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        Top 10 Book Writing Software, Websites, and Tools in 2024

        • calenderFeb 01, 2024
        • calender 7 min read

        Ready to revolutionize your writing experience and elevate your storytelling? Explore the features of the top 10 book writing software, websites, and tools in detail!

        Use these tools to ignite your creativity, check grammar, and structure your content. Each tool’s advantages, drawbacks, and pricing are meticulously outlined for you. Without further delay, let’s explore these amazing book writing tools!

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        1. Grammarly

        Grammarly stands out as one of the comprehensive tools for writing a book in 2024. It helps you tailor your writing to your preferred tone and style. It also offers valuable suggestions to enhance the sentence structure.


        • Grammarly’s free version provides instant feedback on basic spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
        • The premium version offers advanced features to refine your writing style. It detects plagiarism and provides suggestions for citations, tone improvements, and rewriting sentences to enhance clarity, etc.
        • Grammarly’s free and premium versions have a very easy-to-use interface.


        • It doesn’t provide holistic feedback about character development, plot, structure, and overall coherence of the story.
        • Integration with Google Docs can experience lags, which may impact the real-time collaborative writing experience.
        • It requires an internet connection for real-time corrections, so you cannot use it offline.

        Pricing: The premium version costs $12/month. 

        2. Hemingway Editor

        One of the top websites for writing a book, Hemingway Editor ensures high-quality content. Its free version assists you in identifying issues with sentence structure, adverbs, and passive voice.

        In addition to this, its paid version provides AI-powered suggestions. With these suggestions, you can fix 5000 sentences per month, one at a time, or simplify multiple sentences together. These suggestions will also help you write more concisely, format text properly, and improve your overall readability score. 


        • This is a free book writing software for beginners that highlights complex and wordy sentences to help you edit better.
        • It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows for quick improvements to sentence structure and readability.
        • It ranks the readability of your content according to grade level.


        • It gives arbitrary advice, which may not be helpful for every writing style or genre.
        • It comes with limited features, due to which many authors find it insufficient for comprehensive editing needs.
        • It doesn’t offer extensions and plugins for any browser.

        Pricing: The paid version costs $10/month

        3. Evernote

        Evernote has established itself as a premier note-taking app for writers. One of the best book writing tools, it allows writers to organize research and collaborate with other writers. Here are the pros and cons of this writing tool:


        • This book writing tool helps you freely capture ideas, write as you go, share notes with others, and sync notes across devices.
        • Its paid version allows you to edit and track tasks, set due dates, restore notes from history, and protect notes with encryption. 
        • Evernote can easily integrate with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and more. 


        • It comes with a limited free plan, which means that the free users will only get fifty notes and one notebook per account.
        • The free account has a 60 MB upload limit, which may pose challenges for writers with substantial multimedia content.
        • The premium plan is expensive, which is not affordable for a lot of writers.

        Pricing: Its paid version costs $14.99/month, and $129.99/year. 

        4. ProWritingAid

        One of the best free book writing websites, ProWritingAid allows users to enjoy its features without costs for the first 500 words. Just like Grammarly, its free version corrects spelling and grammatical mistakes. It also provides ten suggestions to better phrase your sentences every day. 

        With ProWritingAid’s premium version, you can enjoy unlimited access to word count or rephrases. It also offers access to AI-powered sparks, dialogue tags, and so much more! 


        • This book writing tool highlights errors in pacing and complex paragraphs to help you improve writing clarity.
        • It allows for integration with other tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc, that streamline the writing and editing process.
        • The premium version provides custom style guides, writing analysis reports and critiques, etc.


        • The paid plan is pretty expensive, making it challenging for many writers to access for their projects.
        • The tool is not available offline.
        • It only provides two file exporting formats, namely, Word Docx and TextEdit.

        Pricing: Ranges between $10/month and $699/year (depending on the subscription plan) 

        5. Novel Factory

        Novel Factory is one of the best software for writing a book. It not only provides a robust platform for organizing and developing your novel but also guides writers through each stage of the writing process.


        • It provides various writing resources, such as plot and outline templates, prompts on developing great characters, and detailed guides for building characters.
        • It helps you plan and edit your book with interactive drag-and-drop tools like subthemes, plot threads, etc. 
        • It provides step-by-step guidance for writing a book and a 30-day free trial.


