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        The Top 10 Online Proofreading Services of 2024

        • calenderDec 19, 2023
        • calender 6 min read

        Do you wish to increase the credibility, readability, and overall quality of your document? Online proofreading services not only elevate your document but also save you time. Explore the features and advantages of the top 10 online proofreading services for your document! 

        We’ve also mentioned the costs and ratings to help you choose the best proofreading service online. These services are your gateway to academic and professional excellence. So without further delay, let’s begin! 

        Here are the best proofreading services of 2024: 

        1. PaperTrue

        PaperTrue is one of the most trusted online proofreading services. They proofread and edit dissertations, essays, research papers, journal articles, assignments, books, and personal statements. They also check academic documents’ plagiarism scores and ensure that they follow referencing style guidelines. 

        Their team of expert editors conducts a comprehensive review of the document. They enhance grammar, punctuation, syntax, and sentence structure and rectify any word choice mistakes and spelling errors. With this, they also offer self-publishing services like online book distribution, ISBN registration, book marketing, and barcode creation. 

        The price to proofread and edit a 500-word document costs $23 for a turnaround period of 24 hours. 

        Over 1100 customers have rated PaperTrue 4.6 out of 5 on, 4.5 out of 5 on SiteJabber, and 4.8 out of 5 on Google Reviews.  

        2. Scribbr

        Scribbr has a qualified team of native editors who provide academic and business proofreading services. They proofread Ph.D. dissertations, essays, theses, business documents, and research papers. They also have an AI Proofreader that can correct any errors with fast speed and accuracy. 

        Scribbr enhances the overall quality of the document by rectifying any inconsistencies in language use. They also remove any complex phrasing and correct the overuse of passive voice. Their online editing services also include improving the document’s formatting, clarity, and structure. 

        The price to proofread and edit a 500-word document costs $42 for a turnaround period of 24 hours. 

        They have a rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot. 

        3. Scribendi

        Established in 1997, Scribendi is one of the best proofreading and editing services online. They offer academic proofreading and enhance papers, assignments, journal articles, research projects, posters, and presentations. With this, they proofread business documents and books, removing spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and typos. 

        Scribendi also provides authors with a Query Package service, where authors receive a query letter, outline, and synopsis written for their book. They have more than 400 skilled native English experts to proofread documents. Along with proofreading, they also give detailed feedback, enable you to track revisions, and share any major issues. 

        The cost of editing and proofreading a 500-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours is $23.47. 

        They have a rating of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot 

        4. Enago

        With offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, New York, Beijing, and Shanghai, Enago is one of the top global proofreading companies. They enhance documents in various fields like arts, life sciences, economics, engineering, and medical sciences. Their editors help authors improve the overall quality of their articles for publishing in journals. With this, they also proofread research projects and non-academic documents like cover letters and speeches. 

        Enago’s subject matter experts check the document’s plagiarism, formatting, grammar, consistency, and the use of technical jargon. They’ve cemented their reputation in the field of research, collaborating with scholars across 100+ countries.

        It costs $86 for substantive editing and proofreading of a 500-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        They have a rating of 4.1/5 on Trustpilot 

        5. Editage

        Editage has a global team of eight thousand subject experts who work to enhance documents in more than a thousand subject areas. They proofread and edit documents in American English and British English. To help customers meet deadlines, they also deliver proofread documents within twenty-four hours. They proofread scientific papers, essays, dissertations, books, and business material. 

        Editage supports and proofreads documents in various file formats including Latex and Tex file formats. They prioritize confidentiality and their data security processes are ISO-certified. Once you submit the document, only the editor working on your job and the client manager have access to your document. 

        Their price to edit a 500-word document is $34. 

        They have a rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot. 

        6. Kibin 

        Kibin offers expert proofreading services for students, authors, business professionals, and job seekers. Their editors check the document for grammar and spelling errors along with enhancing sentence structure and formatting. After reviewing the document, they provide comprehensive feedback and suggestions to improve it. 

        A leader in essay proofreading services, they help students write better essays by giving them access to essay examples on their website. They also check citations and ensure that the document follows the required style guidelines. Their editors are available 24/7 and their Customer Happiness team responds to requests within twelve hours. 

        It costs $35 to edit and proofread a 500-word academic document with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        They have a rating of 3.8/5 on Trustpilot. 

        7. Wordvice

        Wordvice provides high-quality proofreading services to enhance the readability and clarity of documents. Their editors thoroughly review business documents, books, screenplays, essays, dissertations, research papers, statements of purpose (SOPs), and resumes. They rectify any formatting inconsistencies, improper capitalization, spelling, and grammar issues. 

        Wordvice also has an AI Proofreader to eliminate any document errors with precision. They also give a 15% discount on documents having more than 30,000 words. Their downside is that they do not perform plagiarism checks, which can be disadvantageous for students and researchers who need to know their document’s plagiarism score. 

        The cost of editing and proofreading a 500-word academic assignment with a turnaround time of 24 hours is $44. 

        They have a rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot. 

        8. Proofed

        Providing lightning-fast delivery of proofread documents, Proofed is one of the best options to meet submission deadlines. They proofread Ph.D. proposals, essays, statement of purpose (SOP), research papers, books, business reports, etc. With this, they also help job seekers enhance their resumes and cover letters. 

        Along with proofreading, they also offer copyediting, AI content editing, fact-checking, and formatting services. They ensure that academic documents comply with the specified referencing style guidelines. You can upload a sample on their website for free to try their services. 

        The price of getting a 500-word document proofread in 24 hours is $30. 

        They have a rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot. 

        9. ProofreadingPal

        Founded by Brian Kaldenberg, ProofreadingPal is a reliable and efficient proofreading service. Their service offerings include business proofreading, academic proofreading, resume proofreading, and book and manuscript proofreading. For academic documents, their proofreaders also help ensure formatting and content organization as per the required citation style (APA, MLA, CSE Chicago, etc.). 

        They accept orders 24/7 and provide fast turnaround times of 30-60 minutes for smaller documents. Their editors are subject matter experts, many of them possessing M.A. or Ph.D. degrees. Instead of one proofreader, two proofreading experts work to enhance the document, ensuring accuracy. 

        It costs $22 to edit a 500-word document with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

        They have a rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot. 

        10. Proofreading Services 

        Founded in 2011, Proofreading Services helps students, job aspirants, researchers, and business professionals enhance their writing. They have worked with 25,000+ clients and brands, which include Cisco, IBM, Vogue, and Pearson. They offer combined proofreading and editing services to refine books, academic documents, business material, resumes, and CVs. 

        With this, they also offer website proofreading services. They support various file formats like Word, PDF, and LaTeX files. You can try their services for free by submitting a 300-word document as a free sample. 

        It costs $18.98 to proofread a 500-word academic document. 

        Now that you’ve gone through the best online proofreading services, you can choose the best one for your document. As a trusted brand offering online proofreading and editing services, we’d love to help you perfect your documents. 

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