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        100+ Creative Writing Prompts for Masterful Storytelling

        • calenderNov 03, 2023
        • calender 12 min read

        Do you wish to write but don’t know how to start? If you have writer’s block, this article is for you! This article includes 100 plus creative writing prompts across all genres to kickstart your writing journey. 

        From horror writing prompts to fantasy writing prompts, we’ve covered everything for you! Before we see examples of writing prompts, let’s quickly understand the meaning of writing prompts. 

        Ready to take your writing to the next level?

        What are writing prompts? 

        A writing prompt is a simple topic idea to inspire the writer to get the first words on the page. It can be a picture, a line from a poem, or an imaginary scenario. Writing prompts can be abstract, realistic, evocative, thought-provoking, insightful, or descriptive. 

        Dive in to see exciting writing prompts from various genres! These also include many creative writing prompts for adults.

        1. Horror writing prompts 

        1) A man inside the coffin breaks the coffin and starts walking. 

        2) A demonic spirit has entered your friend’s body and she is moving closer to attack you. 

        3) You wake up in an empty house and see a ghost. 

        4) A doll you brought for a friend suddenly starts speaking. 

        5)  You suddenly see a man who was supposed to have died in 1900. 

        6) A vampire you saw in your dream kidnaps you in real life. 

        7) You are awakened by drops of blood falling on your face. 

        8) You have an accident and suddenly see a centaur who has a half-human, half-animal face. 

        9)  You are walking in the forest and witness a shocking ritual where people are drinking blood. 

        10) You wear an old ring you found after which something terrible keeps happening to you. 

        11) An excavator finds an old mummy while digging which tries to grab him. 

        Now let’s see some of the best creative writing prompts for adults and kids for journaling, 

        2. Journal writing prompts 

        1) Describe a childhood memory that always makes you smile. 

        2) Write about a dream you had that you can never forget. 

        3) Recount your biggest challenge and what you learned from it. 

        4) Name three people who inspire you the most and why. 

        5) Pen a letter to yourself and describe your accomplishments and future goals. 

        6) Explain what would you like to change if you had a chance to go back in time. 

        7) Narrate an incident where the kindness of strangers moved you. 

        8) Express in detail some of your best memories with school friends. 

        9) List five activities you love to do and your efforts to perform those activities. 

        10) Tell in detail about your favorite travel destination. 

        11) Describe your most challenging times and how you overcame them. 

        If you wish to explore writing about mysteries, the following are some creative prompts about mysteries. 

        3. Mystery writing prompts 

        1) Ten scientists die on the same day and a Scotland Yard detective is assigned to find out why. 

        2) A top bureaucrat starts getting anonymous threatening notes and decides to investigate. 

        3) A retired police officer decides to play detective and solve the case of his granddaughter’s death. 

         picture writing prompt shows a detective trying to solve the case of a dead man.

        4) A private investigator is assigned to find the truth about a journalist who went missing.

        5)  A meteor strikes a village after which people start falling sick. 

        6) An archaeologist finds a document about a cursed treasure and decides to find out the truth. 

        7) A young boy hears screams from a tower and sees torch lights flashing in the dark. 

        8) A factory burns and an investigator finds out whether the fire was caused naturally or intentionally. 

        9) A girl inquires to understand why her dog was shot and discovers a shocking truth. 

        10) A son promises his mother to uncover the reason behind his sister’s suicide. 

        11) A police inspector has to solve the murder case of an orphan who was earlier arrested in a drug case. 

        4. Romance writing prompts 

        1) A girl falls in love with a video gamer she met in college.  

        2) A 70-year-old realizes that he has fallen in love with a woman he met at an old age home. 

        3) A man meets his childhood crush after years and tries to woo her once more. 

        4)  Two best friends decide to experiment and set up a double date. 

        5) Give a love story to a person whom everyone assumes to be a villain. 

        A picture writing prompt displays an image of a couple walking on the road.

        6) Pen a romance story with the words affair, flirting, infatuation, and fling. 

        7) A man who has a phobia of getting married meets a girl with a similar fear. 

        8) Write a love story of two people staying in two different countries. 

        9) Two employees from rival companies fall in love. 

        10) A paramedic falls in love with a spy whose life she saves. She later realizes that he will soon embark on a dangerous mission. 

        11) Write a love story of a librarian and a time-traveler. 

        Instead of writing about romance, you might be interested in the science fiction genre. Given below are some creative prompts related to science fiction. 

        5. Science fiction writing prompts 

        1) Two scientists invent a machine that can control and manipulate weather. 

        2) An astronaut flies to the planet Jupiter and discovers alien life. 

        3) An archaeologist finds an old book about a magical time travel ritual and uses that ritual to go back in time. 

        4) A young boy finds a hidden library of science books and is trapped inside the library. 

        5) A science teacher decides to take revenge against the government by performing a dangerous science experiment. 

        6) A jailed scientist uses science to escape and prove his innocence. 

        7) A science geek creates an AI program that can hack the data of government and private organizations without leaving a trace. 

        8) A spaceship is pulled into another universe by an unknown force and aliens are planning to invade the Earth. 

        9) A scientist designs a robot that looks and talks exactly like the country’s President and plans to kill the real President. 

        10) To reduce population, a crazy scientist makes a deadly plan to release a virus into the air. 

