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        What is Proposal Editing and Why is it Important?

        • calenderOct 29, 2020
        • calender 5 min read

        What is a proposal?

        A proposal is a short piece of text that is aimed at persuading your clients to buy something from you. It is either solicited or unsolicited. The purchasing company is actively seeking proposals that meet a specific need or is reacting to an existing offer.

        What does a business proposal comprise?

        A business proposal isn’t just a paragraph talking about your idea, it also lays out the entire overview of the plan that will be about executing the idea. These are the following elements that your proposal will have if you submit one:

        • Cover letter
        • Cover page
        • Executive summary
        • Table of contents
        • Overview or summary of the problem or need
        • Strategy or approach to solving the problem
        • Representative tactics
        • Company qualifications
        • Schedule
        • Costs

        Why is proposal editing important?

        You might think that proposal editing may not matter in this case because the person will concentrate more on the content of the proposal rather than the structure. If you present your proposal sloppily, potential clients are very likely to wrinkle their noses and keep it in the backburner. Also, proper editing and proofreading reflects your company ethics and working style. If that is awry, how will the client be expected to accept it? Proposal editing helps:

        1. Ensure that the main message matches what you were trying to say.
        2. Make the flow more crisp and improve the efficiency of your writing.
        3. Ensure that your logic is sound.
        4. Tell you if your content is too technical or if it doesn’t make sense.
        5. Present an alternative perspective or way of writing that you might not have considered.

        When you want to write an effective business proposal, you have to go much deeper than simply expressing your idea. In a lot of cases, instead of an individual, a committee is responsible for writing a business proposal and this may cause a mix-up of various styles of writing that may cause your proposal to look haphazard. Therefore, it’s very important to have an editor take a look at your document to homogenize it.

        Apart from making small corrections, removing grammatical errors and punctuation errors, effective proposal editing also helps format your document properly.  At PaperTrue, not only our our experienced editors adept at editing documents of all kinds, including business proposals, they will also help you present your message more clearly, give you feedback regarding the structure of your proposal, and remove any errors from the document, making it flawless and ready to win over your clients! We keep the information strictly confidential and none of the details are shared without your explicit permission.

        To know more about our business editing services, visit PaperTrue!

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