        • This is an offline application that doesn’t work on Mac, which is a challenge for many authors.
        • It doesn’t provide a facility for collaborative writing. This is a significant limitation for authors who rely on collaborative efforts or wish to engage in co-authoring projects.
        • The subscription fee is quite expensive. 

        Pricing: Ranges between $7.50/month and $60/month (depending on the subscription plan)

        6. Reedsy Book Editor

        The Reedsy Book Editor is one of the top free book writing software for beginners. It allows you to make notes, leave comments, and collaborate with other authors. Here are the pros and cons of this writing tool:


        • With its built-in spell checker and goal reminder, this book writing tool corrects your spelling errors and ensures you stay on track.
        • Another advantage of this free book writing website is that it keeps formatting your draft as you type it.
        • Reedsy Book Editor transforms your draft into an aesthetic and ready-to-publish book manuscript. 


        • The Reedsy Book Editor presents limitations in terms of integration, which may impact users seeking seamless connectivity with other writing and editing tools.
        • It provides relatively limited book formatting options compared to other book writing tools. 
        • It provides limited file exporting options, restricted to formats like EPUB, PDF, and MOBI.

        Pricing: Free

        7. Novlr

        Novlr is one of the best book writing software, free for up to 5 projects. Novlr allows you to make notes, improve readability, and track writing goals and streaks. It also enables you to access creative writing courses and writing guides, join online writing communities, share your work, etc. 


        • It lets you archive your novels.
        • It is equipped with a built-in thesaurus.
        • You can write unlimited novels with the help of this tool.


        • Missing project management components.
        • No features for world-building.
        • It lacks plotting features.

        Pricing: Ranges between $4/month and $18/month (depending on the subscription plan)

        8. Dabble  

        Dabble is one of the best software for writing a book. It enables you to plot scenes and characters with its plotting tools, drag-and-drop them anywhere in the book, and meet word count deadlines. 


        • It comes with helpful features like a built-in-thesaurus, find and replace, and goal-tracking features. 
        • It offers customization options that include data management, dictionary maintenance, cache management, spelling and grammar checking, and light and dark theme options.
        • Dabble autosaves and syncs your work to the Cloud.


        • It offers simple formatting options, which may not be sufficient for many writers.
        • The platform has a high lifetime access cost.
        • It lacks features for exporting files in EPUB or PDF formats.

        Pricing: Ranges between $7/per month and $29/month (depending on the subscription plan). Dabble’s lifetime pricing is $699. 

        9. Campfire Writing

        Campfire is one of the best book writing software that offers free access to up to 25,000 words. The following are the advantages of this software: 


        • On Campfire, you can access a variety of modules about characters, settings, cultures, and more for planning and writing your book. 
        • You can collaborate with other writers, join the writing community, and share your work. 
        • You can access system updates for free.


        • Since it comes with a lot of features, navigating the tool may seem complex at times.
        • It doesn’t come with the necessary plotting tools that you will find in other popular software on the market.
        • It may not be a suitable writing tool for nonfiction writers.

        Pricing: $14/per month, $140/year 

        10. Scribble Hub

        Scribble Hub is one of the top free book writing websites where you can write books in various genres, including action, horror, historical, fantasy, mystery, and more. Here are the pros of using this tool:


        • It comes with an easy-to-use publishing tool that allows writers to publish their work quickly.
        • By using this tool, you can drag and drop images and other media into your chapters. 
        • Apart from writing, you can join different forums and connect with authors, and readers. 


        • Scribble Hub lacks advanced writing tools available on Novelr, Novel Factory, and Dabble. 
        • They offer limited options to writers to monetize their work. 
        • It has a smaller audience for promotion as compared to platforms like Wattpad and Amazon KDP. 

        Pricing: Free

        This concludes our guide to the best tools for writing a book. Whether you are a beginner or a published author, there is one book writing tool for everyone. 

        Once you are done writing, you’ll need to edit your book. Editing enables your creative vision to reach its full potential. To streamline the process of publishing the next potential bestseller, check out our editing and proofreading services, guaranteed to polish your book to perfection.  

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