        11) A chemistry professor creates a dangerous solution that can massively change the genes of animals and humans. 

        If science fiction is not your cup of tea and you love fantasy, here are some creative writing prompts about fantasy. 

        6. Fantasy writing prompts 

        1) An archaeologist enters a magical world of dragons and is unable to return to Earth. 

        2) A tribal girl develops fairy wings and she is later assigned the task to save the fairy race from extinction. 

        3) A man discovers a magical dream shop where dreams are sold to change reality. 

        4) A musician visits a hidden world and finds a magical flute that can hypnotize people and make them stand still. 

        5) A boy finds a small dwarf in his garden who shows him the train to travel to parallel universes. 

        6) A woman finds the feather of a rare bird, using which she enters the world of lost secrets. 

        7) A college student falls in love with a cursed mermaid and travels to her land to free her from the curse. 

        8) An excavator opens a door and arrives in the land where destinies are written. 

        9) A man unintentionally awakens a sleeping devil who creates a new world and new citizens to destroy the earth. 

        10) A girl realizes that she has the power to control stars and is pulled into a world of demons and monsters. 

        11) A fairy falls in love with a human and must convince Fairyland to accept her love and let her go. 

        A picture writing prompt shows a fairy flying near a castle.

        You might also have an interest in writing poems about various topics. For poetry lovers, the following are some of the best creative writing prompts. 

        7. Poetry writing prompts 

        1) Write a poem about your favorite fairy tale as a child. 

        2) Describe an unforgettable memory with your first crush in a poem. 

        3) Pen a poem about a stray dog who became your best friend. 

        4) Craft a poem about the beauty of witnessing fireflies in the dark. 

        5) Explore the sadness of losing touch with school classmates in a poem. 

        6) Narrate an incident about a memorable dance you saw in a poem. 

        7) Write a poem that has the quote “Tough times never last but tough people do”. 

        8) Compose a poem on a special gift you received and its importance. 

        9) Pen a poem about your favorite cartoon character. 

        10) Write a poem about how a person who passed away inspired you in life. 

        11) Compose a poem about a magical land where you wish to go. 

        If you love to write on light-hearted, funny topics, given below are some of the best writing prompts for you! 

        8. Funny writing prompts 

        1) Jot down a hilarious conversation between a madman and a witty parrot. 

        2) Create a funny story about how a person is forced to communicate with a stranger who doesn’t understand English. 

        3) Write a funny dialogue about a person who says something wrong at the most inappropriate time. 

        4) Describe a prank where you created a savory dish that looked like chocolate and made your friend taste it. 

        5) Write a humorous conversation between a standup comedian and an angry spectator. 

        6) Pen a story about a disaster that takes place because a scientist forgot to add a valuable component to an experiment. 

        7) Craft a funny story about a brother who takes revenge on his sister for revealing his girlfriend to his parents. 

        8) Imagine a funny situation where a friend tries to copy everything you do to irritate you and write about it. 

        9) Write about a funny incident when you received a parcel you hadn’t ordered.

        10) Narrate an incident about a funny costume party where everyone was dressed up as different animals.  

        11) Write about a comic incident where an aunt asked you to take responsibility for her son while she was away. However, the son ends up in prison. 

        9. Short story writing prompts 

        1) Write a short story about a ship that mysteriously sank in the ocean. 

        2) Pen a short story about a girl who has synesthesia and sees colors around people. 

        3) Craft a short story about a mountaineer who decides to climb Mount Everest. 

        4) Develop a short story about a road trip gone wrong. 

        5) Write a short story about what happens when a government official finds out about a dangerous secret. 

        6) Create a short story about a detective who disguises himself and is discovered. 

        7) Pen a short story about a businessman with a big scar and a twisted lip. 

        8) Write a short story about how a boy discovers a magical wishing feather after which his every wish comes true. 

        9) Develop a short story about a blind man who takes revenge for an insult. 

        10) Craft a short story about an eagle who saves a jungle from being destroyed. 

        11) Write a short story about the last living princess who makes a mark on the world. 

        If you wish to explore historical fiction instead, here are some of the best writing prompts for you! 

        10. Historical fiction writing prompts 

        1) A librarian discovers a shocking secret about the Second World War which can change the future of the USA and Russia. 

        2) Write a story about a mirror that talks about an ancient era and reveals a secret about that era. 

        3) Craft a tale about a poet who wrote about the Red Indians. 

        4) A political leader begins a movement to get recognition for a lesser-known historical figure, resulting in controversy. 

        5) An excavator finds a valuable artifact from the Mayan civilization that could affect the world’s future. 

        6) A girl realizes that she is the last living descendant of a French queen and must protect a family secret at all costs. 

        7) A bureaucrat finds a diary about a man who suffered during the Great Depression and resolves to make amends. 

        8) A boy has dreams about the First World War and decides to solve the mystery of his dreams. 

        9) A tribe decides to get back a valuable historical artifact stolen from them. 

        10) A historian finds out about the most dangerous escape of an American soldier. 

        11) A girl discovers a magical portal that transports her to the 18th century.  

        Now that you’ve understood what are writing prompts, you can use one prompt daily and start writing. The next step after writing is editing. As providers of editing and proofreading services, we’d love to help you edit and perfect your writing! 

        We realize how writing and editing can be challenging tasks. Here are some resources to enhance your writing: 

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