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        Top 10 AI Proofreaders to Perfect Your Writing in 2024

        • calenderFeb 29, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to create a strong impact with perfectly edited content? Discover all essential features of the top 10 AI proofreading tools! We’ve included both, paid and free online proofreading tools for you. 

        From correcting grammar mistakes to rephrasing content, these proofreaders do it all. Whether you wish to proofread academic documents or business papers, we’ve got you covered! So without prolonging further, let’s begin! 

        Eliminate all errors with expert proofreading services!

        1. QuillBot

        QuillBot is one of the best, free online proofreaders. It rectifies punctuation, word choice, and grammar errors. It can also rephrase complex sentences for better clarity. 

        QuillBot’s AI proofreader can proofread British, Canadian, American, Canadian, and Australian English documents. They offer an extension for users who wish to proofread documents in Word and Google Docs. QuillBot also provides additional tools like a Grammar Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator, Plagiarism Checker, and Translator.  

        2. Scribbr 

        Scribbr’s online proofreader can proofread your document within 10 minutes. It reviews your document, pointing out all spelling, punctuation, and sentence-construction errors.

        To use this free tool, you need to just paste your text in the tool. All errors are highlighted in red.  You can analyze and decide how these errors can be fixed. Alternatively, you can select “Fix all errors” and Scribbr will rectify all mistakes. 

        3. Semrush

        Semrush’s free proofreader uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze errors. It identifies cliched phrases, passive voice, weak adjectives, and wordy and complex sentences. 

        If there are too long paragraphs and word choice errors, Semrush highlights them. Semrush’s free online proofreading tool also analyzes your content’s tone (whether it’s very casual/formal). With this, Semrush also gives a readability score for your document. 

        4. Grammarly 

        Grammarly is one of the popular, free proofreading tools used worldwide. It offers suggestions for correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. Grammarly highlights complex sentences and suggests how to rephrase them. 

        Once you paste your text into Grammarly’s free proofreader, all errors are underlined in red. You can then accept Grammarly’s suggestions to fix all errors. 

        5. EasyBib 

        EasyBib’s efficient, free online proofreader scans your paper for spelling and grammatical errors. It also analyzes if there are punctuation mistakes, misused pronouns, and word choice errors. 

        If you want in-depth feedback and attention for your paper, you can submit your draft to Expert Check. This will help you to get personalized suggestions from a writing expert. You can also use their plagiarism checker to check your document’s plagiarism score. 

        6. ProWritingAid 

        ProWritingAid is one of the best proofreading software for students, authors, and businesses. Its free proofreader highlights overused words, long sentences, cliches, and word choice errors. It gives synonyms of words and suggestions to enhance sentence structure.

        Using ProWritingAid’s free proofreading software, you can edit 500 words or less at a time. To use ProWritingAid on Google Chrome, Word, and Google Docs, you can install its extension.

        7. Ginger

        Ginger not only checks spelling and grammar but also offers in-depth feedback. It suggests context-based suggestions for rephrasing your content for clarity. It also highlights any pronoun, tense, and punctuation errors. 

        With this, Ginger’s free online proofreading tool also provides AI-based synonyms. Through their website, you can easily download Ginger as a desktop/mobile app. You can also add their extension to Chrome for free. 

        8. Hemingway Editor 

        Hemingway Editor highlights lengthy sentences in yellow and complex sentences in red. With this, Hemingway Editor also shows adverbs and weak verbs in blue. If there is an inappropriate use of passive voice, Hemingway’s proofreading software displays it in green. 

        For words that can be hard to understand, Hemingway Editor also provides simpler alternatives. If you need advanced proofreading, you can opt for Hemingway’s AI proofreading tool for $10 per month. This feature is a part of the paid version, Hemingway Editor Plus, which includes 5000 AI sentences per month. 

        9. Wordvice

        Wordvice’s AI proofreader online offers four levels of proofreading: light, standard, intensive, and concise. While the ‘light’ option enables you to correct spelling and grammatical errors, the ‘standard’ option also enhances your document’s vocabulary. 

        In comparison, the ‘intensive’ feature helps to improve the content flow along with improving grammar, and spelling errors. Users opting for the ‘concise’ option can also shorten their text and improve clarity. To use their free proofreading software, you need to create an account from Wordvice’s website. 

        10. WhiteSmoke 

        WhiteSmoke is one of the best proofreading software that reviews your document’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. It identifies sentence fragments, random capitalization, subject-verb disagreements, and missing words and offers suggestions. If your sentences sound monotonous or there are tense inconsistencies, WhiteSmoke points this out. 

        To opt for WhiteSmoke’s proofreading services, you need to select from their yearly or 3-year plans. While their yearly plan starts from $5 per month, their 3-year plan begins from $3.47 per month. 

        This concludes our guide to the best proofreading tools online! By comparing the pros and cons of every proofreading tool online, you can select the perfect one. However, we’ll be truthful: These AI proofreading tools might not offer comprehensive feedback like human editors. 

        At Papertrue, we offer expert editing and proofreading services for your document. Whether you wish to proofread an academic or business paper, we can do it for you! 

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