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        10 Best AI Text Generators of 2024: Pros, Cons, and Prices

        • calenderJun 05, 2024
        • calender 5 min read

        Creating engaging, original, and well-optimized content can be a daunting task. This is where AI text generators come into play. They offer a transformative solution for content creators, marketers, students, and businesses.

        These powerful tools harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to produce text that is not only compelling but also tailored to meet specific SEO needs. In this article, we’ll explore the top AI text generators that are reshaping the landscape of digital content creation!

        Ensure your generated text is flawless!

        1. Grammarly

        Grammarly AI text generator.Grammarly is widely recognized not just for its proficiency in grammar and spelling checks but also as an efficient AI text generator. It offers an option to select a target audience to make your text more engaging. You can use this AI text generator to generate content for various documents like job descriptions, cover letters, professional emails, blogs, etc.


        • Grammarly provides advanced grammar correction with its free AI text generator tools.
        • Automatically generates a draft using simple command prompts.
        • It adjusts your text for formality, tone, and length.


        • Sometimes it provides too many suggestions which can be overwhelming for the user.
        • Suggestions are based on standard grammar rules and may not always align with more creative or unconventional writing styles.

        Pricing: With Grammarly’s free AI text generator tools, you can use only 100 prompts/month. To use other features for citations, tone, language, etc. users need to buy premium membership plans that start at US $30/month.

        2. ChatGPT by OpenAI

        ChatGPT AI text generator.ChatGPT stands out as an open AI text generator capable of understanding and generating human-like text. It understands the input it receives and generates text based on that. It can write articles, answer queries, and even simulate conversation. ChatGPT is a popular AI text generator that can help you generate short-form as well as long-form content.


        • New updated models like ChatGPT-4 are being released with better features.
        • ChatGPT can generate coherent content of your required length with simple prompts.
        • It is free to start with a scalable pricing model.


        • Gives responses that can be generic without fine-tuning.
        • Has limited knowledge of events after its last update.

        Pricing: ChatGPT provides a free AI text generator with its 3.5 model. Subscription is required to use the latest updated GPT-4 model with more writing features. Plus subscription plan starts at US $20/month. 

        3. Semrush writing assistant

        Semrush AI text generator.Semrush is renowned for its SEO tools, and its online AI text generator to help optimize content for search engines. It provides SEO recommendations, readability scores, and tone consistency checks. Semrush’s Ai text generator helps to create various types of content like blogs, social media posts, ads, emails, etc.


        • You can enter the keywords you want, around which it generates content.
        • This free AI text generator lets you edit your content directly in the tool.
        • No sign-up is required to use this tool.


        • Lesser content types compared to other generators such as cover letters, job descriptions, etc.
        • AI-generated text may lack the personal touch, style, and tone that come from a human writer.

        Pricing: This is a free AI text generator.

        4. DeepAI

        DeepAI AI text generator.DeepAI provides a range of AI tools, one of which is an advanced text generator AI. This tool is specifically created for technical purposes such as automatically summarizing text and analyzing sentiment. It has an online mode that enables AI Chat to browse the web for real-time information. It is a great way to learn new things and explore new topics.


        • Can recall information from previous conversations to provide personalized responses.
        • You can generate outlines for your research papers, theses, and dissertations for free.
        • It is programmed to decline unsuitable or detrimental requests.


        • It is more suited for users requiring technical content.
        • It can occasionally provide incorrect information due to training data or understanding limitations.

        Pricing: To use DeepAI’s more accurate Text generator, you need to buy a premium subscription for its “Genius” version. It starts at US $4.99/month.

        5. Quicktools by Picsart

        Quicktools by Picsart AI text generator.Known for its creative tools, Picsart’s Quicktools include an AI text generator that excels in creating catchy captions and social media posts. This text generator includes many writing options like article writer, title generator, story generator, etc. 


        • An excellent AI text generator for quick, creative text snippets.
        • It’s free and easy to use.
        • This tool also has features to shorten, paraphrase, translate, and write product descriptions.


        • No guarantee that the generated content is 100% unique.
        • Provides limited customization options for tone and styles.

        Pricing: This is a free AI text generator.

        6. Perchance

        Perchance AI text generator.Perchance specializes in generating structured text like lists, quizzes, and interactive content using a simple coding-like language. This generator provides writing mode options like creative, academic, reasoning, etc. Perchance is a very basic and easy-to-use AI text generator.


        • It’s great for interactive and gamified content.
        • No coding experience is required to use this generator.
        • Free access, no sign-up is required.


        • It’s not very suitable for standard long-form content writing.
        • Has very few features compared to other text generators like grammar correction, tone adjustment, etc.

        Pricing: This is a free AI text generator.

        7. Simplified

        Simplified AI text generator.Simplified combines design and copywriting tools, allowing for seamless creation of both visuals and text in one platform. You can generate 80+ types of copy in seconds with the Simplified AI text generator. This generator writes unique & plagiarism-free content for blogs, articles, ads, products, websites & social media.


        • This tool is beneficial for non-native English speakers, offering grammar and writing style suggestions.
        • It can assist in creating SEO-optimized content by integrating targeted keywords and phrases.
        • It is a free AI text generator.


        • Premium plans need to be purchased to collaborate with teams in real-time.
        • The free version provides a credit of only 5,000 words/month which can be very low for long-form content.

        Pricing: The subscription plan to get 100,000 words/month starts at US $18/month.

        8. Wepik

        Wepik AI text generator.Wepik offers an AI text generator for marketing and promotional content. Using this tool, you can generate titles, body copies, CTAs, etc. This tool lets you change your voice, clarify, and enhance your text. You can also rewrite your text and make it longer or shorter with the Wepik AI text generator.


        • Has templates like business cards, invitations, social media, etc.
        • It is focused on generating marketing content.
        • Has easy integration with social media through a social media scheduler and mobile app features.


        • It is limited to shorter text formats.
        • This AI writer is less versatile compared to other tools.

        Pricing: This is a free AI text generator.

        9. Askyourpdf

        Askyourpdf AI text generator.This AI text generator is unique in its ability to generate text based on PDF content. It gives you the option to select your purpose for generating text such as marketing, educational, fictional, etc. You don’t need to create an account to use the free version. The extensive features make it an ideal tool for academic and detailed content creation.


        • It specializes in extracting, rephrasing, and editing PDF content.
        • You can also select a tone from three options: professional, casual, and technical.
        • Various length options from very short to very long.


        • No customizable templates for different types of content.
        • You cannot edit your text in this AI text generator.

        Pricing: This is a free AI text generator.

        10. AI text is an all-in-one AI text generator online free tool that excels in creating content quickly and efficiently. You can generate the type of text you need, such as a blog post, social media update, or marketing copy. 


        • provides 114 AI writing tools.
        • This is a free AI text generator.
        • Has a strong focus on SEO optimization.


        • Gives a credit of only 1000 words/month with the free version.
        • It may require an initial setup for optimal results.

        Pricing: To use 10,000 prompts/month, the subscription of starts at US $7.99/month.

        Choosing the best AI text generator depends largely on your specific needs. Each tool offers unique features, but all aim to streamline the content editing and creation process and enhance the quality of output.

        While AI can greatly assist in content creation, having a human touch can make a difference. For those looking to perfect their content, PaperTrue offers expert editing and proofreading services to ensure your text is not only effective but also flawlessly polished!

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