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        2024’s 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools for All (Free & Paid)

        • calenderMar 14, 2024
        • calender 6 min read

        Want to avoid plagiarism while writing? Paraphrasing is the way to go! In this article, we’ve given the features of the best paraphrasing tools. We’ve included both free and paid tools and the costs involved. 

        These online paraphrasing tools restructure your sentences by giving synonyms and alternate word phrases. Many of these tools also check your document’s grammar and syntax. So without wasting time, let’s explore these tools in detail! 

        Transform your paraphrased text with perfect editing!

        1. QuillBot

        QuillBot is the best AI paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any document you desire. Some of its key features are: 

        • An AI-powered thesaurus to suggest synonyms. 
        • 8 paraphrasing modes: Standard, Shorten, Expand, Formal, Creative, Custom, Simple, Academic, Shorten, and Fluency.
        • Easy integration with Google Docs, Word, Chrome, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. 
        • QuillBot seamlessly supports documents in multiple languages like English, German, French, Spanish, etc. 
        • Can paraphrase documents in USA, UK, Australian, and Canadian English dialects. 

        QuillBot has both a free and a premium version. The premium version also includes paraphrasing for unlimited words, a plagiarism checker, faster processing speed, and tone insights. 

        Price: Using QuillBot’s free plan, you can edit 125 words. The monthly package costs $19.95 per month. 


        Using, you can rephrase the text without changing the meaning within seconds. Some of this rephrasing tool’s main features are: 

        • 5 paraphrasing modes: Creative, Smarter, Shorten, Fluency, and Standard. 
        • It supports 20+ languages 
        • It gives the option to rewrite words that have already been rephrased if you’re dissatisfied (By clicking on the highlighted, rephrased word). 
        • Provides statistics about the word count, characters, paragraphs, reading time, and reading level. 
        • It gives additional options to check the document’s grammar, and plagiarism and summarize the document.  has both a free and a paid plan. Using the paid plan, you can paraphrase 1500 words, and check plagiarism up to 5000 words

        Price: Using the free online paraphrasing tool, you can rewrite 600 words. If you opt for the paid plan, you’ll need to pay $23 per month for the monthly package or $165 for the full-year package. 

        3. WordAI 

        WordAI is a fast rephrasing AI tool that can provide 1,000 rewrites if required. Some of its main features are: 

        • Option to upload articles in bulk for rewriting. 
        • Supports HTML content, allowing you to view, edit, and rewrite HTML content. 
        • Ability to import articles for rewriting. 
        • Can rewrite content to pass Copyscape’s plagiarism detection. 
        • Can split sentences, completely restructure the sentence, change phrases, and provide customized rephrasing. 

        WordAI offers a 3-day free trial for its services. After this trial, if you choose to accept their services, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (if you’re dissatisfied). 

        Price: WordAI has 3 plans: Starter ($9), Power ($27), and Enterprise where the costs vary as per the requirements. 

        4. SpinBot 

        SpinBot is considered by many as the best free paraphrasing tool online. It also checks your document’s grammar. Some of its vital features are: 

        • The ability to rewrite 1,000 words at a time. 
        • An option of “Ignore Words” to retain content you don’t wish to rephrase. 
        • A Summarizer to summarize your content. 
        • An option to rewrite capitalized words (proper nouns/ titles) if required. 
        • By installing SpinBot’s free extension, you can easily use it on Chrome, Google Docs, and Word. 

        SpinBot has 3 modes: Standard, Random, and Longest. While the standard mode modifies only a few words, the random mode also corrects grammar. In contrast, the Longest mode changes your input text completely. 

        Price: SpinBot is a free paraphrasing tool. 

        5. Jasper 

        Jasper is one of the top AI writers and online paraphrasing tools. Some of its vital features are: 

        • Provides various templates such as Content Improver, Creative Story, Blog Post Intro Paragraph, and Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph. 
        • It gives the option to describe the content’s tone and rephrases as per the tone suggested. 
        • Provides an option to add keywords to be included in the document. 
        • Ability to generate multiple variations of the same text. 
        • Offers built-in plagiarism detection through your Copyscape account. 

