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        Top 10 Essay Writing Tools in 2024 | Plan, Write, Get Feedback

        • calenderDec 01, 2023
        • calender 6 min read

        Writing an essay is not that difficult once you have all your sources in place and an outline of your major ideas. There are essay writing apps that help you achieve this. So, we’ve made a list of the top ten essay writing tools that can help you improve your essay and score better grades.

        Of course, when we speak of essay writing apps, we mean essay editing and writing tools that improve your work and NOT apps that provide ready-made essays. That is cheating, and it can get you expelled from your course.

        As your loyal editors, we want the best for you. So, none of the entries in our list of top ten essay writing tools will help you cheat. They will, of course, help improve your essay to make it your best work. If you’re looking for a list of the best essay editing services, visit this article.

        Get an A+ with our essay editing services!

        Can writing tools help improve your essay?

        Well, they certainly help.

        The problem with automated tools and software is that they don’t understand writing like human beings do. So, editing tools like Grammarly or Hemingway are likely to point out mistakes where there are none or fail to spot more complex errors.

        Obviously, a human editor is always more reliable than software. But it can help to have a writing assistant that improves your essay while you write it. So, write your best essay using these tools, and then be sure to send it for proofreading.

        Top ten essay writing tools

        Our top ten essay writing tools are a diverse list. They help you in various essay writing tasks such as planning your essay, writing it, improving it, and getting feedback when it’s complete.  So, let’s begin!

        1. Essay Map

        This tool helps you develop an outline for your essay. Although it is targeted toward school-aged students and not college-going researchers, its basic format is helpful. It helps you develop a map of your central ideas around which you can write your essay.

        The main structure, although limiting, is also the basic outline that you would expect from essays. There are five main checkpoints: introduction, idea 1, idea 2, idea 3, and conclusion. You can also jot down three key points for each of these ideas.

        A screenshot of Essay Map, an essay writing tool that helps you plan your essay.

        2. MindNode

        This isn’t strictly an essay writing app, but it can help you develop your thoughts into an outline. It has many modes which many can be useful in your mind mapping process.

        You can use the quick entry feature to jot down ideas as soon as you get them. From there, you can develop detailed notes using the notes feature. You can then use the outlining mode to develop an outline for your essay.

        Other features like the focus mode and task tracker are also useful when you have a lot on your plate. Which, we understand, happens often as a student! Assignments pile up and focusing on individual essays gets tougher. That’s exactly where this app can prove helpful.

        An image of MindNode, a platform that helps you create a mind map and develop an outline for your essay.

        3. Evernote

        Evernote is a note-making and planning app, but also more than that. It is designed to help organize tasks and deadlines, which is extremely useful to students. It connects to Google Calendar, which is an added bonus.

        The app allows you to create tasks in your notes and assign dates, flags, and markers to them. It also lets you scan important documents, upload useful content in various formats, and save relevant web pages.

        This tool can be your space to store all your essay-related material. It also provides a connection through all your devices, letting you work offline as well.

        You can save the finished map on your device or print it out. This is a great tool, especially for people who struggle with outlines or are new to developing structured essays.

        Evernote is an essay writing app that keeps track of your deadlines and stores material related to your academic essay.

        4. Voice Dictation

        Voice recognition technology has advanced enough to allow users to write entire essays with just their voice. Suffice it to say, the voice dictation tool is indispensable for people who can’t use a keyboard.

        Even if you’re just a student with far too much on your mind, the tool is useful. After all, using note-taking tools to make elaborate mind maps isn’t for everyone. People have different methods of working, and speaking our thoughts out loud as they come is one of them!

        The tool helps you churn out a great essay without following a set process or format. It’s also time-efficient. Just type the whole thing out with your voice, and all you have to do later is refine it.

        Voice Dictation can help you write your essay with your voice in languages besides English.

        Voice Dictation also allows you to utter simple commands to provide punctuation, like “new line” or “comma.”

        5. Grammarly 

        Grammarly is one of the best essay editing tools, offering users a choice between American and British English. Its A.I. helps you find problems with spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style to help you write better essays.

        The free version highlights basic grammar mistakes while the paid version optimizes your use of language. This means that it flags things like repetitive phrases, vague wording, and excessive use of words.

        An image of the Grammarly essay editing tool that helps improve your essay.

        Grammarly is available as both a download for MS Word and as a Chrome extension for Google Docs or other online formats.

        6. Hemingway

        The app makes your writing clear and direct. It highlights lengthy and complex sentences so you can reconsider whether splitting them up would be a good idea. The app keeps you aware of how you use adverbs, passive voice, complex phrases, and lengthy sentences by using color-coded highlights.

        The app is named after the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who is known for his no-nonsense style of writing. It helps improve your essay to make it clear, direct, and forceful.

        You can use the app or upload your text on the web page to get similar results. Be cautious about taking the bot’s advice, however, because it is prone to machine error.

        A screenshot of Hemingway, an essay editing app that makes your writing clear and direct.

        7. Cliché Finder 

        Everyone uses clichés while writing. However, if you use them too often, your writing becomes trite and uninteresting. This tool helps you avoid exactly that.

        The checker uses a unique algorithm that marks any overused and stale phrases in your writing. Making changes based on these suggestions is completely up to you, but it’s certainly important to identify patterns in your writing.

        The tool isn’t restricted to essays and can be used to identify clichés in any form of writing. Just upload your text on the web page and you’re good to go!


        Half the struggle in writing an essay is to figure out the exact word you need to use! There’s always a word that’s at the tip of your tongue but somehow, keeps eluding you. This is exactly the case where a thesaurus can come in handy.

        Just put the word you can think of, and the tool will provide a number of similar words. You can find the exact word you’re looking for, or even end up with a better alternative!

        The thesaurus also helps when you’re referring to something often, but don’t want to use the same word too much. The tool gives you variation and helps avoid repetitiveness.

        A screenshot of, the essay writing tool that helps you find synonyms for various words.

        If you’re looking for the exact antonym of a word, the thesaurus can help here, too! Just scroll down and you’ll find a variety of antonyms.

        9. Citation Machine

        Perfect citations are key to scoring well on academic writing tests. There are methods to cite sources in academic essays, like APA, MLA, or Chicago. These citation styles follow different rules, and you can’t afford to fumble between them.

        Citation Machine is a quick, time-efficient tool to generate citations in your desired style format. It allows you to create citations in more than 7000 styles, and also keeps a record of your entries. So, once you’re done citing all your sources, you also get a ready bibliography!

        An image of Citation Machine, an online essay writing tool that generates citations for your academic essay.

        For its paid plans, the tool offers a plagiarism check, expert help on your essays, and other useful features. It’s certainly a great tool for any essay writer!

        10. Paper Rater

        This tool comes into play once you’re done writing. Upload your essay and the tool will give you feedback using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

        The tool checks your text for grammar and plagiarism. It also offers suggestions based on its evaluation. For school students, it also gives a score!

        Paper Rater is an online tool that gives feedback on your academic essays.

        Of course, feedback from an A.I. tool has many limitations. No matter what essay writing tool you use, it can’t match the expertise that an essay editing service has.

        So once you’re done with your essay, just send it over to us for some real feedback. Good luck!

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