectifies any misuse of tenses, articles, and capitalization mistakes. With this, it also provides suggestions for better word choice, correcting wrong spellings, and enhancing style. The best part- PaperRater’s tool for online English sentence correction costs nothing! 

        Now that you know the top English correctors online, you can select the best one. However, these English correctors might not offer in-depth feedback and editing as human editors. At PaperTrue, we provide expert editing and proofreading services for your document. Whether you want to check essays, dissertations, assignments, research, or business papers, we can help! 

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