        A con is that several features of Jasper such as unlimited features usage, performance analytics, custom workflow, and templates are only included in the Business plan. 

        Price: Jasper has 3 plans which are: Creator ($39 per month), Pro ($59 per month), and Business plans where the costs vary as per requirements. 

        6. Semrush

        Semrush’s free online paraphrasing tool can rewrite 200 words at a time. Some of its key features are: 

        • The free version gives you 3 paraphrased versions of any content. 
        • It analyzes and describes your content’s readability and tone. 
        • It gives statistics on the text’s word count. 
        • It uses synonyms and alternate phrases to rephrase the text. 
        • It shortens sentences to restructure them and enhance readability. 

        Semrush also provides other free tools such as a Summary Generator, Title Generator, and Proofreader

        Price: Semrush has a free paraphrasing tool. 

        7. Rephrase 

        Rephrase is a reliable sentence paraphrasing tool online that rewrites text without changing the meaning. Some of its important features are:

        • It offers 5 paraphrasing modes: Fluency, Standard, Creative, Smart, and Formal. 
        • It provides an option to summarize the text. 
        • Supports documents in various languages like English, German, French, Spanish, and Norwegian. 
        • It can summarize the text if required. 
        • It gives the option to check for plagiarism and grammatical mistakes

        Rephrase also provides additional tools like Punctuation Checker, Citation Generator, Online Text Editor, and Word Changer. 

        Price: You can choose from 3 packages: $9 per week, $22 per month, or $165 per year. 

        8. Text Cortex

        Text Cortex is a free paraphrasing tool online where you can paste your text to rephrase the content. Some of its essential features are: 

        • A tone changer using which you can modify your article’s tone to cheerful, decisive, casual, encouraging, or formal. 
        • Rephrasing modes like Simple, Creative, and Expand. 
        • An option to summarize the content. 
        • Support for 25+ languages. 
        • Easy integration with Chrome. 

        Text Cortex has both a free and a paid version. However, its paid version doesn’t include any additional features that are not there in the free plan. 

        Price: Text Cortex offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plan starts at $15.19 per month where you can rephrase up to 62,500 words. For unlimited usage, you need to pay $83.99 per month. 

        9. Ref-N-Write 

        This is one of the best rephrasing tools for researchers. Some of its main features are:

        • It provides several word choices for rephrasing. 
        • It shortens sentences for better readability. 
        • Its ‘Academic Proofreading’ option gives suggestions to ensure the document’s formal and academic tone. 
        • It can also correct your document’s grammar and punctuation
        • You can also use this tool in Microsoft Word

        With this, Ref-N-Write also provides additional features like an Academic/Plagiarism Checker and an Academic Phrasebank. 

        Price: You can sign up for a 15-day free trial. For upgrading to the full version, the cost is 29.99 Euros (approximately $32.49). 

        10. SpinnerChief 

        SpinnerChief is an advanced AI paraphrasing tool that can divide longer sentences into several sentences, and expand and shorten content. Some of its important features are: 

        • It provides an option to use synonyms to rephrase the content. 
        • SpinnerChief supports documents in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Hindi, etc. 
        • It can translate documents into various languages if required. 
        • Easily handles HTML content and retains its formatting
        • Also corrects the document’s grammar and generates the document’s summary. 

        Using SpinnerChief’s best free online paraphrasing tool, you can rephrase 150 words at a time. Deeper, structural changes can only be made by opting for the pro version. 

        Price: The Starter package costs $167 and the Business package costs $547. 

        Now that you know the best paraphrasing tools, you can select the perfect one for your document. However, these tools might not provide in-depth feedback and can ignore some errors. At PaperTrue, we provide expert editing and proofreading services for your document. With this, we also perform a plagiarism check and review citations. 

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